Friday, May 28, 2010

Now to Reap the Benefits!

Finished the last of the major gardening projects this morning and this resulted in a major Happy Dance. For the past week or so, each night my body demanded to know what the heck I did to it.

I love gardening, but I'll be glad I don't have the yard I used to have. The current one is a little postage stamp of a backyard that I cram with perennials, annuals and veggies, usually tomatoes and squash.

The prior one was a different story. Lived on five acres and had a greenhouse, raised beds for vegetables, a rose garden (which the deer loved), and tons of annuals and get the picture. There wasn't a lot "kick back and relax" after the major spring push, but once the unused muscles of winter got use to the idea they stopped grumbling. Good thing, because it was at least a couple of hours every night after coming home from the J.O.B. and weekends, even more. That's what happens when one decides to become a certified Master Gardener...LOL

Now, I'm into the enjoyment...the sound of the water fountain trickling in the background, the soft music of wind chimes and enjoying the beauty around me. Makes for creativity, at least for me. Sat out this morning with my cup of coffee after the last of the mulch was down and let story ideas run through my head.

Yep, I'm going to enjoy the efforts of my labor this year...if the hail doesn't come in and pulverize everything like it did last summer. Fingers crossed.

Do you garden and if so, do you reap the benefits after the spring push?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Dance

The herbal supplement I ordered last week arrived this morning. Now if it will only do what it says it will do. Little things is all I ask... like cut down on HOT FLASHES and enhance sleep (what's that?), and probably the thing that will most please my husband, help the old mood swings.

Honestly, is it just me or are there times you want to rip the lips off of your near and dear ones? Must be the mood swing thing, since My Darling and the rest of my family are really pretty good.

How about you? Do you suffer from some of the same afflictions, or do you have others?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses,
A Cougar Club Series Story
by Lizzie T. Leaf
From Aspen Mountain Press

Susan's life doesn't need a man, especially the one her son brought home for the weekend. But the attraction is strong and she fears he is about to turn her world upside down.
Tony can't believe the woman standing before him is the same face he's dreamed of for years. Can he convince her their relationship can with stand any obstacle...including age?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mastermind Groups - Supporting You

Received an email about what boils down to being a support group created to help each other brainstorm issues in their lives, professional and personal. The excerpt below talks about meeting through phone calls or in person, but could probably be done through an internet group since it mentions people around the world.

"People around the world are starting mastermind groups of about 6 individuals who share ideas, thoughts, information, and resources - basically anything that would help you solve your professional or personal problems in a safe, upbeat environment. You can meet collectively on a conference phone line or in person and reap the rewards of this group experience."

The link has the full article.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel a group like this would benefit?


Monday, May 3, 2010

RT Fun

Sorry I didn't get anything accomplished here last week. Didn't go on the Internet, other than email from ye ol' cell phone, while I was at the Romantic Times Readers convention. Things got really insane on this end before I left and once there...well, what can I say...lots to see and plenty to do!

Now it's catch up time! Today, laundry and all the other fun things that went by the wayside here while I was gone. At least hubby knew what the dishwasher was this time around. Once laundry is done, I'm out the door again this afternoon. Babysitting for the step-son & wife who are on a cruise, so will be gone another 3 nights. Looking forward to quality time at home.

Talk about a 'feel good' for the heart. My daughter called this morning to see how things went in Columbus and in the background I could hear the almost 2 years old wanting to know who she was talking to. Daughter told her, Nana, and the little darling started chanting, "Nana always comes back. Mommy, Daddy, always comes back." Melted my heart!

Okay, off to finish folding clothes, grab lunch and then read over the notes from daughter-in-law to make sure I get to the bus stop in time this afternoon.

Have a great week!