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Welcome Sam Cheever

I sure am lucky to have so many author friends! Sam and I were roommates at RT and after talking so much in emails, it was great to meet her. And I'm exciting she's taken the time to share her work with us here. So sit back and get ready for a fun read.

AND to make it really cool for our group, Sam will selcet a winner tomorrow from the comments for a Honeybun download...reader's choice.

Series Romance – Why do we enjoy it so much?

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved series romances like a fat kid loves cake. I ravished the Dark Hunter series, consumed JD Robb’s Eve Dallas books, and gobbled up every Stephanie Plum tome that came off the presses…in hardcover ‘cause I didn’t want to wait for them to come out in paperback! What made me go back, time and again, hungry for those books? Of course, these are supremely talented authors, who know how to tell an interesting and riveting tale. But it was more than that. I came for the stories, the characters, and the world that the authors created. In some small way, since I was in there with them, immersing myself in it, I felt like part of that world. I liked that feeling.

I think that’s the biggest reason readers enjoy series books so much. The savvy author creates an irresistible world, with unique and compelling characters, and draws us in a piece at a time…a character at a time…a problem and a solution at a time, always promising more around the next corner. It’s compelling!

Which brings me to my own romantic suspense series, the Honeybun Hunks. #:0)

I’m sometimes asked why I think my Honeybun Hunks series is so popular. I think it’s a few things. First of all, those Honeybuns are hot! #:0) They’re every woman’s dream man. They have the best traits of a man, strong, decisive, and willing to kick bad guy butt to save the people they care about, but they still find room in their emotional make-ups to nurture their feminine sides. They respect their mother, they cook, they shop, and they treat their women like goddesses. Secondly, I think people like the idea of following the books through each brother, getting to know them individually, in their own books, as well as collectively, how they function within such a large and interesting family. And lastly, I think the books are popular because, along with the love story that unfolds from beginning to end, they contain a lot of action and even a few laughs.
The entire, completed series will contain eight books. One for each Honeybun brother. Here’s the layout so far: Book 1: A Honeybun and Coffee, Alastair’s story; Book 2: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of a Honeybun, Alfric’s story; Book 3: Fast Track to a Honeybun, Warwicke’s story; and Book 4: A Honeybun in Hell (October 2010), Edric’s story.

Clovis’, Heathcliffe’s, Godric’s, and Percy’s stories will release in 2011 and 2012.

The books are stand alone. You don’t need to read them in order. If you can that’s fun, because it will take you through the building of the Honeybun clan, one new honey at a time. But it isn’t necessary. And hopefully, if you do pick up a Honeybun one day, you’ll find yourself being hopelessly drawn in. I highly recommend it. It’s nice in their world! #:0)

Award winning author Sam Cheever mixes in a little fun, a little adventure, and a little real-life spice to create her sexy fantasy and romantic suspense stories. Sam’s fictional peeps fight their way through a dizzying array of challenges without letting little things like treacherous villains, vicious monsters, or manipulative gods dampen their zest for life and hot love!

To find out more about Sam and her work, please pay her a visit at any one of the following online hot spots: .
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She always loves to chat with readers!


Sexy Indy car racer Warwicke Honeybun isn’t looking for love. But when he stumbles upon a beautiful woman being abused by a fellow driver one night, he wastes no time delivering a painful message to the man abusing her. Unfortunately, the man turns up dead the next day and the woman shows up on Warwicke’s doorstep covered in blood. Warwicke’s life gets eminently more complicated as he fights to protect her while working to clear her name; knowing all the while that she’s one of his fiercest competitors on the track.

Fabiana Maricruz hasn’t had time for men since she started competing in the male oriented sport of open wheel racing. She’s worked hard to overcome her rough beginnings as a Cuban-American living on the streets of the barrio. But now, somebody wants her to walk away from the sport she loves, and apparently they’ll do anything at all to make sure she does. Fortunately for her she has the Honeybuns on her side!


He was in the kitchen, washing the grime and paint off his hands when Fabiana finally emerged from her room. Despite the fact that she’d had at least twelve hours of sleep, she had dark circles under her pretty brown eyes and looked pale. “Are you feeling okay?”

She nodded, shoving her hands into the pockets of her cut-offs. They were very short and very tight, making Warwicke’s body tighten with instant need as they brought to mind how she’d looked in the lacy boy style panties the night before. She must have had some clothes stashed away in her old room.

“I have a little headache that’s all.”

“Did you take something for it?”

She glared at him and pulled the refrigerator door open, peering inside as if she was only about half interested in its contents. “Yes, Madre. I took some aspirin.”

Warwicke dropped the towel he’d been using to dry his hands onto the counter and moved close, lowering his lips to within inches of her ear. He reached out and grabbed a thick lock of her hair, noticing how soft it was as he gently tugged it. “Believe me, Fabiana, I’m about as far from your mother as you’re gonna get.”

She turned her head and found that her lips were near enough his to touch if she so much as inhaled deeply. Warwicke’s breath was sweet and warm on her face, making her body tighten with instant need. Fabiana parted her lips and drew air into her lungs. She felt off kilter, unsure of herself for the first time in years. Warwick Honeybun had always made her mouth water, but sometime over the last couple of days her resistance to him had weakened. To the point where, if he was even in the same room with her she started having lustful thoughts, let alone a half inch from her face.

“Warwicke, I…”

His mouth descended on hers and all coherent thought flew from her brain. In fact, she wondered if her mind had melted completely in the inferno that consumed her body instantly as his lips claimed hers and his hands pulled her up tight against his long, muscular body.

She made a small sound of half-hearted protest but the hands that wrapped around his wrists didn’t pull him away as she’d intended, instead they smoothed up his forearms, over the steel bands of his biceps and across his broad, hard shoulders to tangle in the soft curls on his neck.

Warwicke growled low in his throat as she tilted her head, giving herself up completely to his sensual assault. Fabiana’s stomach jumped and her heart matched its rhythm to his. Her skin felt so alive under his touch it was almost painful…in an incredible and wonderful way.
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