Monday, December 1, 2014

All the Fun of Sick

November didn't go as planned. First, the vacation didn't give the access I'd hope to blog and keep up to date on social media. Then the real fun began when we got home...within 24 hours I was sick and today is the first time in over a week that I'm not hacking my lungs out, though still tired.

All of that said, since I didn't post anything for readers to comment on...yes, there were no comments...LOL, I shall focus on December and coming up with a prize and actual blogs.

Hope all my friends here in the U.S. had a great Thanksgiving and everyone had a good November. Now let the December fun begin, but stay safe and warm.

As for my start to a new for a nap. Amazing how being sick drains a gal.

And here's a little cheer to get your month started. And no, this not, nor will it be my house! Right now the only decoration here may be the Grinch tree!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Friday: Free Short Story

This is a short story I wrote several years ago and set aside for whatever reason. Came across it recently and as I read a book idea was born. Of course, there will be LOTS of major changes. But this may give those who don't write a glimmer into the minds of authors and how a short story, or even an idea, blossoms into a book.

Also, this little ditty has never experienced the evil red pen of an editor, so please ignore the glitches you think need changing. Raw writing, especially in fiction, isn't always perfect.

By Lizzie T. Leaf


   “Mom, you need a transition man.”

   Shelia Martin looked at her daughter in dismay.  Even as a married woman expecting her first child, Carrie could at times still amaze Shelia with what popped out of her mouth.

   “What are you talking about?  Where on earth did you come up with an idea like that?”

   Carrie repositioned herself on the sofa, placing a pillow under her very pregnant stomach.

   “John and I discussed you last night.”

 Uh-oh, Carrie and her husband’s discussion about Shelia meant trouble.  She mentally prepared herself for the lecture coming.

“You’re a young woman, Mom.  Since Dad died you have no life.  Come to think of it, you didn’t have much of one when he was alive.  Basically, you lived his life, doing what he wanted to do.  He’s been gone almost two years, and when we were talking last night, we came to the conclusion you need to start dating.  You know, someone that you don’t really care if he calls again, but gets that first dreaded date out of the way.  Helps you transition back into a social life—hence a transition man.  If he lasted awhile, that wouldn’t be so bad either.”  Shelia’s mouth dropped. The inane suggestion came close to creating a panic attack.  She inhaled deeply and willed the pounding in her chest to slow.

“After all, you’re only fifty-four and a little sex would be a good thing.  Sheila pursed her lips and studied her for a moment.  “Though I don’t see you as one night stand material.

“Now, we really need to talk.  Things are different in the world for the single woman of today, Mom.  There are a lot of scary things out there, and different diseases.  You have to make sure you’re safe; that the man uses protection.”

  Protection?  Good grief.  A sex talk from her daughter!  When had the parent-child role reversed?

Knowing her face was as red as it felt; Shelia shook her head in wonderment. Changing the subject, she watched Carrie once again try to find a comfortable position for her stretched belly.   

   “I can’t believe my baby’s having a baby.”

   “Now Mom, don’t go getting all teary eyed again.”  Carrie pushed into a sitting position.  “I’m hungry.  What do you have that isn’t good for me?”  

   The one sided conversation did bring Shelia to the conclusion she needed to get a social life on some level.  Her days were filled redecorating the house as she had always dreamed of doing, or reading. 

She didn’t remember when most of their friends stopped calling.  The couples that had been their social network when Tom was alive, she realized were really his friends.  Now that she was no longer part of a couple, the rules had changed.  It definitely was time to establish new friendships. 

   “But how?”  This was the question Shelia mused over when she stopped by her favorite bookstore coffee-cafe.

   Looking around for an empty table she saw only one seat. “Excuse me. If this isn’t taken may I share your table?” 

   The man glanced up from his book, “Help yourself,” and returned to his reading.

   Shelia assessed her table partner—definitely over fifty, probably pushing sixty; an average, safe looking guy.  What the heck, may as well go for broke.

   “Nice day,” she tried to put a smile in her voice. 

   “Yeah,” he grunted, not looking up.

   She glanced at his book cover.   “I’ve read that book.  Isn’t it great?”

   “That’s what I’m trying to decide.”  He gave her a withering look and buried his nose in the pages again.

   So much for meeting people.   She picked up one of the books from her stack and opened it.

   “Excuse me.  May I share your table?”

   Shelia glanced over, realizing Mr. Friendly had left and the chair across from her was empty.

   “Sure.”  She looked up into eyes so blue they would’ve made Paul Newman green with envy.  The complete package was just as good—early fifties, tall, muscular, hair with heavy touches of silver around the temples and a smile that took her breath away.

   “My name is James Anthony.   Jim to my friends.”  

His deep voice was as smooth as butter. Their eyes met and thoughts that a soon-to-be grandmother probably shouldn’t have, danced through her head.  Hello transition man, popped into her mind as he seated himself.

   “I’m Shelia Martin.”  She heard herself saying as she drowned in those glorious blue eyes.

   “Great book.”

    She noticed he referred to the one she had open. 

   Returning his smile, they settled into a conversation about favorite books.  Suddenly the four letter date word wasn’t so scary.  Who knows, maybe when she got home she would be able to call Carrie to tell her she had found her transition man.  Yes, one could hope, especially when Jim asked if she’d like another cup of coffee.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Deal to Enjoy!

This is a great deal...9 books for .99. And rumor has it, the price goes up on October 20th, so get it now!

TAMING THE VIKING’S DRAGON. That is all. The all-new #VikingsUnleashed box set with 9 #Erotic #Romances!

If you like your reading HOT, you need to get this!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday's Book

Featured this week, the latest release from USA Today Best Selling Author, Sam Cheever. Have it on my Kindle...Do you? 

ISBN: 978-1-63443-418-8
Publisher: Electric Prose Publications
He’s an elite vampire from a distant planet…an Alpha of the Blood.
But he’s no match for one spunky and opinionated Earth woman!
The Alphas of the Blood are an elite, alien race of vampires. They escaped a devastated planet that was overrun with plague-infected beasts and came to Earth for a chance at a new life…a new beginning. The change is bitter-sweet for Zeenon Akba, who lost much of his family in the plague wars and fears his only brother might have carried the infection to Earth with him. But when Zee stumbles upon a pretty human female being stalked by an infected, he’s determined to help her, even if it means killing his own brother. Aware of their many differences and the necessity of finding a blood slave to be his mate, Zee doesn’t intend to lose his heart to pretty and spunky Brooke Carlin. So why can’t he get her out of his mind?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ropin Romance Naughty but Nice Winners and #New Contest Announcement

I spent a fun time at the Ropin' Romance Naughty but Nice, Facebook event yesterday and thanks to all who responded to my questions. I said I would announce the Winners here this morning so here we go!

Question #1:  Now that George Clooney if of the market, which bachelor do you think will replace him as a TOP HUNK?
All responses will be entered into a drawing for the gifting of a copy of Nordic Heat from Amazon Kindle. Winner to be announced on my blog tomorrow by 10 a.m. CST.
Winner is:  Suzanne M.


Question #2:  Of the new television shows that have debut so far for this fall, what is your favorite?

 Respond and be entered into a drawing for several swag items…a Lizzie T. Leaf sticky note pad, a 2015 calendar, pen/highlighter and an eBook copy of DEAD Awake. Winner to be announced on my blog tomorrow by 10 a.m. CST.
Winner is: Carol C.
I only used initials for you last names but you know who you are from yesterday's event. Congratulations and message me on FB to give me the information I need to get you your prize.
Also, for the month of October, anyone who responds to one of my blog posts here (an actual blog by me, not a guest or a featured book post) will be entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Memories of #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft

Did you watch Meredith Vieira last Monday when she talked about an abusive relationship in her younger years? A woman this well know stepping up to share #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft puts more focus on an issue that has long been in the closet needs to come out. Her sharing also brought back memories of my experience.
I married young the first time, and went from my parents’ rules to those of my new husband. At first the ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ wasn’t’ too bad. I’d been used to a lot more rigged demands. After all, he was military and was used to things being done a certain way. So what if he discovered an example of my first attempts at writing a book and laughed. All that meant was I sucked. The manuscript ended up in the trash and the love of writing became more focused on reading books by those who could tell a story.

Several years and two children later things were rocky. The first time he hit me was while stopped for a traffic light he yelled, “shut the f***” up.” I’d heard those words before, but not the slap that followed. Shocked, I huddled against my door and worked to stop the blood flowing from my nose.
The next morning my neighbor and best friend called and told me to come over for coffee. I hesitated, but put extra makeup on the bruised side of my face and forced a smile when I entered her house. She looked at me and asked, "What the hell happened to you?”

My efforts to cover up the bruising hadn’t worked. I broke down and told her what happened. She encouraged me to leave, but where would I go? My family couldn’t afford to support us and my job skills were ‘homemaker’ and according to my husband, not a very good one. “He apologized and promised not to hit me again,” I told her. (He had apologized and promised never again.)
He kept the promise too, until a few weeks later when he came home late and drunk. His cold dinner didn’t set well and that led to an argument…and another slap.

This time I wasn’t stunned and stood my ground. I picked up the cast iron skillet setting on top of the stove and waved it at him. “You ever lay another hand on me and you’ll regret it.”
His response—laughter and pointing out he could take the skillet since he was bigger and stronger.

“Yes, but you have to sleep at some point.” Maybe it was the implied threat, or he saw the determination in my eyes and knew I meant what I said, but he turned and went to bed.
No, he never hit me physically again, but he did continue the hurtful comments. They eventually included the kids. Foolish ME still worked to save the marriage for the sake of the children. Then one day after he had a nastier than usual tirade, my little girl burst into tears and screamed at me, “Why do you make us live like this?” I knew then we had to get out. At that time we lived in a foreign country, but with the transfer back to the states we ended up close to the city where my best friend lived, and thankfully, I knew people in the community who helped in my job search.

Fortunately, I did get a job even without a college degree, and we got by. And yes, I’m glad I left. In fact, I wish I’d left sooner. I did manage to get counseling for myself and the children. We made it through to a bright life.
That was a lot of years ago and I remarried. That one ended in my husband passing, but he never raised a hand to me.

The children from my first marriage are now adults and have families of their own. Watching them interact with their spouses makes me proud. They disagree at times, but there is give and take, just like I have in my third marriage. As my daughter said at our reception, “Mom, I think you got it right this time.”
Have you been in an abusive relationship, or know others who have? How did you, or they get out? If not, reach out to a women’s center in your area. Don’t stay because he promises to change even though you love him. Unless he is willing to seek help, change isn’t going to happen.

And if you can't find the information you need, check this list of organizations that can direct you to someone.

#WhyIStayed #WhyILeft #FindHelp

Monday, September 8, 2014

A View to a Kill and Shoes

My husband is a big James Bond fan, so last night when asked me to watch A View to a Kill with him…AGAIN, I did. Having seen this one (and the other Bond movies numerous times) there wasn’t a huge need to focus on the plot. This led to me focusing on other things like Tanya Roberts, the Bond Girl’s, shoes.
I become fixated with how those shoes stayed on while she dangled in an elevator shaft, ran through a mine, climbed up and down scaffolding; even when she was picked up and pulled into the Zorn blimp.

Now we aren’t talking about sneakers or even a pair of flats. NO! Try stilettoes. Yep, the chick wears a pair of pencil thin heels that added at least four or five inches to her height. Still, no matter how tuff the going got, those bloody shoes never fell off.

Glue? Double-sided tape? Or were they so small and tight the wardrobe department had to use a wedge to get them on her feet? And how did they get her out of them for the shower scene with JB at the end…or did they?
Those questions led me to thinking about other movies where realistic isn’t part of the plot, and yes, most of the Bond films fall into that category, especially the earlier ones. Come to think of it, so do a lot of films in the 50’s, 60’s and beyond.


So, today’s question:  What films come to mind that little things, like shoes, grab your attention and you become fixated on?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Favorite Walking Tour

The May trip was great, but one of my favorite 'to do' in London was a Jack the Ripper walking tour. Here's a picture in an alley as evening descends and the street lights start coming on. Enough to give a bit of a shiver when your mind wanders to the subject matter...murder!

What is one of your tours?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Kindness Beats Bullying

Did you watch the Emmy's last Monday? If so, you probably saw Aaron Paul's shout out to his wife and her Kindness campaign. A lot of people did. In fact, so many saw it and went over to take a look they crashed the site.

I have check it out, though not that night, and signed up. Kindness is something this world can use in SPADES!

But this has taken me down memory lane. When I was in school, what is now called bullying was referred to as teasing. And no, we weren't writing on stone back then. Things had advanced to paper, but I digress.

My family wasn't rich. In fact, that's an understatement. They were downright poor. My idea of a pretty dress was going to the feed store with my uncle when he bought sacks of feed for the farm animals and picking out one or two that would be used by my aunt to make me a new dress.

When I started school guess what I wore. Yes, there were a few other children in the same styles, but we were the ones teased. In my case, I had a funny last name. My maiden name was foreign in the area of the south where I grew up. Add in the funny clothes, crooked teeth, and height that had me taller than my classmates, there were lots of taunts thrown my way. Is it any surprise I loved homework because it took me out of the classroom to my room where I didn't have to listen to the whispers or loud jeers about my looks or clothing?

But I learned through the years to stand up for myself and FOR OTHERS! 

My question for you: Have you been bullied either in school or at the work place?

Also check out the Kind campaign website:

#kindness #bullying #memories

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Authors After Dark - FEATURED AUTHOR...ME!

I'll be there...Will you?

August 6-10th 2014 • The Westin, Charlotte NC





Friday, May 2, 2014

A Mother's Day Contest From Musa Publishing!!!!

Celebrate Mom with Musa Publishing 

Celebrate Mom with Musa Publishing

Grand Prize

$10.00 Musa Gift Certificate

6 Paperback Books

Beyond the Third Garden by I.J. Sarfeh

Outlaws by William Wendy

Seducing Kate by Emilia Mancini

Send Off For A Snitch by KM Rockwood

Typical Day by Gary K. Wolf

Unforgettable You by Marci Boudreaux

1st Place Winner

$5.00 Musa Gift Certificate

6 Paperback Books

The Andersen Ancestry by Addie J. King

For His Love by Nya Rayne

Outlaws by William Wendy

Seducing Kate by Emilia Mancini

Send Off For A Snitch by KM Rockwood

Typical Day by Gary K. Wolf

2nd Place Winner

5 Paperback Books

Outlaws by William Wendy

Seducing Kate by Emilia Mancini

Send Off For A Snitch by KM Rockwood

Typical Day by Gary K. Wolf

Wilder Mage by CD Coffelt


2 new winners are drawn daily. Each one will receive 3 books.


All participants receive a download of Cooking with Musa.

All entrants are eligible for Grand Prize Drawing May 10, 2014

Winners announced May 11, 2014

Enter daily to win!

No particular order to the daily drawings for the books below

 Baiting the Hook by Mary S. Palmer and David Wilton

3.99 by Richard Satterlie

Amanda's Return by June Kramin

Buried Biker by KM Rockwood

Enter to Win by Kirsten Janey

 ICE blue by Susan Rae

Lies in Wait by Donna Del Oro


 Love Lies Bleeding by Lainie Giles

More Tomasewski by Del Staecker

Random Survival by Ray Wenck

Runt Wade by Robert G. Rogers

 Steeled for Murder by KM Rockwood

Tales of Tomasewski by Del Staecker

Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem by Vera Jane Cook

2012: The Rising by Joanne Hirase

Crazy Greta by David Hardy

The Dominus Runes by Peter Lukes

The Grimm Legacy by Addie J. King

Reunion by Joanna Fay


 Winners who reside outside the Continental United States will receive their prize in e-book format.

 All must be claimed by May 15, 2014 or they are forfeited. Prizes will be shipped May 17, 2014.
Giveaway begins May 1, 2014 and ends midnight CST May 10, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Author - First Novel "Chasing Athens"

I really enjoyed Marissa Tejada's first book. The character, Ava, had me laughing in the opening chapter. Her encounter over not getting her ticket validated sounds like something I would do in one of my rush about madly moments. To be hauled off to the police station in a foreign country only adds to Ava's misery, but the way Miss Tejada describes the situation I could only laugh. A book that combines humor with the pain of self-growth.

Author: Marissa Tejada
Publisher: Musa Publishing       

Suddenly dumped, a heartbroken American ex-pat stays on in Greece, confronting culture shock, crisis, and the charm of Mediterranean men as she redefines the true meaning of home.

When Ava Martin’s new husband unexpectedly ditches her months after they’ve relocated across the world to Greece, the heartbroken American ex-pat isn’t sure where home is anymore. On the verge of flying back to the States with her tail between her legs, she makes an abrupt decision to follow her gut instead and stay on in Greece. She soon discovers that the tumultuous, culture-rich Mediterranean country is coloring her life in a way no place else can, changing her forever. But is it where she belongs?

Ava’s newfound independence throws her into the thick of Athenian reality, where she has brushes with violent police riots and gets a taste of both the alluring islands and the city nightlife. Despite pressure from her mother, uncertainty over her impending divorce, and unresolved issues with her long-estranged father weighing on her, she’s determined to make it on her own. With the help of two very colorful Greek friends, she laughs and learns while facing culture shock, language barriers and the charm of Mediterranean men, until a life-threatening medical emergency back home in sleepy Ithaca, N.Y., forces her to decide where she truly belongs – and what truly matters.

- See more at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some Naughty Wenches are Partying at Coffeetime's Mocha Milieu on the 17th!


The Who?

A whole lot of naughty Wenches

The Where!

The Mocha Milieu on Facebook

April 17th, from 10-2:00 EST


Join authors, Lizzie T. Leaf, Sam Cheever, Sloane Taylor, Sara Daniel and Emilia Mancini for a few hours of fun and get entered into a drawing for all the prizes!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Three at Once! I Must Be Nuts!

Where I think I can be!
Yep, that would be working on three books at once here. To make the fun even more intense, they are all in new genres. I can never be happy with the status quo.

1. My first Mystery and collaboration. Hey if you're going to jump in to new waters, do it with both feet. And why make it a simple mystery set in a location you or the other author live? We wouldn't want to do anything sane would we? So this book is set in a foreign country which means reaching the laws. Now that will keep you with dents in the forehead from the old *head/desk* routine.

2. When the headache gets too bad from banging on desk with the Mystery, move on to the Women's Fiction. Get things really rolling with the POV of three women of various ages. How complicated can that be...right? So what if they wake you up at 3:00 freakin' A.M. (like this morning) with ideas on what you need to go back and rewrite so their new suggestions will work better!

3. And when the other 2 books have you close to crazy, cross over into insanity...go with a Young Adult. All the angst of this character can actually be therapeutic in an odd sort of way. Once it's done, the Teens have promised to read and give their input. That's enough to make a grandmother cringe.

So there you have fun life these days.

What fun do you have in your life?
And then reality hits!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kathy Cagney Rossi Shares How We Can Flash & Still be Sexy!

This book made me laugh as well as giving me new insights into menopause. Ladies, we all get to travel down the road of The Change, so may as well have some fun with the experience and look good too! 

Loved her fashion advice: "If you don't love it, don't wear it." That statement can apply to any age!

Hot Flashes Cool Insights addresses the reinvention of how women today will experience menopause. Every day in the U.S. alone, 6,000 women start menopause. Approximately 60 million American women between the ages of 39 and 53 will be perimenopausal this year. It’s estimated that by the year 2015, 1.7 billion women worldwide will be experiencing some form of menopause. That’s a lot of women hot flashing all at the same time! Talk about global warming! In this fun and informative book, you will learn and discover: ~What it means to be hormonious – balancing your hormones and why it’s so important ~How to be a Passionista and keep your passion even while hot flashin’ ~Why humor and a flash flood of creativity play an important role in this process ~Easy ways to stay in fashion - ample size or sample size, you are beauty full! ~Mindset principles for your state of mind during your change of life Over 150 women were surveyed for this book. They responded to questions regarding midlife, menopause and much more. This “broad minded” approach resulted in some very cool insights! So, dear reader, please know that you are not alone and you are not going crazy. We are a divine sisterhood of yo-yo hormones and together, we will triumph over the tribulations.

Amazon buy links:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dream Trips

There are lots of places on the "I want to go" list, including spending a couple of months (or longer) using London as home base and exploring ALL of Great Britain.

But here are a couple of dream trips.

Machu Picchu by JP
Galapagos Islands

So what are your dream trips?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hot Flash Fun and Lip Ripping!

The fun started in my early forties. Mood swings, depression, sleeplessness, exhaustion and the ever fun…hot flashes.  Yes, said the doctor, you are in perimenopause.

Like a good girl, I did my research.  Read everything I could find on the delightful period of life I’d just entered.  Some of the symptoms had started to let up…except the hot flashes which by now included night sweats. But, l could get through this with the aide of drugs.
No—wait. Drugs aren’t good for you. Being on the pill too long can cause cancer.  Okay, then homeopathic is the way to go. And I did.

Soy. Nope, still flashing. Wild Yam cream, slathered my body in it. Did nothing. Black cohosh, red clover, dong quai…you get the picture.  Tried and gave up on those and a lot of other things.  Full blown menopause would take care of the issues.
So, I waited—and am still waiting.  Leaning to live with the hot flashes, I adapted. Cool temperatures at night, fanning during the day. Recently, I discovered another way, a cold gel pack from the freezer under my pillow helps keep then down, and if one hits, I move my pillow up enjoy the refreshing coldness unit it.

As far as the mood swings, they aren’t too bad. But there are moments when the idea of ripping off lips  of someone who doesn't know when to shut up appeals. That can be avoided for the most part by the annoying individual keeping their mouth closed or sewing it shut until the urge passes.

Have you entered the peri or post menopause stage of life? How do think it affects your interaction with others?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Wenching Emilia Mancini!

This weeks Wench is the sizzling, Emilia Mancini! Thanks for stopping by Emilia and spicing things up. Boomers are well aware spice isn't always something tossed into the pot to season the food. We know what you dish up seasons our lives in the bedroom!

As I sat reading the galley for Seducing Kate, I realized what an incredible labor of love this book had been. If you’ve ever raised children, you can relate to the publishing process.

The pregnancy—the creating a new being, the hopes and dreams of what this being will eventually grow up to be, then finally, you start pushing thing out of you. Painful as it may be, there’s just no stopping it. You. Just. Have. To. Push.

Once it’s out, it’s not the most attractive thing, but you love it all the same.

Then it starts growing up and you realize that, much as you love it, your baby isn’t perfect. It’s colicky, cranky, and sometimes it takes a dump on you. You and your parental partner, your editor, go to task to mold this thing into a respectable fully-grown manuscript.

It hurts you, it breaks your heart, but at the same time, you swell with pride as you get ready to release it upon the world.

Seducing Kate was like this. The pushing out process was fairly easy. Kate and Kyle had a solid story and they were ready to share it with the world. It was the growing (editing) part that nearly killed me. Luckily, I have an incredibly patient editor who can see through all my personal writing ticks to the beauty that lies beneath.

She saw through my repetitive wording and my filtering and all those other bad author things I do. She saw through all the bullshit I pile on, scraped it away, polished this up, and made it shine.

I am so excited and so proud to be sending this respectable and fully-grown manuscript out into the world. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this one, and those disgusting bodily fluids weren’t just mine. Jeanne De Vita did a fantastic job helping me raise this little bugger.

I feel like a proud mama and I can’t wait for you to meet my baby.

It took Kyle one look to realize he wanted to seduce his best friend’s mother. And one kiss to realize he didn't have to.

It was lust at first sight for Kyle when he met his roommate Justin’s mother Kate. Kyle, a college transfer, was too far from home to visit on short school breaks, so Justin took him to Minneapolis where his mother was serving up a family meal for Thanksgiving.

One look left Kyle with a healthy obsession for Kate which grew with each visit. When he landed an internship in Minneapolis, he moved in with Kate for the summer, and got in touch with his voyeuristic side. It wasn’t until one late evening and a few too many glasses of wine that Kyle began to suspect his attraction wasn’t one-sided.

When he dared to push the issue, he found Kate more than willing to succumb to his seduction.

To read an excerpt from Seducing Kate, please click HERE.
Today's Wench is the sizzling Emilia Mancini. Thanks for stopping by to spice things up for us, Emilia. Boomers do know that spice isn't always something up put in the pot to flavor the food!
Emilia Mancini is the naughtier side to author Marci Boudreaux. Emilia stays hidden in the shadows like a nefarious side kick, slipping out only when the stories Marci wants to share are a little too grown up to be called  sweet romance.

Seducing Kate is Emilia’s second release and, at least for the moment, her crowning glory.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest board for Seducing Kate.

Visit Emilia on her website. Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel Wednesday - Beast Arrangements Made!

Yes, I'm doing it again this summer...TRAVELING! Reality is, if we had the budget we'd be traveling a lot more than now. But, that's not the case so have to plan events and with the budget planning also comes the Beast planning. The question becomes, who is going to move in for 2 or 3 weeks and take care of BEAST, as well as housesit?

Thought this year would be a local friend who would be in-between packing up her current adobe, hanging here a few weeks, and then making the move out of state. Guess what? Things changed...she got a job offer and is moving earlier than planned, and to a different state than she originally thought too.

So where does that leave us and Beast? Why with his favorite human...BIL. Yep, had to turn to the brother-in-law again this year. Last summer went so well (not) that when he walks through the door the day before we leave, I'm sure cat will let us know how unhappy he is over the houseguest. Tough! The way I see it, when he starts paying for all that cat food, kitty litter, toys, etc., plus cleaning the litter pan and dishing out the demand food in his dish, the four-legged creature can complain.

Don't get me wrong here. BIL does not abuse him, he just doesn't cater to his every desire. Seems I forgot the minor detail (okay, major in the cat's world) of telling brother-in-law that laundry is essential in this household. Not so much for clean clothes the humans wear, but for the warm ones that come out of the dryer. Those

Excuse me, napping here!
need to be piled on the bed so you-know-who can curl up in the middle of them for a nap.  Nope, BIL couldn't understand why said cat kept howling in front of the laundry room until he got chased away. Totally, my bad. Especially since internet on last year's cruise wasn't the world's best and he couldn't reach to ask what's the deal. Actually, it sucked.

Then add in BIL's reluctance to feed the Beast tastes of what he was having. That one he can blame on his brother who takes delight in seeing what a cat will eat.  Nor is BIL into cat toss and fetch the his brother is.

But, all the unhappiness of not having his every whelm met makes our adorable cat happy to see us after we return.

Oh, and another thing...there will be a contest centered around this summer's fun!!! Stay tuned for details!!!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Commericals I HATE!

We are slammed with commercials. In fact, the cable channels are even worse than regular programming since there's last FOREVER, or at least it feels that way when you are wanting to get back to your show. But, that irritation aside, the ones I hate the most at the moment are these two.

1. Political ads. Hello, we aren't in the middle of elections and I don't need to see some blonde chick proclaiming how much she hates POLITICAL ADS then goes on to make a political ad! If you hate them so much, Darlink, why the hell are you doing the ad? Oh yeah, that's're actress getting paid to read lines!

2. At the Beach! This was almost #1 until the political crap started, and is still a strong contender. If I were into tanning salons, guess where I wouldn't go!

Not to worry, Donna. Won't buy, won't wear!!!!

But in thinking about it, maybe I'm missing a lot of bad commercials with my habit of tuning them out these days.  So help me out!  What commercial do you hate the most?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday's Book - Summer's Growth by Tina Gayle

I've recently discovered Tina Gayle and was hooked by the opening of Summer's Growth so now have it on my Kindle and reading. Like what I've read so far! Tina has a lot of books out and you can look through them easier on her site than on Amazon, where of course there are books listed in with hers that aren't hers.

Plus, on the website you can read the first chapter of all her books.

Summer's Growth
by Tina Gale

In the spirit-haunted Winston estate in Ohio, rooted in time and occupied by the lingering ghosts of a great family, the torch is about to pass...

Mattie Winston, sober, sensible, and steady, has served as Keeper to the family for decades. Amber Harrison, hovering on the edge of flunking out of college, unsure what she wants out of life, has barely even heard of the Winston estate. The family, however, has decided that it's time for the changing of the guard. These two exceptional women soon find themselves dealing with violence, murder attempts, and old family mysteries while each finding the love of her life. Two romances and a growing friendship, all twined around a brooding family tragedy, make for an outstanding paranormal offering depth and charm beyond the commonplace. The growing love of Amber and Carter and of Mattie and Quincy offer readers a tender and engaging first novel in a winning new paranormal series.
Tina Gayle:
Tina has buy links for all her books on the books page

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wench of Romance - Sara Daniel

That Wench, Sara Daniel discusses her love of romance today. 

Why I Love Reading and Writing Romance

 by Sara Daniel

1. The Love Story:  Obviously, right? I love to read about two people who care about each other so much that they’ll fight for each other. I love that they believe in each other more than anyone ever has before or will again. There is something so satisfying, so heartwarming to watch two characters fall in love, usually against their will, and rise above all the conflict to live out that love they deserve.

2. The Emotions:  No other genre does the roller coaster of emotions like romance. One minute I’m laughing at a particularly witty line of dialogue, and the next I’m sobbing as the hero or heroine takes a figurative (and occasionally literal) punch to the gut. Does your life feel stale and blah? For the hours that you’re reading a romance, you’re living the gentleness of the hero caressing your cheek, the frustration of that one person who always has to make life difficult, the thrill of finally giving said person their comeuppance, the sweetness of a first kiss, the stark terror of falling for the person who could cause you to lose everything, and absolute joy of spending forever with the love of your life.

3. The Happily Ever After:  Of course, we all know how a romance novel ends. The hero and heroine get together and live happily ever after. Some people scoff at this guarantee, but it is my number one reason why I will always read and write romance novels. Every day you can pick up the newspaper and read about a life that ends in tragedy. In our own lives and in the lives of our friends and neighbors, there are problems that we can’t wave a wand and make everything magically turn out okay. Who needs to read about more pain, suffering and general cynicism? Definitely not me. Instead, sit down for a couple hours and escape to a romance. Vicariously conquer every roadblock thrown at you. Best of all, no one can take away your happily ever after when you reach the end.

See what I mean with this short intro to one of my favorite books.

Nicole trusted Wyatt with her heart once. She won’t make the same mistake twice.

Nicole DeMonde’s car breaks down the moment she returns to her hometown for her brother’s wedding. The cop who stops to help her is none other than local hottie Wyatt Truman, who slept with her then dumped her when they were teens. She has no choice but to accept his help. However, she knows better than to trust him with her heart twice.

Wyatt is determined to earn Nicole’s forgiveness and make amends for his callous past. Once he lays eyes on her, he can’t help wanting a lot more than forgiveness, despite his intention never to hurt her again.

Just as Wyatt starts thinking his best intentions are of the forever variety, Nicole decides to work Wyatt out of her system with a one night stand. Can either of them make peace with the past in a single weekend, let alone survive with their hearts intact?

To read an excerpt from Wyatt's Guilt, please click HERE.

Sara Daniel writes what she loves—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband.

Learn more about Sara on her website and blog. Subscribe to Sara’s newsletter. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Be sure to enter Musa Publishing's January Giveaway.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Travel Time Again

This summer will take me away to places of my dreams again. And with my travels there will be the collection of goodies to share! So that means a contest is coming up. Details to be announced next week!

In the meantime, a sample of some of the places I'm going this summer!

Let's start in Athens, Greece


Why not hop over to Malta?

Then another stop or two in between that you'll have to wait for later to see!!
And ending with a few pub tours in London!

Looking forward to summer!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dancing Can Bring Out Strength

Watched Dancing with the Stars last night and ended up with tears in my eyes when Amy Purdy danced. This woman is a prime example of what determination and attitude can accomplish even
Amy Purdy (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
when life smacks you a hard one.

If you missed the show or are not familiar with Amy, she lost her legs below the knees to meningitis at age nineteen. She's now a Bronze Medal winner from the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, as well as a three-time World Cup Para-snowboard winner.

And now she's on Dancing with the Stars! So, I say...go, Amy! Rooting for you. Totally admire your courage.

Here is a video of her and the life defining question she asked herself to take the steps to this growth.

Question for readers:

What obstacles have you had to dig deep inside you to overcome?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

This Time the Wench Brought Company!

Today, that Wench, Sharon Ledwith, has brought her own interviewer.  Just so happens I adore both of these people, so the more the merrier this week!

YOU HAVE TO WRITE YOUR OWN FIRST FEW WORDS HERE  multi published author SS Hampton Sr. and his guest outstanding middle grade author Sharon Ledwith.

Sharon Ledwith, hello! So, who are you, and where do you come from?


Hey, Stan, glad to be here! Oh, such a complicated question. How long do we have? Seriously though (and I rarely am!) I’m a middle-aged broad who writes for the middle-grade/YA genre. Guess you could say I’m going through my second childhood! I come from my parents—mom still has nightmares to this day—via Streator, Illinois USA while my father was under contract by the government to teach meteorology. That makes me a dual citizen. Currently I reside in the wilds of Muskoka, a tourist area deep in the heart of central Ontario, Canada. Cue the haunting cry of the loon…

Lol, the loon! So, why did you become a graphic artist? Was it difficult to give up that career field for writing (I assume you write full-time)?

Well someone has done his homework! I’ve always loved art throughout school, and wanted to parlay that into a solid business career. Plus I didn’t want anything to do with math again! I took the graphic technician course in college which allowed me to work in the printing trade. This was before computers took over, so everything was done by hand. Um, yeah, slow process, but worth it if you applied yourself and worked hard. My hubby and I started Box Office Graphics in the early 80s and we saw so many changes in the industry which included fax machines, computers, and the internet. The graphic businesses that didn’t change fell by the wayside.  We sold our business in 2004, and have never looked back. BTW—our former business is still going strong after 30 years! And NO, it wasn’t difficult to give up that career at all. Somehow I knew deep inside I would be pursuing a full-time career as a writer. After all, something had to be done to stop the voices from talking in my head!

Where and how did you meet your husband? Was he aware that he was courting a soon-to-be writer with all of her quirks? I generally assume all writers have their quirks – I know I do.

Poor hubby. I met him at the first job I was hired at straight out of college—a graphic trade shop that specialized in plastic container packaging. Call him my soul mate or a misguided fool, I knew from the moment I met him that we were destined to be together. I believe he was aware of some quirky karma, ’cause he never gave up the chase, even when the odds were against us. I also believe writers should use all their quirks to their advantage!

Any friendly words of advice for writers, particularly when a future spouse “comes a’calling”? Or perhaps for the future spouse who discovers their love interest is a writer?

Run, spouse, run! Kidding. My advice would be to never stop investing in yourself. Invest in the best. That’s in yourself, in your readers, and in your partner. Your readers deserve the best of what you have to offer them. Surround yourself with the best possible team (this includes spouses). Never stop learning. As you grow, so will your readers, so be prepared for this. Oh yeah, and never give up. That’s a given and should be part of any author’s credo.

How did your family and friends react to you becoming a writer?

Say what? You want to be a writer? Good for you! Ten years later…you’re still writing? Anything published yet? No? Humph. Maybe you should get a REAL job. Um, yeah, tried it, didn’t like it, went back to writing, and got published. Yay me! Once I signed the contract, I was cast in a different light, and everyone was supportive and happy for me. You should have seen the release party I threw – hot damn it was fun and VERY satisfying!

I find it interesting that the inspiration for The Last Timekeepers of Atlantis came to you in a dream, that you believe in Atlantis, and you burn incense when writing. You didn’t mention what types of music you like, or favorite artists. So, not to resort to labels, but are you perhaps, something of a “New Ager”?

Yes, very much so. I’m quite a spiritual person and believe we’re all here for a reason and purpose. This comes out in my stories. I don’t want to come off as preachy (in fact I can’t stand it when other people try to shove their beliefs on me) so I try to inject humor whenever I can in my stories. I think we all learn best when there’s laughter present. And if you want a real laugh, when I first started out writing I listened to the soundtrack of Braveheart (sigh) a lot, as well as some native drum instrumentals, Enya, and Enigma. Now I hardly listen to music while writing.

Braveheart, eh? And Enya and Enigma—some of my favorite music too. Just a comment here: I like the first sentence of the opening of your blurb – “Children are the keys to our future.” Truthfully, I have always believed that. Might that have something do with the intended audience of Middle Grade/Young Adult readers regarding Last Timekeepers?

Oh definitely! But it is true – children are the keys to our future. It’s up to us adults to supply kids with good role models, people to look up to, and to aspire to. We need to be the best we can be, and offer children a new hope for a better tomorrow. I mean, how else can we pass along our knowledge and understanding to a new generation if we don’t show up in this life?

Would you please share an excerpt from The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis with us? Or, if you feel comfortable, perhaps an excerpt from your prequel, Legend of the Timekeepers?

Would be honored, Stan. Here’s the blurb and excerpt from my newest release, and the prequel to the Last Timekeepers series, Legend of the Timekeepers:

There is no moving forward without first going back.

Lilith was a young girl with dreams and a family before the final destruction of Atlantis shattered those dreams and tore her family apart. Now refugees, Lilith and her father make their home in the Black Land. This strange, new country has no place in Lilith’s heart until a beloved high priestess introduces Lilith to her life purpose—to be a Timekeeper and keep time safe.

Summoned through the seventh arch of Atlantis by the Children of the Law of One, Lilith and her newfound friends are sent into Atlantis’s past, and given a task that will ultimately test their courage and try their faith in each other. Can the Timekeepers stop the dark magus Belial before he changes the seers’ prophecy? If they fail, then their future and the earth’s fate will be altered forever.

“Why are you here?” Lilith asked. “You’ve already got your life seal.”

“I have more questions for Istulo.” She continued to stare at the disk.

Lilith sighed. “My name is Lilith. What’s your name?”

Her shoulders relaxed slightly. A hint of a smile broke out on her face. Her upturned nose wiggled. “She-Aba. I was born here in the Black Land. Both my parents arrived from Atlantis fourteen years ago yesterday. My mother gave birth to me the next day.”

Lilith perked up. “That would make today your birthday!”

She-Aba beamed. “Yes. That’s why I’m here. For my birthday last year, I had my life reading done by Istulo. But recently, there’s been a hiccup in my plans. It’s like my life seal rearranged itself, and now I’m confused. I’m here for a reaffirmation.”

“What’s the problem?”

She-Aba traced her life seal with the tip of her perfectly shaped fingernail. “My lifetime occupation was supposed to be to design clothing for the people of the various positions in the court and temples.”

Lilith smirked. “That makes perfect sense.”

“I know, right? So why, all of a sudden, would my life seal change from designing clothing to something completely different?”

Lilith arched a fair brow. “How different?”

“Well, instead of clothing people in lavish robes and gowns for others to appreciate, the seal suggests that I’ll be doing the opposite by covering up and hiding the truth. I don’t understand it at all. I thought my life was all planned out for me.”

“I thought mine was too, until my country blew up and slid into the ocean,” Lilith muttered.

“Hey, look at the bright side, at least your hair isn’t red like mine.”

Lilith eyed She-Aba carefully. “What’s wrong with red hair? My uncle has red hair and it suits him fine.”

She-Aba moved in closer. “If you haven’t noticed already, there aren’t many redheads around here. The natives think red is magical, and anyone with red hair is considered a freak of nature.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Lilith said loud enough to cause an echo down the marble hallway. “Is that the reason why those artists were rude to you? Because you have red hair?”

“Red is a very powerful color,” a raspy voice said from behind both girls.

Lilith and She-Aba jumped. They slowly turned to find Istulo hovering over them.

Wearing the same white gown and orichalcum headband Lilith saw her dressed in before, Istulo nodded slightly before she said, “Red represents the essence of life—if we are drained of blood, we are drained of energy. The people of the Black Land understand this, and therefore red is reserved only for their gods and goddesses.”

Lilith giggled. “Don’t tell She-Aba that, she’ll think she’s a goddess.”

Here's the LINK for more information on the book.

Thank you for visiting with us today! Are there any parting words you would like to share with us?

Absolutely! I was once asked by another interviewer to share what inspires me to write, and why am I doing what I do? The truth is that I want to be the change I would like to see in this world. Yes, I stole that from Gandhi, but those words have been my mantra, and have guided me to write stories I would have loved to read as an adolescent. My hope is to give my target audience (upper middle-grade and lower young adult) the kinds of stories the world needs now—force readers to ask why they are here on earth at this time, and what is their major purpose. I guess I’m looking for ways to make the world a better place. I also want to make people laugh out-loud while they’re reading my books, and leave them wanting more when they turn to the last page. Thanks so much for putting up with, er interviewing me today, Stan, and loved your well-researched questions! Cheers!

Check out The Last Timekeepers series Facebook Page.


When Sharon Ledwith is not writing, researching, or revising, she enjoys reading, yoga, kayaking, time with family and friends, and single malt scotch. Sharon lives in the wilds of Muskoka in Central Ontario, Canada, with her hubby, a water-logged yellow Labrador and moody calico cat.

Learn more about Sharon Ledwith on her website and blog.  Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

Much of SS Hampton, Sr.'s writing is drawn from his extensive military career, including his historical short story The Sentinels.

December 1941 – the German offensive has ground to a frozen halt before an ominous forest encircling Moscow, and a German patrol seeks to discover what secrets the forest hides…

December 1941, and fresh Siberian troops from the Soviet Far East have launched savage counter-attacks against the German invaders. The Eastern Front is torn open with German units driven back, overwhelmed, or isolated. An exhausted Waffen SS infantry platoon outside of Moscow needs to know what the Siberians, hidden in a dark forest before them, are up to. A small patrol is sent into the snowy, otherworldly forest...

To read an excerpt from The Sentinels please click HERE.

SS Hampton, Sr. is a full-blood Choctaw of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a divorced grandfather to 13, a published photographer and photojournalist, and a member of the Military Writers Society of America. His military career began in 1974. He retired on 1 July 2013 from the Army National Guard with the rank of Sergeant First Class; he previously served in the active duty Army, the Army Individual Ready Reserve, and enlisted in the Army National Guard in October 2004, after which he was mobilized for Federal active duty for almost three years. Hampton is a veteran of Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom.

His writings have appeared as stand-alone stories, and in anthologies from Dark Opus Press, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, Melange Books, Musa Publishing, MuseItUp Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and as stand-alone stories in Horror Bound Magazine, The Harrow, and River Walk Journal, among others. He is also a published photographer and photojournalist, and a member of the Military Writers Society of America.

After 12 years of brown desert in the Southwest and overseas, he misses the Rocky Mountains, yellow aspens in the fall, running rivers, and a warm fireplace during snowy winters. As of December 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hampton officially became a homeless Iraq War veteran.

To learn more about SS Hampton, Sr. or read excerpts from his books please click a vendor's name.