Friday, March 27, 2015

Marie Treanor - In Her Secret Fantasy #Paranormal #Romance

A Marie Treanor book is featured today.
Desire beyond imagination…danger that’s all too real.

In Her Secret Fantasy - A sequel to In His Wildest Dreams 
World-weary, burned-out undercover cop Aidan Grieve’s latest assignment has brought him home to the Highland village he couldn’t wait to leave, but something’s definitely wrong in Ardknocken.
When did his parents get so frail? What is his sister thinking, befriending the chief suspects in his investigation—the ex-cons of Ardknocken House? And why can he barely control his instant attraction to the house’s beautiful manager?
Her mind and body still mending from a vicious attack, ex-parole officer Chrissy Lennox isn’t ready for a complication like the charming, empathetic, gorgeous Aidan, a restless adrenaline junkie for whom this sleepy village has never been big enough.
Yet as easily as the meddling selkies shed their skins, desire strips away their hesitation, and not even the cold Scottish sea can cool the fire. But as Aidan’s investigation progresses, so does the danger—revealing secrets that could leave their hearts in pieces.

Warning: When our hero is good, he’s very good…but when he’s bad, he’s delicious! Also contains lusty, mischievous selkies who’ll steal your heart with one flipper while stealing your underwear with the other.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Memories - We All Have Them #quilting #childhood

As a little girl I lived on a farm located in the middle of the boonies with my aunt and uncle. My divorced mother didn’t drive so she stayed with other relatives or friends for her job in the cotton mill. That meant most of my childhood memories were based around my aunt. One of my first memories is the quilting bees she held at the house.

I looked forward to the gathering of women from other farms in the area and possibly another one or two of the aunts. The excitement in getting ready for the event played heavily in my life. My aunt spending hours at the sewing machine pedaling away to create the blocks for her quilt had me at her elbow watching the colors come together. If I was lucky, she’d cut small blocks for me and let me attempt to sew my own, usually with a needle and thread.

When the day arrived, my uncle had the frame set up, the food for lunch ready, and the ladies started to arrive. It had been decided in advance who would bring quilts to work on and they rotated since the gathering took place a couple of times a year.

Instructed to stay out of the way while they readied the frame, I’d watch intently as they pulled the flannel used for backing and tied it in place. Next came the batting, rolls of cotton or fiber for the filler, spread across the flannel. Lastly, the beautiful top was laid, a burst of color that would make me gasp in delight. And the work began.

Seated around the frame their busy fingers pushed and pulled needles in and out, creating a pattern design of choice. Sometimes I played under the frame and on really lucky occasions, someone would have me sit on their lap as they guided my small fingers to help with the actual quilting.  All the while, the ladies talked, laughed and shared secrets or worries.

Today quilting has become an artwork craft. But beautiful as they are, I wonder if there are still occasions when a quilt is created by a group of friends sharing their lives?

What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Holley Trents Newest! #Paranormal/FantasyRomance

It has been nearly a thousand years since the Afótama have had a chieftain, and the old Viking gods have decided it’s time to return some power to the tribe’s men. Harvey Lang and Oliver Gilisson have barely settled into their roles as queen’s consorts when new powers awaken along with undeniable hungers.
Queen Contessa now has two chieftains and twice as many problems. She’s not only in the midst of using her powerful psychic abilities to track long-missing clanspeople, but now has to contend with mercenaries targeting the Afótama’s New Mexican desert home and a megalomaniac fairy queen wants to take Ollie’s sons. Further, her two men seem to have forged an incendiary connection that has left her feeling cold.
If Harvey, Ollie, and Tess are to be the leaders who finally return magic to their people, they must first come to terms with having power of their own. And to balance their strengths, they may have to become a true ménage instead of a sometime threesome.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Number 8 on the Top 10 List of Countries

Number 8 on the top 10 favorite countries is Italy. Most of my time there has been spent in Rome, but loved Florence and the Tuscany region.

Need exercise...try the Spanish Steps

Waiting for Pizza...tired and hungry!
A view of the Coliseum from the Forum in Rome
The more recent adventures to Pompeii and the Sorrento area were amazing too.

Entrance into Pompeii


Plaster of a Pompeii victim as found

A few of the pictures took on the trip.

Do you have a favorite country other than your own?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Regrets? I Have One for Sure

Like the Frank Sinatra song, My Way…”Regrets, I have a few, but then again too few to mention.”
Except for one in my case—

Thanks to the ignorance of youth there are a number of things I could have made better decisions on, but they also helped me to become the person I am today. To be honest, some were downright stupid, but definitely learning experiences I chose not repeat. Others were major life lessons, but I won't bore you with all of them...just a couple.
Staying in a teenage marriage too long, but I don’t regret the marriage. From that I have two wonderful children who make me proud of the adults they have become. The main thing I learned from the leaving—I was stronger than I gave myself credit for being.

Basking in the sun slathered in baby oil in my early teens (sunblock wasn’t the thing back then) and coming away with major sunburn. I leaned those of us with chalk skin need to be careful about sun exposure, and later developed a passion for sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
Yes, I regretted the decision to bake at the time, but a real life learning experience.

But the thing I do regret, and probably always, are the times I missed saying three little words…I love you…to the important people in my life. When the young, ignorant me was too busy with foolish things to hang a few minutes longer and listen to a story from a relative or friend, all whose loss I would morn with great regret as time passed. To not be able to hear their laughter again, or feel their arms around me in a tight hug still leaves an ache in my heart. I can only hope they hear my whispered “I love you” when I visit their graves, or can feel the thoughts of love when I pick up a memento they gave me in time past.
So today I tell those important people I love them. When we part, I hug them a little tighter and

longer. I try to stop what I’m caught up in to listen to their need to share, or just talk.

What about you? Is there something you regret?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sara Daniel's Newest Fun Read

Today we have a sample of the latest release from Sara Daniel.

Once Upon a Marriage is the launch title for Decadent Publishing's 
Beyond Fairytales.

Before Armina Keer can have the baby she dreams of, she needs her estranged husband Ian to sign their divorce papers. Putting everything on the line for a second chance, Ian must convince her their love is worth saving, and Armina must decide if love is worth sacrificing her dreams

Check out all of Sara's books:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Number 9 on the Top 10 List

Number 9 – Tibet

My pictures from the trip need to be copied to a CD so I chose a couple from the internet.
Flying into the airport in Tibet gives you a great understanding why flights get canceled when weather isn’t optimum. The Lhasa international airport is one of the highest in the world and surrounded by mountains.
Driving along the road into Lhasa, gave our group a glimpse of everyday life. Women were washing clothes in the river, a yak carrying bundles for its owner, children playing along the river banks.
Picture from
The visit to Potala Palace moved me, once I recovered from the very steep climb to the top. The inside showed a lack of care and sad to see. A couple of areas appeared to be under renovation, but a lot more rooms needed attention. Hopefully, the Chinese government has realized the tourist draw of this Buddhist temple, as well as a number of others visited on the trip, and worked to save them.
Picture from
The ‘me’ now would love to go again. As much as I enjoyed the trip, a return visit would have a greater sense of appreciation of the culture, the people and experience overall.

Where in the world have you gone where a return trip would be viewed through different eyes?



Monday, March 2, 2015

One Door Closes, Another Opens

Yesterday I watched my husband remove books from Lizzie’s website with sadness. Going to Amazon earlier and seeing the books gone came as a bit of a shock. Why did either bother me? I’m not sure since Musa announced their closing and book rights being returned to the authors. Still, how bare the Amazon page and my website look now.
Then an email came from Decadent. They have offered a contract for DEAD Awake and may want other books in the series. So, one door has closed and another has opened. I now have the edits and will spend the day working on the tweaks they want. After I complete those, I will go through the forms they sent over. Cover art suggestions, blurbs and several others, including a contract to review. The next few days will be busy.

Wish me luck with a new adventure, and thank you Decadent for the faith you have in me.