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Welcome Sam Cheever

I sure am lucky to have so many author friends! Sam and I were roommates at RT and after talking so much in emails, it was great to meet her. And I'm exciting she's taken the time to share her work with us here. So sit back and get ready for a fun read.

AND to make it really cool for our group, Sam will selcet a winner tomorrow from the comments for a Honeybun download...reader's choice.

Series Romance – Why do we enjoy it so much?

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved series romances like a fat kid loves cake. I ravished the Dark Hunter series, consumed JD Robb’s Eve Dallas books, and gobbled up every Stephanie Plum tome that came off the presses…in hardcover ‘cause I didn’t want to wait for them to come out in paperback! What made me go back, time and again, hungry for those books? Of course, these are supremely talented authors, who know how to tell an interesting and riveting tale. But it was more than that. I came for the stories, the characters, and the world that the authors created. In some small way, since I was in there with them, immersing myself in it, I felt like part of that world. I liked that feeling.

I think that’s the biggest reason readers enjoy series books so much. The savvy author creates an irresistible world, with unique and compelling characters, and draws us in a piece at a time…a character at a time…a problem and a solution at a time, always promising more around the next corner. It’s compelling!

Which brings me to my own romantic suspense series, the Honeybun Hunks. #:0)

I’m sometimes asked why I think my Honeybun Hunks series is so popular. I think it’s a few things. First of all, those Honeybuns are hot! #:0) They’re every woman’s dream man. They have the best traits of a man, strong, decisive, and willing to kick bad guy butt to save the people they care about, but they still find room in their emotional make-ups to nurture their feminine sides. They respect their mother, they cook, they shop, and they treat their women like goddesses. Secondly, I think people like the idea of following the books through each brother, getting to know them individually, in their own books, as well as collectively, how they function within such a large and interesting family. And lastly, I think the books are popular because, along with the love story that unfolds from beginning to end, they contain a lot of action and even a few laughs.
The entire, completed series will contain eight books. One for each Honeybun brother. Here’s the layout so far: Book 1: A Honeybun and Coffee, Alastair’s story; Book 2: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun, Alfric’s story; Book 3: Fast Track to a Honeybun, Warwicke’s story; and Book 4: A Honeybun in Hell (October 2010), Edric’s story.

Clovis’, Heathcliffe’s, Godric’s, and Percy’s stories will release in 2011 and 2012.

The books are stand alone. You don’t need to read them in order. If you can that’s fun, because it will take you through the building of the Honeybun clan, one new honey at a time. But it isn’t necessary. And hopefully, if you do pick up a Honeybun one day, you’ll find yourself being hopelessly drawn in. I highly recommend it. It’s nice in their world! #:0)

Award winning author Sam Cheever mixes in a little fun, a little adventure, and a little real-life spice to create her sexy fantasy and romantic suspense stories. Sam’s fictional peeps fight their way through a dizzying array of challenges without letting little things like treacherous villains, vicious monsters, or manipulative gods dampen their zest for life and hot love!

To find out more about Sam and her work, please pay her a visit at any one of the following online hot spots: .
Her webiste:



or her blog:

She always loves to chat with readers!


Sexy Indy car racer Warwicke Honeybun isn’t looking for love. But when he stumbles upon a beautiful woman being abused by a fellow driver one night, he wastes no time delivering a painful message to the man abusing her. Unfortunately, the man turns up dead the next day and the woman shows up on Warwicke’s doorstep covered in blood. Warwicke’s life gets eminently more complicated as he fights to protect her while working to clear her name; knowing all the while that she’s one of his fiercest competitors on the track.

Fabiana Maricruz hasn’t had time for men since she started competing in the male oriented sport of open wheel racing. She’s worked hard to overcome her rough beginnings as a Cuban-American living on the streets of the barrio. But now, somebody wants her to walk away from the sport she loves, and apparently they’ll do anything at all to make sure she does. Fortunately for her she has the Honeybuns on her side!


He was in the kitchen, washing the grime and paint off his hands when Fabiana finally emerged from her room. Despite the fact that she’d had at least twelve hours of sleep, she had dark circles under her pretty brown eyes and looked pale. “Are you feeling okay?”

She nodded, shoving her hands into the pockets of her cut-offs. They were very short and very tight, making Warwicke’s body tighten with instant need as they brought to mind how she’d looked in the lacy boy style panties the night before. She must have had some clothes stashed away in her old room.

“I have a little headache that’s all.”

“Did you take something for it?”

She glared at him and pulled the refrigerator door open, peering inside as if she was only about half interested in its contents. “Yes, Madre. I took some aspirin.”

Warwicke dropped the towel he’d been using to dry his hands onto the counter and moved close, lowering his lips to within inches of her ear. He reached out and grabbed a thick lock of her hair, noticing how soft it was as he gently tugged it. “Believe me, Fabiana, I’m about as far from your mother as you’re gonna get.”

She turned her head and found that her lips were near enough his to touch if she so much as inhaled deeply. Warwicke’s breath was sweet and warm on her face, making her body tighten with instant need. Fabiana parted her lips and drew air into her lungs. She felt off kilter, unsure of herself for the first time in years. Warwick Honeybun had always made her mouth water, but sometime over the last couple of days her resistance to him had weakened. To the point where, if he was even in the same room with her she started having lustful thoughts, let alone a half inch from her face.

“Warwicke, I…”

His mouth descended on hers and all coherent thought flew from her brain. In fact, she wondered if her mind had melted completely in the inferno that consumed her body instantly as his lips claimed hers and his hands pulled her up tight against his long, muscular body.

She made a small sound of half-hearted protest but the hands that wrapped around his wrists didn’t pull him away as she’d intended, instead they smoothed up his forearms, over the steel bands of his biceps and across his broad, hard shoulders to tangle in the soft curls on his neck.

Warwicke growled low in his throat as she tilted her head, giving herself up completely to his sensual assault. Fabiana’s stomach jumped and her heart matched its rhythm to his. Her skin felt so alive under his touch it was almost painful…in an incredible and wonderful way.
BUY the book!

View the sexy Honeybun Hunks video!

Now in Kindle!

Simma Has His Say

Lizzie thinks she has it tough in her world (yeah, I’ve heard her whines), but I’m here to tell you what tough is!

For those of you who read Dogspell, you know when the book ended I was given the task to train the Demon Duo, as their brother liked to call them. Let me tell you, the only reason my black coat isn’t gray these days, is thanks to magic.

If Rand’s mother had scryed to come up with a punishment, she couldn’t have found a worse one. There were times I wished she had lived up to her treats to make me green and hopping. The next several months had me locked in a battle of wills, but I haven’t been around for as long as I have for nothing. I laid the rules on the line, “Ladies, it’s my way or the highway.” Okay, maybe I didn’t quite put it like that, but we eventually came to an understanding.

Finally got those girls whipped into shape, and if I say so myself, they turned out pretty good. They become decent witches these days, though they do still have the tendency to create a little mischief when they get bored. Let’s hope college challenges them enough they don’t get into trouble. I warned them (and so did the older witches), they can’t use magic for school work; no matter how much they party and get behind.

My man Rand and his delightful wife, Amanda, have two little girls now. May the goddess help me, because do you believe, the little imps remind of their aunts when they were around that age, right down to the “I’ll do it by myself” attitudes they both have.

But the real angst of my life is this…that slut FiFi, popped out a kitten and said he’s mine. Yeah, yeah, I know in the book I thought she was the bomb, but turns out she wasn’t as selective in her mates as I thought. Her tail was in the air for any male feline that passed through the neighborhood during her “time,” so you can understand my doubts. Problem is the boy looks like me and does have the glimmer of magic about him.

Amanda, bless her compassionate heart, adopted him. Between Filibert (yeah, you heard me right and that’s all his mother’s doing) and the girls, I have to keep a close eye on things at that house too. Good thing they now live next door. I’m telling you, this cat is getting too old for babysitting, no matter the species.

So Lizzie, if your twisted little brain wanders down the path of sequel as it has been suggested…DON’T. I have neither the time nor the energy to help you write another book at the moment!
But I will give you a high-five for that great review on Dogspell from Debi over at CK2s Kwips and Kritiques.
Until next time,

The Winner IS!

Robert Appleton!!!

Congratulations, Robert. Sloane will contact you on how to get your prize.

Have a great weekend all!


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Some Like it Hot and Sloane Taylor Delivers!

A big welcome to my friend and fellow author, Sloane Taylor. As critique partners, Sloane has woke me up on many mornings with a sex scene to critique. Trust me, if I was still a little sleepy, buy the time I finished her scene, we're talking wide awake and wondering how quickly Hubby could get home!

I love her like a sister and wish to heck I could bring the sizzle to the pages like she can. Here's the official bit about this terrific lady.

Sloane Taylor is a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everyday lives which carry over into her books. Her stories are set in Europe where the men are all male and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. A true romantic, the women Sloane writes will bring more than lust to their men’s lives.

Born and raised in Chicago, Sloane and Studly, her mate for life, split their time between a home in Illinois and a weekend cottage on the back roads of Indiana…or you can catch up with her as she travels though Europe, researching new material.

Please visit her at or Sloane loves to hear from readers. Feel free to email her at

She has been kind enough to share an excerpt from FRENCH TWIST with us. Given that she is on a deadline at the moment, she'll pop in from time to time to answer questions and tomorrow (Friday) she'll pick a luck winner to receive a little extra reading to heat up their summer...a copy of FRENCH TART.

Now settle back and get ready to be 'Steamed Up' with an excerpt from FRENCH TWIST!
WARNING...Air conditioning needs to be turned up.

ISBN: 978-1-60168-293-2
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press


Interpol agent Claudette D’Laquois is on the run. Dull Uncle Paul and his rundown chateau in Nice, France are her only safe haven…but she never planned on the delectable estate manager who is even more dangerous than the Russian mob boss who wants her dead.

Three weeks of overseeing operations at his friend’s orchard seems like the ideal vacation to CPA Don Hobbs. And so it was—until a French sex goddess pulls him into a world of drugs, intrigue, and erotic fantasy.

The throbbing burst into her head again. She rubbed her temples. “S’il vous plait, do not make this more difficult.”

“Hey, I get it. You’re this tough woman who can handle herself in any kind of danger. But, you need to look at it from my point of view.” He stepped behind her and massaged her shoulders, edging up to her neck.

Instant relief.

She sighed with each knead that worked free the stress knots.

“Let’s just say this Cesar doesn’t come alone. You ever figure he’s not a good guy?” Sarcasm streamed with each word.

“I know him.” She shrugged off his hands and turned, her fists balled tight. “You do not.”

“I’m not stupid and I do know a bunch of bullshit when I hear it.” His words bounced off the walls. “You think this fucker is your long-lost savior. Not hardly likely, chickee, if he bailed on a high profile government job and left you to the wolves.” He squinted at her, a vein pulsed along his forehead. “Was your commander right? Did you and James Fuckingbond have a couple of rolls in the sack and now you think he’s gonna be the righteous man of the hour? Is that all it takes with you? A fast fuck and a couple of swats on the ass to make you bend over and suck mud?”

“You dare to speak to me this way?” Red flashed before her eyes. “One afternoon of sex and you think you own me? Know what my life is like? How it should be orchestrated? You assume the right to be my master?” Meeting him decibel for decibel, she yelled, “You are an idiot!”

She swung out her hand, ready to slap his face. Hard.

With an expression cold and fierce, he leaned into her.

“Don’t do it. Don’t do one fucking thing you don’t want done back to you.” He stood his ground, fists planted on his hips. “I’m a nice guy. A fucking gentleman until someone, and I don’t care if she is a broad, muscles me. You got that? Loud and clear? Has it sunk you’re your brain? I will not—”


A low growl came from deep in his chest. In slow motion, he rubbed his cheek along her red imprint, eyes narrowed to slits. “That’s it, baby, party’s over.”

He grabbed her wrist and spun her around, flopped onto the bed, and yanked her over his knee.


Her cotton skirt shredded like tissue as he yanked it up over her ass, exposing her boy shorts.

“I told you before you needed a good spanking and the time’s come.” The satin panties were ripped away.


His hand cracked down on her firm rear. The sting raced across her flesh, charging heat to her clit.

“Ow!” She struggled to get free, flailing her legs and arms, but his free hand pressed across her back, holding her in place. “You will pay for this, you le fils d'une chienne.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will, but not as much as you. And I’m not a son of a bitch. My mother is a nice woman.”


“Nice girls don’t talk like that either.”

Whack. Whack.

“Donald, stop before it is—”


“Too late? Too bad. Already is and I don’t give a shit.”

Whack. Whack.

His rigid penis pressed into her abdomen and dampness pooled in her panties. Pressure built between her thighs, increasing with each smack. She arched into him, loving it. Wanting this from the day they met.

Dieu, at this moment, he was her master. She wanted to be his equal, but not right now. Now, she wanted him to take control, had to know his brute force, needed him.

His hand slowed, then rested on her tingling flesh. He traced her butt cheek, edging closer to her perineum. She opened her thighs, praying he would slip between them.

He glided a finger along the crease, then dipped lower and stroked her swollen nether lips. Up and down, down and up, and she loved every stroke.

Cream seeped from her and her body begged for release. She no longer held back the moans.

“Had enough?” His words came out thick.

“Not of you.” She twisted around until she sat on his lap.


Be sure to check out her new release at Aspen Mountain Press, FRENCH DELIGHTS

So, lets get busy and grill this woman on how she comes up with all this HOT material!

Things are about to get HOT!

Make sure you have your fan handy, and a large glass of ice water would probably be good too. Why??? Because, tomorrow Sloane Taylor is joining us. She's sharing an excerpt that is sure to make you realize Summer has arrived!

And she's giving away a prize...hint...more hot reading material. Details tomorrow so make sure you stop in!


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This Week's Guest

Sloane Taylor will be sharing with us on Thursday, June 24th. Be sure to stop by and check out an excerpt from her latest "Hot" read.


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A Matter of Opinion

I received several new reviews on various books recently and it took my mind down a wandering road. And yes, my mind wanders a lot on a number of things.

A number of authors (me included) wait with dreaded anticipation for that first review of a new book. For some reason, that first review creates the most anxiety. Once its under our belts, we either are doing a happy dance or looking for the nearest sharp object (around here, all sharp objects are hidden during this period)…or at the very least on a negative review, we have a pity party. Some are parties brief, while, others are full blown ones that drag on for days or longer. I had one friend, after a particularly nasty review decide to give up writing. When this same book later won a contest, it improved her mood considerably!

Anyway, back to the wandering road. Reviews are opinions and reviewers, like agents and editors rejection of your work (we’ll save that wandering road for another time), is just on individuals take on a book. I’ve read books that have received rave reviews and won awards out the ying-yang, where I barely made it through three chapters before giving up.

There have been others that I picked up in a bookstore and became so engrossed I stayed up way too late reading and when finished, put it on my Keeper shelf. The surprise comes later when I’ve stumbled across a review dishing the book. See, a matter of tastes and opinions.

So I’m going to enjoy the elation I felt when I opened the email for my latest review. It isn’t the first one for Dogspell, but still made me feel good. Having someone praise your work has a way of doing that. If you want to check it out, here’s the link

In the meantime, since the first review of Butterfly Kisses is under my belt and it was a good one, I can have my husband dig the sharp objects out of their hiding places.

How much does a review influence your decisions to buy a book? It it is a negative one, do you look at other things about the book you may find interesting before you decide?


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Fluff and Puff pulled a winner out of Linda Wisdom's hat for the Reader's Choice copy of a "Hex" book....and the winner is SUSAN L.

Susan L. please email Linda at

Congrautlations on your win, Susan!

Thank you, Linda for taking the time to share with us in Lizzie's World. Enjoyed your visit and hope you'll come back to see us!


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Welcome, Linda Wisdom!

Linda, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend with us. Though we've never met in person, our email communication has built our friendship, and let me tell you readers, this one FUN lady!

And, she'll select a winner out of the comments made here by Friday for a choice of one of the Hex books!

So, come on gal, dish the dirt and tell us about yourself and your current projects.

The Magick In My World

Mega thanks to Lizzie for having me here!

First off, I’ve been published for 30 years writing for Silhouette and Harlequin books, Dell Candlelight Ecstasy, Bantam Loveswept, and a single title romantic suspense with Kensington. I think all I wrote in the past prepared me for now.

What more fun can an author have than witches who’d been in the world for the last 700 years?

I’ve always enjoyed witches be it Looney Tunes Witch Hazel (I totally love her laugh), Samantha Stevens (even if she gave in to Darrin too much on her power), Veronica Lake’s old Salem witch in My Favorite Witch and moving up to the sisters in Practical Magic, which is one of my favorite movies. I wanted witches that did more than cast spells and dispelled the rumor they ride brooms or wear pointy hats. I think my series does that.

Jazz and her fellow witches took life in 2005. My agent at the time wanted me to write dark edgy vampires and while I love reading them I knew I couldn’t write it and I didn’t want to make myself crazy (okay, crazier) trying to write it. Then Jazz popped into my head with “you really need to write about me”. Cute, sassy, snarky, and totally fun. My kind of witch. I saw Irma, her ghostly sidekick, Fluff and Puff, her fangy bunny slippers, and best of, Nick, the sexiest vampire around.

The premise behind the series is that the class of 1313 of the Witches Academy was expelled after one of the students performed an illegal spell on a local nobleman and no one would own up nor snitch. The girls stood together. So they were banished for 100 years as long as they behaved. And 700 years later they’re still out in the world. And more time is added to the 100 years each time they do something the Witches Council doesn’t feel is appropriate.

Instead of a series featuring the same characters, I hope to write all the witches in the class. Each with their own distinct personality and power. So far, I have Jazz, the witch who can eliminate curses and lives in LA, because Hollywood needs her. Stasi, who deals in romance, creates love spells and owns a lingerie/romance bookstore in a small mountain town. Blair, Stasi’s housemate, who owns a retro shop and very gifted in revenge spells. If your husband or boyfriend cheats on you she’s the one to go to. Maggie, my kick ass witch, who’s a member of the Cerberus Guard, protectors of all creatures. She’s happiest when she’s fighting someone. And Thea, the diva romance novelist, whose day is dreary if she’s not on the NYT bestseller list or she breaks a nail.

As for the men. Total yum! Jazz has vampire Nick, her on and off again lover for the past few hundred years. Stasi has wizard attorney Trev, who’s got sex appeal. Blair’s honey, Jake, a local carpenter with some furry secrets. A hot half fire demon named Declan for Maggie and a demon archaeologist who’d give Indiana Jones a run for his money for Thea.

What can I say? I can’t make it too easy for them, can I? And I don’t. But that also can mean I don’t make it easy for myself.

It’s not just researching spells, I’m also researching the past, because these witches have a long history and I need to make sure the historical facts are correct. Not that they’ve been noblewomen in the past. Jazz spent the longest two hours of her life as a carhop. Stasi was a seamstress for a duchess. Blair had been a parlor maid. Maggie was able to work as a bodyguard for female nobility and Thea wrote novels under various pen names.

Magick means you can’t use it for personal gain and they, especially, couldn’t. They could protect themselves and even protect the weak.

Along the way, they learned a lot about themselves and many times had fun doing it.

I also wanted to create characters that I hoped my readers could identify with. Women they’d want to hang out with, go shopping, and have lunch with. Sure, they have great magickal power, have creature sidekicks most of us wouldn’t think of, and they’ve been on earth a long time, but they also have their Starbucks addiction and Jazz can’t live without the creams from The Body Bakery. They’re still thrust into very human situations and I love to play with how they’ll deal with them.

A high praise for any author is to hear her readers love her characters or want a pair of magick bunny slippers. As for me, not only do I have a couple pair of bunny slippers that seem to scoot around during the night, but they’re also tattooed on my ankle as is Horace, Stasi’s perv of a gargoyle.

By now, they’re friends and very real to me. I hope that any of you that read my books will feel the same way.

And what about you? Do you enjoy snarky and sexy? Or something darker? And would you want a pair of bunny slippers that can eat a man if they’re so inclined?

You can always find me at my website and my blog that includes flash fiction about my favorite creatures.


And for an added treat, I’m including a deleted scene from Blair’s book, Hex in High Heels.


“Okay, where is Mountain Ridge Trail?” Blair muttered, peering out the windshield at the elaborately carved signs announcing either a homeowner’s retreat or road name. While easy to read during the day they were next to impossible to see after dark. “Light my way, make it day, make it so.” She smiled as a ball of light shimmered on the SUV’s roof, sending out enough wattage to illuminate the steep private roads she knew led to vacation homes set along the base of the mountain. She blew out a breath of relief when she finally spied a carved sign declaring the paved road on the left was the one she wanted.
While she normally didn’t make house calls, the message from Yvonne Gates had been cryptic enough to tempt Blair into making the trip.
Cristal Phillips said you’re fantastic when it comes to providing payback to those who deserve it. Can you come tonight? You’re the only one who can help!
“Yeah, yeah, I’m a regular Obi-Wan with a cauldron,” she muttered, slowly driving up the driveway. It was lit with solar lights, so she extinguished her light spell and slowed to a stop in front of a large two-story cedar planked house ablaze with light. “I really should charge for my services like Jazz does instead of asking the clients to donate to charity.” She climbed out and headed for the front door.
“I’m Blair Fitzpatrick,” she informed the uniformed maid who opened the door.
“Mrs. Gates and her friends are expecting you. They’re in the solarium,” the maid informed her, taking her coat from her and gesturing toward the rear of the house.
Blair skidded to a stop. “Friends? If Mrs. Gates has company, I can just come back.”
The maid shook her head. “Oh no, Mrs. Gates and her friends are waiting for you.”
Bair swallowed her unease and followed the chattering sounds. When she reached the doorway to the octagonal shaped glass-enclosed room she stared at ten women who stopped their talking to gawk at her.
Terrific, I’ve stumbled into a hen party! If this is one of those cookware pyramid schemes I am so out of here. She pasted a smile on her lips as a woman who was Botoxed, lipoed and tucked to extremes glided her way.
“Blair,” Yvonne Gates greeted her with a smile that stretched like plastic. “I am so happy you could come.”
“Would you care for some wine?” The perfect hostess guided her toward a bar set up with a variety of wine bottles and crystal stemware.
“Yvonne, what is going on?” Blair kept her voice low and tried to avoid the smiles and whispers of the assembled ladies who lunch. “I thought you wanted me to come here to talk about some private payback. I wasn’t expecting an audience.”
Yvonnne offered up a small smile that could have passed for embarrassment. “Yes, well I’m afraid I told a tiny lie about that. But I do need your help and so do they.” She waved a French-tipped hand to encompass her friends. “And since we all basically have the same problem, we thought it best to do it all at once. And we will all donate to whatever charity you request, so it’s more money, right? I hope you don’t mind.”
She smiled as if she was convinced Blair wouldn’t dare mind
Which proved she didn’t know Blair.
Blair accepted the glass of wine and drank half the contents in one gulp. “Are you saying you all have husbands cheating on you?”
Yvonne gazed around at the near carbon copies of herself scattered on settees and chairs around the room. “We don’t want revenge against our husbands.”
Blair resisted the urge to go ballistic. Couldn’t anyone just spit it out?
“Yvonne’s right. We don’t want revenge against our husbands.” One brunette with collagen-enhanced lips and a diamond necklace whose worth would feed a small country agreed. “Cristal told us how fabulous you were in getting payback on that realtor who cheated her on the sale of her estate. We want that kind of service.”
Blair felt her temper rising by the second. “Mine isn’t a service, it’s a need for those seeking justice. So tell me, just what kind of justice are you all looking for?” She’d give the woman ten seconds, which was nine point nine seconds more than she deserved and then Blair was outta there and back home before the opening credits of Supernatural finished because she feared she hadn’t set the DVR.
The women looked at each other in silent communication before Yvonne, obviously chosen as spokeswoman, said, “There is a man who has greatly wronged us.”
Your plastic surgeon because all of you really had way too much done. “They can be troublesome.”
“Serge is our Pilates instructor,” another woman chimed in.
Blair’s gaze flitted from one woman to the next. “And –“ She waited for the other Jimmy Choo to drop.
“And we recently learned he’s been giving all of us private lessons.” Yvonne’s eyebrow twitched a bit.
Blair didn’t need further explanation and she honestly didn’t want any. The plastic surgery may have made it difficult for them to display their emotions, but their eyes told the story. Not one look upset or hurt. They were all royally pissed and they wanted this Serge’s balls on a silver platter.
“He’s cheated on all of us,” Yvonne rushed in to explain. “And he needs to pay for his transgression. That’s where you come in.”
And what about you cheating on your husbands? Oh wait, obviously that’s a given in your social circles since there’s a good chance hubby has a honey on the side. Blair wanted out of there fast.
“This is not how it works,” she raised her voice so all of them heard her. “I craft revenge spells to be used against people who truly deserve a little punishment. I don’t do anything that would endanger their lives or health and the spells generally have a short shelf life, so to speak. I’m sorry, ladies, but revenge against your Pilates instructor because he cheated on you with each other is not what I do. I look for justice, not something that’s straight out of high school. Fine, you’re all pissed at him. The next time he wants to set up a private,” she used her fingers to form quotes “lesson, make sure all of you show up then pound on him with your Hermes and Coach bags”
“I don’t want him to get it up for anyone for the next five years,” one Chanel-clad woman growled with venom in her voice. Pretty soon the others chimed in with their demand that Blair do the witchy thing.
“I’m sorry, ladies, but you called the wrong witch.” Blair set the wine glass down on the bar and turned to go. Damn it! She should be home curled up on the couch drooling over Jensen Ackles in Supernatural.
Yvonne looked about as panicked as her nipped and tucked face would allow. “You don’t understand.” She grabbed Blair’s arm. “Serge was completely out of bounds with his behavior. He made fools out of all of us and he needs to be taught a lesson. Cristal said you could do what we want.” Her dark eyes glittered with fury.
Blair glanced down at Yvonne’s hand glittering with diamonds and fire opals and gave the other woman just enough of a magickal zap to make her point. Yvonne jerked away and backed up rubbing her hand.
“Let me make this very clear. What I do isn’t a parlor game,” she announced to them all. “It’s not to be taken lightly or used against someone just because he was a total horn dog and stupid. And yes, your precious Serge was stupid in having sex with women who obviously enjoy sharing confidences about their conquests. You know what? Be grateful it wasn’t your husbands contacting me about your affairs. That’s a job I would have gladly taken. Good night, ladies.” She headed for the door.
“We’ll pay you $10,000 along with whatever you want as charitable donations!” Yvonne called after her.
“Don’t you get it? I don’t do this for money. I do it for justice.” Blair shook her head at the conceit of a woman who thought money could solve all her problems.
“We’re the ones being wronged here! Why don’t you get off your high horse and do what you’re asked?” the growling woman shouted at her back.
Blair had her hand on the doorknob when she stopped and turned around.
“Justice be deemed for those who cackle against one whose nature matches their own. Let their true selves show. Let the selves they hide from the world be revealed to all. Make it so.” She threw her hands out and smiled at the waves of magick that danced on the air then wrapped around the women in streams of gold and silver.
“Wha—what have you done?” Yvonne cried out, as the glass darkened to mirrors and she faced the reflection of a Prada-wearing gangly girl with a serious case of acne.
“No,” another woman whimpered in fear as she curled up tightly on the couch with her arms wrapped around her body that had morphed from taut curves to stick-straight while the woman who had to be a size double zero blossomed into what Blair judged to be a lovely size four. The woman took one look at her body and fainted.
“My extensions. My highlights,” another woman moaned, as she ruffled her fingers through limp dishwater blond hair that hung to her shoulders. She screamed as her chin suddenly jutted out in a sharp point and sported red spots.
One woman started sniffling, absently wiping her runny nose with the back of her hand. “Is there a cat in the house?” she muttered. “I’m really allergic to cats.” She looked around. “And plants. I can’t be around plants. There are too many plants in here.” She rubbed her nose again. “All of this isn’t good for my allergies.”
Yvonne looked at her friends with horror as they each transformed into their teen selves when all their insecurities must have hit them like a tidal wave.
She wheeled around on Blair. “What have you done?”
Blair winced at the glass-shattering shriek. “Justice. Just look in the mirror, Yvonne. This is what justice can do. And if you want this to go away you’ll all consider a nice donation to the local children’s hospital.”
Yvonne spun on her heels and almost fell to the floor as she ran over to the mirrored wall. “No! I got rid of this nose in middle school!”
“Some people never listen,” Blair muttered, stopping up short when the maid appeared. The older woman looked past her with eyes wide as saucers. “Oh good.” Blair smiled and took her coat from the woman’s hands. She closed the French doors behind her and then shrugged on her coat. “Don’t worry, they’ll be back to themselves by morning and hopefully they’ll think twice,” she said as she walked to the door.
“That one never thinks twice. Too bad the mister isn’t coming up tonight. He’d have a good laugh over this,” the maid muttered, staring into the solarium.
Blair hurried out to her SUV and climbed in, cranking up the heater as soon as she turned on the engine.
“No more house calls. From now on they come to me.”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Linda Wisdom Guesting Tomorrow!

Linda Wisdom will be our guest tomorrow, June 16th. Please stop by and say "hi" to a fun lady and get your name into the drawing for one of her Hex books.


Monday, June 14, 2010

What to Do, What to Do

Yes, I find myself in a quandary—too many stories bouncing in my head, all screaming to be let out first! There’s no discussion on the number one project…finish the revisions on the completed paranormal that is the first in a planned series. From there, things become dicey.

Do I go with the mainstream that may also be a YA, or the mainstream women’s fiction? How about the snarky mainstream/paranormal in which I love the female lead? Or the heart story that crosses over centuries to unite soul mates?
Then there are the novellas for a couple of series I write for. My editor is whispering in my ear for more Cougar stories and I promised another DEAD story by this fall.

Guess what it boils down to is my mind is busy and now I need to get my fingers going in that direction. So stay tuned…I’m sure some of the characters in the various books will have their say on matters in the future. In my head, one never knows!

What is your quandry?


Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Contest

That's Right...a contest and not just for June! At the start of each month I'll put up the name the winner of the prior month's prize and announce the new prize of the month. Prizes will vary from month to month. Anything from a download of an eBook from Lizzie's back list, to prizes that require mailing through snail mail and that can range from a fun little goody to an autographed ARC of one of her print books.

How do I enter, you ask? Simple...become a FOLLWER of this blog! A name will be drawn from the followers of Welcome to Lizzie's World at the beginning of the next month, making it simple for all.

For June, the prize is a canvas GOT LEAF? tote. Great for shopping and sturdy enough to lug all your books, and it's washable too.

So, since it's already June...LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to the World of a Ditz

That would be me! I'm a week ahead on announcing guest authors. The kick off is June 16th when Linda Wisdom will share her thoughts and glimpses of her work. Guess I got too exicted!

Also, in the future I will share sneak peaks of works in progress and have polls from time to time, in addition to contests. Stay tuned for that and I'll make it a point to look more closely at the calendar before I post the details...grin.

Now, I'm off to work on the current project!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest Author of the Week

On Thursday, Linda Wisdom will share her humor with us. Be sure to check it out.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampires Need Love Too!

I like humor in my life. I like to read humor and to write it. So when approached to write a Halloween story, no surprise my mind went in the humor direction.

When I mentioned to a friend the possibility of a vampire story that wasn’t horror, she suggested making the heroine Jewish (which my friend is) and throw in Kosher (yet again, my friend’s food style) to add conflict to the drinking blood issue. I took the bull by the horns and off I went. Thus evolved Waking Up DEAD, where the heroine is a socialite whose grandmother, a Reform Jew, keeps a Kosher Kitchen.

Our gal, is a little on the wild side…think Paris Hilton…and a paparazzi darling. Her connection with the hot guy in a vampire costume at her Halloween party, leads to a life change she’s not too pleased about.

She wakes up smiling pine and discovers, thank to the helpful stranger lurking outside the mortuary, she’s not one of the living dead. And, her new main food supply is blood. Yuk! She doesn’t eat food that’s snuggled with blood, let alone drink the stuff.
Not to bore you with details, I finished the book and moved onto other work—my vampire days behind me—so I thought.

After Waking Up DEAD released, readers started to ask, “When’s the next book in the series?” Series? My mind hadn’t gone down that path, so what to write next? Then another friend said, “How about a vampire who faints at the sight of blood?”

Once she planted the seed, my mind wouldn’t leave the idea alone and DEAD Faint came to be and with that the DEAD series. After that came DEAD Hunter, about what else…a vampire hunter (or so she thinks…snicker).

My publisher, Aspen Mountain Press, strongly believed in the series and selected the first two for DEAD Done Right, as their rollout into the print arena at Amazon.

Vampires don’t always have to be blood thirsty beasts. They can have an attitude that will make you smile and love problems, too. Check out Mary Janice Davidson’s, Undead series (which I had not read until after Waking Up DEAD came out and readers said I had a similar style, to which I say “thank you for the compliment,”) and you’ll find humor.

Are there more in my DEAD series? You bet! My publisher is bugging me for another. Of course, she’s probably pushing so hard because the basis for the plot is one she suggested.

People have to stop planting seeds in my head. Combined with all that appear on their own, I have a headache. I’m off to pop a couple of motrin and write…which is the only true way I can purge the noise.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coming Soon!

Next week kicks off guest author with Linda Wisdom. She'll share excerpts of her latest book and if we're lucky, "pearls of wisdom" on her viewpoint of life! Make sure to stop in and say "Hi".


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Day in the Life Of

Here it is Monday wait, it's Tuesday! Holidays that fall on Monday throw me off for the rest of the week for some reason. But it is probably a good thing this Monday was a holiday as it will be the only day that I accomplished on revisions for "Magic" the first book in a planned paranormal series. I'm really excited about this series!

Between the computer issues and babysitting, the last few weeks have been pretty non-productive and I don't see much in the way of a change until next week. End of school has me helping even more in the babysitting area, but they won't be young forever and with the older girls, time is nearing when they won't be interested in stay with the "Grands".

So, I'm off to get ready for the arrival of a ten years old and the toddler. In my future today is breakfast on the patio, a picnic at the park and who knows what else. By Friday, I'll be looking for a little magic called rest.