Monday, December 23, 2013

A Smorgasbord of Christmas Books!

A few holiday books for that new eBook reader you get for Christmas, or for the one you all ready have!
DEAD Santa
The bat bite received when making Christmas Eve deliveries changed Santa. His life and the holiday he loves may never be the same.     Also at: and other 3rd party sites.
The Nutcracker Returns

Now a grown woman with children of her own, Claire's Christmas Eve dream takes a different path. The Sugar Plum Fairy is anything but sweet. And the nutcracker and toy soldier bring out anything but innocent thoughts for the adult Claire.
Forget the Mistletoe   
Marta's cold on the retail holiday season, but warming to the hot hunk from home office, even if he loves Christmas. -   Also at: and other 3rd party sites.
 Making Christmas  
Even during the Civil War, Christmas is made with love.  Also at: and other 3rd party sites.
Howling Under the Mistletoe 
When Miki Heart collides with Paul Bennet under the mistletoe, she had no idea he would be the answer to her dreams of passion as well as the solution to her health issues.
Also at: and other 3rd party sites.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Today's Wench - Nancy DiMauro Goes Girly!

Nancy DiMauro is a delight as an author, but also as a woman.  To discover she went through the years of tom-boy dressing and don't bother me with frills like a lot of us brought back memories of my own non-girly years. 
But I do have one questions for Nancy--What is the answer to THE question, or DO we need to know THE question first?
Dress Has Always Been My Strongest Suit


by Nancy DiMauro

 Something strange happened to me when I turned 40. I became a girl. I was that Tom-boy on the school playground, who when forced to wear a skirt by her mother snuck a pair of shorts under it. After all, I couldn’t play on the monkey bars in a skirt. Now could I?

 I didn’t experiment with makeup in high school. I was too busy running off to ride a horse, or three. My standard high school outfit was army surplus camo pants, a black t-shirt and ratty sneakers. Hey, it was the 80s. But I’m sure something in my mother died every day I went out of the house like that.

By law school, I’d learned the benefit of a little black dress and a few good suits. But my style was still a diamond in the rough. That started changing when I turned 40.

 Why 40? I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because your forties is a magical decade. After all 42 is the answer to THE question. Sorry. I digress. Anyway, I finally had the money to buy shoes in those department stores where I bought my suits. There seems to be an unfortunate rule in shoe fashion. The more expensive the shoe the more comfortable it is. Spending all day in a set of heels became something to look forward to and not a torture.

Now I that had really cute shoes, I needed better clothes. At 42 (see, I told you that number was the answer to THE question), I hired a professional fashion consultant to take me from well-dressed to stunning and polished.  Girlfriend, if you want to take your look from lukewarm to sizzle you need to call Annette Harris and her company, Harris Image Works. 

Given the discovery of my inner girl there’s probably little surprise that one of my short stories focused on fashion turned deadly. The idea for Best Dressed and Obsessed (included in the Shots at Redemption collection) came from a computer glitch. I participated in Liberty Hall’s weekly writing prompt. One week a computer error made me receive the word “array” rather than the actual prompt. I hit a blank wall. So, I typed “array” into my word processor and hit the synonym button. The second group of words related to “dress.” I had the first half of a Medea myth retelling by the end of that hour. Best Dressed and Obsessed won an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future contest.

 And none of it would have happened without the perfect little dress.

To read excerpts from Nancy DiMauro's Musa Publishing books, please click HERE.

Learn more about Nancy DiMauro and her impressive work on her website Falcons Fables and blog. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Wench for Tuesday - Recipe from Sloane Taylor

Pork chops aren't the only thing Sloane Taylor can make sizzle.  Don't believe, check out her books.  Make sure you have an ice pack handy when you do!

Studs is my partner for life and his favorite food is pork chops. Unfortunately for him that is not a meat I cook well. In fact, most of the time you could chew your shoe sole and have a more tender dinner.  I’m constantly on the quest to cook the perfect pork chop because after all these years that cut of meat has become my nemesis. Under the guidance of my awesome butcher Raoul, from Walt’s Food Centers, I have finally achieved a recipe that has worked consistently for moist and tender chops. I even dared to serve this dish to guests and they loved it. I hope you do, too.

 Grilled Bone-in Thick Pork Chops

2 – 1¼ to 1½” pork chops

1 cup olive oil maybe a little more

¼ cup white wine

4 sage leaves or 1 tbsp. dried sage

6 thyme sprigs or ½ tbsp. dried thyme

2 gloves garlic pressed or chopped fine

Freshly ground pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl. Set in the refrigerator for 2 -3 hours.
Remove chops from the refrigerator 1 hour before grilling.
Grease grill grates with olive oil. Preheat grill to medium-high.
Grill chops 7 minutes per side.
Tent with aluminum foil. Let rest 5 - 7 minutes, then serve.

Here's a little from my latest release to satisfy your other tastes.

Never mix business with pleasure, unless pleasure is your business.

 Photojournalist Emily Peters gives herself the perfect birthday gift - a weekend in Paris. Her excitement builds when she hits the scene of the exclusive S&G Club. Exposing the truth behind their private pleasure chambers and the elite who frequent them will be the diamond in her career crown. At least Em thinks so until she’s tied up in knots by the Devil himself.

British restaurateur Nicholas Caine visits Paris to check on his S&G Club investment and to sample its many benefits. Nick’s not on the hunt until he encounters a tiger that pretends to be a kitten. There’s no doubt she’ll satisfactorily flex her claws given the right incentive.

What starts as a prime photo opportunity evolves into a weekend of erotic fantasies as Nick awakens Emily’s dark passions.

To read an adult excerpt from PHOTO Op! please click HERE.

To read excerpts from the other erotic romances by Sloane Taylor, please click HERE.

Sloane Taylor believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives and carries that philosophy into her books. She writes sexually explicit romances that take you right into the bedroom. Being a true romantic, all her stories have a happy ever after.

Her books are set in Europe where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. They also bring more than lust to their men’s lives.

Learn more about Sloane Taylor on her website, and her blog for easy recipes. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, December 2, 2013

CyberMonday Again and Time to Save!

Had a terrific Thanksgiving and a hectic weekend.  How about you?

Here's a little CyberMonday info for everyone.

And Musa's new releases are included!

and the new DEAD Release

Santa's life is turned upside down after being bitten by a bat while making his Christmas Eve deliveries!  Even his wife has to escape this new version of her husband.