Friday, June 25, 2010

Simma Has His Say

Lizzie thinks she has it tough in her world (yeah, I’ve heard her whines), but I’m here to tell you what tough is!

For those of you who read Dogspell, you know when the book ended I was given the task to train the Demon Duo, as their brother liked to call them. Let me tell you, the only reason my black coat isn’t gray these days, is thanks to magic.

If Rand’s mother had scryed to come up with a punishment, she couldn’t have found a worse one. There were times I wished she had lived up to her treats to make me green and hopping. The next several months had me locked in a battle of wills, but I haven’t been around for as long as I have for nothing. I laid the rules on the line, “Ladies, it’s my way or the highway.” Okay, maybe I didn’t quite put it like that, but we eventually came to an understanding.

Finally got those girls whipped into shape, and if I say so myself, they turned out pretty good. They become decent witches these days, though they do still have the tendency to create a little mischief when they get bored. Let’s hope college challenges them enough they don’t get into trouble. I warned them (and so did the older witches), they can’t use magic for school work; no matter how much they party and get behind.

My man Rand and his delightful wife, Amanda, have two little girls now. May the goddess help me, because do you believe, the little imps remind of their aunts when they were around that age, right down to the “I’ll do it by myself” attitudes they both have.

But the real angst of my life is this…that slut FiFi, popped out a kitten and said he’s mine. Yeah, yeah, I know in the book I thought she was the bomb, but turns out she wasn’t as selective in her mates as I thought. Her tail was in the air for any male feline that passed through the neighborhood during her “time,” so you can understand my doubts. Problem is the boy looks like me and does have the glimmer of magic about him.

Amanda, bless her compassionate heart, adopted him. Between Filibert (yeah, you heard me right and that’s all his mother’s doing) and the girls, I have to keep a close eye on things at that house too. Good thing they now live next door. I’m telling you, this cat is getting too old for babysitting, no matter the species.

So Lizzie, if your twisted little brain wanders down the path of sequel as it has been suggested…DON’T. I have neither the time nor the energy to help you write another book at the moment!
But I will give you a high-five for that great review on Dogspell from Debi over at CK2s Kwips and Kritiques.
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