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Friday Spotlight - Annie Anthony #f/f #erotic

Though I've read quite a few m/m books, One Exquisite Night is the first f/f book I've read. Annie Anthony does a great job of telling the story of two women who start out meeting up in a one night stand that grows into more as they learn about each other. Think the bottom line is, no matter if it's your standard male/female relationship or a same sex one, each one has the same be loved and appreciated.

One Exquisite Night
By: Annie Anthony


Allie Jordan is a 38-year-old single mother of two who didn’t come out—to herself—until late. Too late, she’s afraid. For just one night, she doesn’t want to be a remorseful ex-wife, stressed mother, and awkward lesbian.
A one night stand—or 1Night Stand—was not something Terra Rossi had ever experienced in real life, let alone something she’d ever thought she’d seek out and pay for. But after ending her decade-long relationship shortly after her fortieth birthday, she decides one night without secrets, without hiding is exactly what she needs.
When Allie and Terra meet, they share chemistry and an emotional connection. But when they open up to one another, the secrets and lies of the past threaten to shatter their tender connection. Can the past be overcome, or will what Allie and Terra share be no more than one exquisite night?

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Friday Spotlight on Monday - Sloane Taylor #eroticromance

Since the blog login and I had a bit of an issue on Friday due to, I forgetting my login...I am sharing the spotlight schedule for then. You will enjoy what Sloane Taylor has to say!

Who needs safe and boring when you can play with a pirate on the French Riviera?
The answer to this curious enigma lies within the pages of French Kiss Naughty Ladies of Nice Book 4.

Burned-out author Rachel Conklin sparks her creativity on the French Riviera as a fishing boat cook. Things are smooth sailing until she’s thrown overboard into a storm-tossed sea. Rachel awakens to find herself staring into the eyes of a sexy pirate-looking hunk who changes the course of her life forever.
Dr. Henri Bernier is an analytical man with a quiet life and a job he loves. The last thing he expects to find when he anchors his treasured fishing boat in the sheltered harbor of a small island is an accidental mermaid washed ashore. He soon learns his perfect life leaves much to be desired.
Will desire save them or drown them in a perfect storm from their pasts?
Warm tingles started low in her belly and zinged straight to her clit. A sensation she’d long missed but not forgotten. His lips were strong, supple, and teasing her own apart. Rachel opened her mouth and glided her tongue along his lips, loving the salty taste. The rasp of his beard on her tender cheek shot a jolt of electricity to the tips of her pebbled nipples. Her muscles tightened as moisture filled her panties. She was alive and wanted more. Somehow she found the energy to lace an arm around the broad shoulders leaning over her and curl her fingers in his long silky hair.
Her nipples puckered more with each stroke as he glided his hand along her spine, continuing lower over the curve of her ass to her thigh. Wet sand greeted her when he smoothly rolled them over. With little effort her legs parted, welcoming her secret pirate.
Nope, make that swashbuckler. More romantic.
Shivers raced through her and he held her closer. His body heat, a beautiful thing, shrouded them. Her breasts grew heavier, straining against her wet shirt, as his solid erection pressed into her belly. She wiggled closer, wanting—no, needing—to feel him inside her.
Indistinguishable sounds filled her ears. Forgotten lyrics from an old, sweet love song? She wanted to remember, but not enough to give up her fantasy man and the erotic glow of mystery sex.
“Mademoiselle, s'il vous plaît. Où est la blessure? Je suis médecin et peux vous aider.”
His foreign words and rich baritone were sexy music against her lips. He wanted her. His tender touch proved he did. Her eyelids fluttered as he spoke.
“Mademoiselle? Mademoiselle.”
A sting smarted against her cheek.
“Oh no, Sweet Lips, I don’t do rough.” Her words came out slurred and incoherent. “Doesn’t matter how sexy you are. Now stop hitting me before I return the favor with my fist.”
“Wake up, mademoiselle.” He tapped her again, more lovingly. “I asked where you are injured. I am a doctor and will help you."
What a great dream.
Her fantasy lover had the perfect voice and was a doctor to boot. Mom would be ecstatic. She wrinkled her nose. He could have at least showered before his seductive appearance. Sweet Lips smelled like a cesspit.
“Dammit, Sweet Lips, this is my dream. We’re doing this my way.” She reached for him, but before she made contact he pried open her eyelid. “Look, man, you are not playing by fantasy rules. I get to make up the seduction. You just do as told. Got it?”
Mademoiselle, this is the reality. You are très hurt and in need of immediate medical attention. Now, s'il vous plaît, stop your prattle and answer my questions.”
Rachel’s other eye sprang open. Her swashbuckler was squatted and rocking back on his heels. His five o’clock was nearing ten and his soaked clothes weren’t in much better shape than hers. No way in hell was this mangy guy a doctor.
Her heart stopped. Literally froze in her body.
Gagnon’s man.
She inhaled deeply to slow her banging heart and edged farther away from him toward safety. He reached for her, his expression grim. Without thought, she pushed off with her left hand.
“Son of a bitch.” A kaleidoscope of stars exploded before her eyes, followed by another whitecap of nausea.
“It does not appear to be broken. At the least, you have a severe sprain.”
She sucked in a sharp breath, refusing to show weakness. “Ya think?”
He cocked an eyebrow. Warm chocolate eyes stared straight into hers. “Did you know, mademoiselle, some believe sarcasm is the lowest form of humor but the highest mark of intelligence?”
“Then you’re pretty intelligent too.”
He laughed, a warm hearty sound that wrapped around her, undermining her resolve.
“So if you’re a doctor, where’s your little black bag?”
A smile to melt an iceberg split his face. He reached behind him, and then brought forward a worn satchel.
“Well, I’ll be dipped.” She really had to curb her suspicions.
Excusez-moi,   but you already were.” His full lips twitched at the corners.
Good sense of humor.
He shrugged out of his rain slicker.
And muscular.
He draped the yellow, rubberized fabric around her shoulders. Instant warmth.

Sloane Taylor is an Award-Winning author who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives. She carries that philosophy into her books. She writes sexually explicit romances that take you right into the bedroom. Being a true romantic, all her stories have a happy ever after.
Taylor’s books are set in Europe where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. They also bring more than lust to their men’s lives.  

She was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. Studly, her mate for life, and Taylor now live in a small home in Indiana and enjoy the change from city life. She’s an avid cook and post new recipes on this blog every Wednesday.  The recipes are user friendly, and easy.  
Currently Taylor has six erotic romance books and one box set either released or coming soon from Toque & Dagger Publishing. Excerpts from these books can be found on her website, blog, and all popular vendors. 
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Wednesday Travel: I Went, I Saw, I Loved #travel

Given my crazy efforts to have a book finished by the first part of December, I'm revising a few posts from years ago. The visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome is one of my most memorable ones.

The conclave of 115 Cardinals in the Sistine chapel have a lot more room to move around than most visitors to the room Michelangelo turned into an artistic wonder. 
From the internet

A lot of days up to 20,000 visitors get kinks in their necks staring up at the ceiling.  Don’t be surprised when someone bumps into you in their attempt to walk and gawk upward.  Or you may get your toes stepped on by someone with the upward viewing affliction.
It is amazing the number of people who can’t read and/or are deaf, too. Signs prohibiting pictures are everywhere and announcements of ‘no picture taking’ are made often.  The shocked expressions on the faces of violators can be pretty funny.  A big guard shouting at them for the sneaky shot they attempted may not be fun to them, but to those trying to abide by the rules, the guilty ones attitude of offense is pretty entertaining.
Can't find my pictures, but found these on the internet.
Still, having the opportunity to view this amazing work of art, even if not able to do so undisturbed, is wonderful, and yes, I’m glad to have accomplished the viewing.  If you end up in Rome, make the Sistine Chapel a must see on your list of places to visit.  But, the need to book in advance may become necessary.  There are rumors the Vatican is considering limiting the number of visitors and one critic is especially keen for this to be done.  Pietro Citati, an Italian literary critic contends all the humanity squeezed into the room at one time leads to damage to the frescos.
Limited access or not, the visit is worth the effort and cost to see the masterpieces.  But if your goal is peaceful meditation, forget about it…at least for now.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be a Cardinal locked in the room with 114 of your peers, or are important enough to have the pull for a private viewing. Now that would be my dream!

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Friday Spotlight: VA Dold #western #sciencefiction

Today's spotlight is on VA Dold's Lucas!

Krystal Le Beau hides a secret few know about: she is a psychic matchmaker. Little does Lucas know she’s worked her magic and set him up to meet his destiny.

Lucas Le Beau’s dream has come true. He owns a ranch of his own and he’s moving in. He thought he had everything he wanted...until the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen knocks him flat on his back. Now he can't think of anything but making that sweet redhead his own. Lucas is one determined wolf! He's not giving up on Kensie no matter how stubborn she is.

Kensie Brown is visiting her sister Jojo, and so far, she's managed to flatten the owner of the dude ranch, make Jojo mad, and somehow fall for a damn cowboy, knowing she's leaving in a few days. What was she thinking?

Will Kensie trust Lucas to save her when her life is threatened, and she has no one else to turn to?

Will Lucas get to Kensie in time to stop the man who wants to expose her to the world and destroy her?

Mix one stubborn Yankee workaholic, a determined cowboy wolf shifter, and meddling family, stir well and you have the recipe for a wild Texas ride.
It became glaringly obvious very quickly; men found her intimidating. She was too smart, too successful, too rich, too fat, and way too outspoken. Kensie never saw a reason to mince words, so she said it like it was. Apparently, people, especially men, didn’t care for that. Too flippin' bad, she was too old to change now.
A quick look around told her the barn was behind the incredible house she parked in front of. From where she stood, all she could see was a huge hipped roof. That had to be where Jojo was. She estimated the shortest path was around the attached four-car garage. Straightening her sunglasses, she headed toward the corner with determined purpose. The sooner she located Jojo, the sooner she could get into air conditioning.
Distracted by the beautiful landscape, Kensie didn’t watch where she was going. She rounded the corner of the garage and ran smack dab into a solid wall. What the devil was that doing there? Wait, that wasn’t a wall – what the heck was that?
One second she turned a corner and the next she somehow slammed into what felt like a brick wall, which had no business being there. No. Not a wall, a solid, very masculine, man. A gigantic Minnesota oak of a man, who was going down hard, and regrettably, taking her with him. As much as she wanted to change her fate, there was no way to stop what was about to happen. For a split second she considered yelling timber. She was screwed, and unless her calculations were terribly off, she was doomed to land in a very awkward position.
 After what felt like a lifetime, the manly oak hit the ground hard, with her splayed across him in a very unladylike, very sexual, way.
Good lord! I killed him! “Shiznit!”

V.A. Dold & Tori Austin are the Amazon best selling authors of the Award-winning Le Beau Series
& K.I.S.S. Series.
      Prior to becoming a full-time writer, she was publicist to the authors.
Her idea of absolute heaven is a day in the French Quarter with her computer, her coffee mug, and the Brothers, of course.
A Midwest native, with her heart lost to Louisiana & Texas. She has a penchant for titillating tales featuring sexy men and strong women. When she's not writing, she's probably taking in a movie, reading, or traveling. Oh, and there is the distinct possibility she is out cowboy hunting.
Connect with V.A. Dold:
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Spotlight Friday: Tina Donahue #eroticromance

To celebrate the upcoming release of Surrendering to the Beast,  Tina is giving away FIVE full-length, bestselling, award-winning romances to one lucky winner - 25 titles to choose from.
Surrendering to the Beast Paperback Look
(Book Two – Taming the Beast series)
Erotic Paranormal - Romantic Comedy 
by Tina Donahue
Available for pre-order September 13
Ready to read October 13
Surrendering to the Beast - Teaser 3

When she’s good, she’s very good. But when he’s bad, she’s better.
Taming the Beast, Book 2

As a good fairy, Heather is empathetic and chaste to a fault. No bad language, no dirty thoughts, flirting and no sex. But when a satyr named Daemon steps up to her reception desk at From Crud to Stud, she finds herself on the fast track to exquisite corruption.
Daemon is the total bad-boy package with a kiss straight from the dark side. Though he’s here for a supernatural makeover, Heather can’t imagine why any red-blooded woman would want him to change.
A disciple of the god of wine, Daemon has had his share of good times. But sex has never been this good. Heather brings out a new side of him, a side that makes him want to protect as well as pillage.
But Daemon needs a little creative backup to help set his fairy’s naughtiness free. And that means bringing in Mistress Jin. Under the genie’s tutelage and Daemon’s shameless lust, Heather is about to learn what it means to let loose.

Warning: Not your typical bedtime story. May lead to indecent behavior, a taste for voyeurism, discipline, bondage, m/f, m/f/f and f/f action, which will result in screaming orgasms. Proceed with caution.
Surrendering to the Beast - Teaser 1

Heather steeled herself to do battle with Satan. Cautiously, she faced her webcam and his image on her computer monitor. This evening, he’d assumed the form of a European playboy, a snifter of cognac held casually in one hand, dark hair slicked back, his blood-red ascot contrasting nicely with his white shirt and navy blazer.
He certainly knew how to dress.
Cara mia.” Heat smoldered in his voice and dark eyes. “What can I do to you?”
“For me,” she corrected gently, wondering when he’d ever get that right.
Grinning, he focused on her white peasant blouse and jutted nipples, her areolas tightened from the chilly weather, not him. Tonight was damp and cool thanks to a spring storm that continued to rage in the French Quarter. Lightning flashed and the office lights flickered.
Flames flared briefly in his pupils. “We’ll do many things to each other, no?”
Heather smiled politely, a knee-jerk reaction for a good fairy. Needing to get tough, she held up his overdue bill, hoping he’d look at it rather than her chest. Her hand shook so badly the paper rattled.
“How you tremble,” he cooed. “How pale you are. Allow me to put some color in your lovely cheeks. Heat that will last an eternity.”

Her skin got even clammier. “Please, just pay your account.” She waved the paper and talked fast before losing her nerve. “Your grandson failed to show for his last two appointments. I’m sure he had a good reason. Unfortunately, he didn’t call to cancel.” She offered an apologetic smile and pressed on. “Because you’re the cardholder, we had to charge you for the time. I’m so sorry, but it is the rule.”
One she was honor-bound to enforce as an employee of From Crud to Stud, a makeover service for supernatural beings. Howls from weres, hisses from vampires and obscenities from demons poured from the treatment rooms. Those poor souls were going through proverbial hell to suppress their beasts. They longed to date mortal women without freaking them out, while also winning their hearts the normal way. With real charm, not magic, with integrity and love, not lies and manipulation.
But these makeovers took the staff’s valuable time and clients needed to pay for the effort. Even Satan should understand that.
He gave her an indulgent smile. “What charges?”
Gasping, she dropped the flaming paper in her trashcan before it burnt her fingers.
“Later,” he said and killed the call.
Hurriedly, Heather put out the small blaze, chiding herself for letting the account get to this point. She should have been firm with Satan’s grandson when he signed up for the service. Determined to make up for being too nice, she brought up her bank account to pay the charges herself. She was about to transfer the funds when the lights flickered twice, thunder boomed and the front door flew open, banging against the wall.

She flinched.
A blast of dank air and rain blew inside, followed by a guy who looked to be thirty or so. He wore a black cowboy hat, snug navy tee, low-slung jeans and cowboy boots.
Once he shoved the door shut, he slumped against it, breathing hard.
Heather stood so quickly her chair rolled into the wall.
He didn’t notice. He’d closed his eyes and raised his face to the ceiling, his prominent Adam’s apple bobbing with his hard swallow.
Alarmed yet intrigued, she regarded the short, dark hairs on his throat and took the rest of him in. His rain-dampened hair was the color of dark chocolate, thick and wavy, flowing to his broad shoulders. They heaved with his next ragged breath. Tall, possibly six-three, he was lean yet muscular. His wet tee clung to his well-defined pecs and abs, those bruising biceps. Stubble covered his strong jaw, upper lip and cheeks. His bronze skin spoke of days in the sun.
Even from where she stood, Heather smelled his scent. Clean and masculine, a woodsy, fresh fragrance along with something else…the unmistakable odor of liquor.
Uh-oh. It wasn’t often that mortals, drunk or otherwise, happened upon this place. When they did, Heather had ironclad rules to follow. First, buzz Constance, a voodoo priestess who could remove memories by laying her hands on someone’s head. Following that, Heather was supposed to buzz Becca, a half-mortal witch who owned this place.
Heather leaned over her desk to press the intercom button.
The guy turned to her, blinked slowly and stared.
Her hand stalled.
His eyes were amazing, the color of Lipton tea, ringed by long, sooty lashes, his attention riveted as he drank her in. Given his slow, sexy smile, Heather suspected he was undressing her with his eyes.
She swallowed and was about to press the button when he groaned suddenly and mournfully, the sound of someone in serious pain.
Heather paused and decided not to call for anyone just yet. “Are you all right?”
Surrendering to the Beast - Teaser 2
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I’m an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, Luminosity, Decadent, and indie. Yay! Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work, and trust me, I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve had my books reach finals in the EPIC competition, one title was named Book of the Year at a review site, and others have won awards in RWA-sponsored contests. I’m actually featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Talk about feeling like a freaking star. Before my writing career, I was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company. Outside of being an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, I’ve flown a single-engine plane (scary stuff), rewired an old house using an electricity for dummies book, and have been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally whenever I’m eating anything Mexican or Italian. Yeah, I like to eat (burp).
You can check me out here – yes, I am everywhere!  :)
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Wednesday: Tasty Eating in the Denver Area!

Each year the Heart of Denver Romance Writers takes out the main presenter, editors and agents who come to share knowledge and take pitches for dinner the night before the mini-conference on Saturday.
This year we went to the Yak & Yeti Brewpub and had their private room upstairs in the historical house they occupy. Since most attending selected the buffet the joke was...get another plate since running up and down the stairs burns calories. And eat we did. Lots of comments on how delicious the food was even from the buffet.

The Yak & Yeti is a family owned restaurant with several locations. The two I'm familiar with...the Brewpub where they brew their own beer (and have won several ribbons at the Beer Festival) and cook up delicious food.

The Westminster location is smaller, but has the same quality in their food as well the bring in kegs of beer from the Brewpub. There is also a new Denver location.

So, if you enjoy Indian food definitely check out one of the Yak & Yeti restaurants.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Share: HODRW Mini-Con

What a great mini-con this year! If you haven't heard Hallie Ephron speak you've missed out on an entertaining and educational presentation. Learned things as well as laughed a lot. What more can one ask for!!!
Hallie is the beautiful lady sitting in front of me. Next to her is Valerie Mann. Standing behind Val is Nicole and the blonde beside Nicole is Libby Murphy.
On a personal note, guest agent, Nicole Resciniti is interested in the new genres I pitched to her. She probably thinks I'm a ditz since I'd didn't have plans to pitch but one of my friends kept bugging me to go forward and get some feedback. Now I'm in 'get your butt in gear and write' mode since I said one of the WIPs first draft will be completed by the end of this year. Nicole wants me to keep her up to date... Nothing like a little pressure with a deadline!

Here are a couple of shots of the conference of contest finalists & winners who were present!

As for me, I'm all ready looking forward to next year!!

Do you have a favorite conference you like to attend?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Sam Cheever has a Beguiling Devil!


Astra Q Phelps is on the side of the good guys in the war between good and evil. Unfortunately for her, the bad guys have been making inroads on her soul. And when a particularly dark and sexy dark worlder fixes his heated gaze on Astra, the lighter side of her nature quickly finds itself kicked to the curb by her slut-monkey side. But Astra doesn't have time to deal with her love life. She's in the middle of a war between two dark factions...a war that just might mean the end of the human population...and it seems the fate of the world rests uneasily on her shoulders. It's a lot of pressure to put on one feisty halfling...but Astra Q Phelps is definitely...erm...certainly...ahh...possibly up to the challenge.
Dialle dropped his head to kiss me before I could bolt away. Despite my discomfort at kissing Dialle in front of Emo, my heart took up the beat that was playing itself out in my lower regions. Heat, sharp and molten ran through my body at the touch of his lips and I closed my eyes and leaned into him before I realized what I was doing. When I opened my eyes a moment later we were standing in Dialle’s chambers and Emo wasn’t.
I also became aware that Dialle had climbed up my shirt and was making himself very familiar with the geography of a part of my body that is not considered a public access area by the Astra Q. Phelps dating committee of one (that’s me). I cursed and pushed his hands away just as the door crashed back against the wall and spat Gerch at us.
“My Prince. I’m sorry to…interrupt…” I glared at him and saw just the tiniest tipping up of one side of his wide, craggy lips. “But the king has requested your presence in his rooms.”
I grinned. Saved again. Dialle cursed. “Tell him to go to Heaven.”
Gerch’s lips twitched but, soldier-like, he managed to hold the smile in check. “My Prince, do you think that’s wise?”
Dialle’s answering glare very nearly succeeded in banishing his Captain’s smile into the shadows, never to be seen again. Gerch lowered his head and body in the tiniest bow. “As you wish.” But he didn’t leave the room.
Dialle cursed again and paced away from me. I found his response to his father’s summons singularly interesting. Despite my extreme weariness I couldn’t help the spark of interest that gave me new energy. It might be fun to meet Dialle the First if he could make my Dialle so deliciously nervous and pissed off.
After a minute Dialle’s gaze shot toward the waiting Gerch and he sighed. “Oh hell! All right, Gerch. Wait outside the door for a minute while Astra and I finish our…business.”
Yikes! That so wasn’t what I had in mind. My eyes went round and my mouth opened to argue but I didn’t get the chance. Dialle was on me like bristle hairs on an elephant before I could say, diddley squat.
My traitorous body melted against him almost as soon as his lips met mine. My world suddenly became a small bubble of musky heat and shared air that caused my limbs to tighten with need even as they turned to warm, flexible rubber.
Dialle’s eyes, blue again, burned into me as he pulled those incredibly soft lips from mine and trailed his hot, red tongue across my lips. I gasped. I could have sworn the touch sizzled against my tender, swollen lips. “I’m damned.” I said on a need-charged sigh.

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