Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Spotlight - Annie Anthony #f/f #erotic

Though I've read quite a few m/m books, One Exquisite Night is the first f/f book I've read. Annie Anthony does a great job of telling the story of two women who start out meeting up in a one night stand that grows into more as they learn about each other. Think the bottom line is, no matter if it's your standard male/female relationship or a same sex one, each one has the same be loved and appreciated.

One Exquisite Night
By: Annie Anthony


Allie Jordan is a 38-year-old single mother of two who didn’t come out—to herself—until late. Too late, she’s afraid. For just one night, she doesn’t want to be a remorseful ex-wife, stressed mother, and awkward lesbian.
A one night stand—or 1Night Stand—was not something Terra Rossi had ever experienced in real life, let alone something she’d ever thought she’d seek out and pay for. But after ending her decade-long relationship shortly after her fortieth birthday, she decides one night without secrets, without hiding is exactly what she needs.
When Allie and Terra meet, they share chemistry and an emotional connection. But when they open up to one another, the secrets and lies of the past threaten to shatter their tender connection. Can the past be overcome, or will what Allie and Terra share be no more than one exquisite night?

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Helen Hardt said...

Hello to two of my favorite people! Just had coffee with Lizzie... Wish you could have been there, Annie!

Lizzie said...

A grand time we had too. Annie missed some giggles.