Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Friday - Welcome June Kramin!

Today we have the pleasure of June Kramin sharing about her thriller, Hunter’s Find as well as a yummy recipe for biscuits.  Brave soul that she is, June or Bug as she’s called by family and friends, gave up the sunshine of Hawaii for the snow of Minnesota…I need to have talk with this girl for sure!
Now for our reading enjoyment, here’s June. Don't forget to leave your comments too...get your name into the drawing for a free ebook...winner's selection!

Thanks for having me Lizzie!
My latest release with Musa is my 1st thriller, Hunter’s Find.
Logline: Helping your prisoner is one thing. Falling in love with her is another altogether.
Blurb: Hunt is a small town Sheriff who finds himself in for more than he bargained for when he discovers Mandy beaten and unconscious. After repeated attempts of escaping him, he finds himself now her captive instead. Mandy convinces him she’s after her husband who has kidnapped their daughter and will stop at nothing to find her.

Although his instincts tell him differently, Hunt becomes involved with her and agrees to help. What he doesn’t know is there is no child. Mandy is hiding her involvement with the FBI and the mob, and after revenge. Hunt is in over his head tracking her husband to the isolated cabin and the backlash it causes a year later.

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This was a lot of fun for me to write. I always say my characters are bullies and this was no exception. It was like I was reading a novel, not being able to wait to see what happens next.
The recipe I chose to share is not one Hunt would approve of. Hunt is kind of a health nut. We don’t really see eye to eye on this recipe but since he bullied me through the whole book, I figured I’d take charge here.
This is one of those family recipe things. I take it to everything pot-luck and am hunted down for the recipe at the end of the shin-dig. It’s one of those “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” kind of things. They are too good not to share & since I retired Mandy from the FBI in the book – I think you’re safe. Oops – sort of. I did just sign the contracts for Amanda’s Return so I guess you’re on your own here.
They are called Pat’s Herb Biscuit’s (But we call them Herb nodules)
I have made this so often I know it by heart & don’t measure anymore, but since you’re a noob – I’ll give you the original measurements.  You can add/subtract as you see fit – just don’t try to leave out the dill! It’s the secret ingredient!)
You’ll want to time these with dinner & serve them hot!
This is for a glass 8x8 pan – double for 9x13. (You’ll want to do that for more than 6 people. (OK – in my house 4. Trust me ;) )
1 tube Pillsbury biscuits.
The recipe calls for 1 stick of butter but that is WAY too buttery. I’d say ¾ (5-6 TBS) is more than enough.
Melt butter & pour in pan
Add: 2 TBS chopped(or minced) dried onion
2 TBS chopped dried parsley
2 TBS Parmesan cheese
1 TSP Dill weed
Cut biscuits in 1/3rds and place on top of mixture. Wait 5 minutes and flip over. (I never had this problem in Hawaii but in the winter in MN – the butter gets solid so leave it on your preheating oven to keep it melted.) Cook as per directions on biscuit wrapper. (I’m not at home – I think it’s 425 for 10-12 min)
Voila! Best. Friggen. Biscuits. Ever!
Warning: There will be bloodshed at the last one to soak up all the leftover yummy in the pan!
June aka: Bug


June Kramin said...

Thanks for the guest spot, Liz! I'd love any feedback you get if someone makes these! They really are a crowd pleaser. :)

Lori Corsentino said...

Wow - those are some SERIOUS biscuits! I'll definitely be giving them a try. Your book sounds amazing. Just enough twists and turns to really make it a page turner. Thanks for sharing!