Monday, June 14, 2010

What to Do, What to Do

Yes, I find myself in a quandary—too many stories bouncing in my head, all screaming to be let out first! There’s no discussion on the number one project…finish the revisions on the completed paranormal that is the first in a planned series. From there, things become dicey.

Do I go with the mainstream that may also be a YA, or the mainstream women’s fiction? How about the snarky mainstream/paranormal in which I love the female lead? Or the heart story that crosses over centuries to unite soul mates?
Then there are the novellas for a couple of series I write for. My editor is whispering in my ear for more Cougar stories and I promised another DEAD story by this fall.

Guess what it boils down to is my mind is busy and now I need to get my fingers going in that direction. So stay tuned…I’m sure some of the characters in the various books will have their say on matters in the future. In my head, one never knows!

What is your quandry?


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