Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Travel: I Went, I Saw, I Loved #travel

Given my crazy efforts to have a book finished by the first part of December, I'm revising a few posts from years ago. The visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome is one of my most memorable ones.

The conclave of 115 Cardinals in the Sistine chapel have a lot more room to move around than most visitors to the room Michelangelo turned into an artistic wonder. 
From the internet

A lot of days up to 20,000 visitors get kinks in their necks staring up at the ceiling.  Don’t be surprised when someone bumps into you in their attempt to walk and gawk upward.  Or you may get your toes stepped on by someone with the upward viewing affliction.
It is amazing the number of people who can’t read and/or are deaf, too. Signs prohibiting pictures are everywhere and announcements of ‘no picture taking’ are made often.  The shocked expressions on the faces of violators can be pretty funny.  A big guard shouting at them for the sneaky shot they attempted may not be fun to them, but to those trying to abide by the rules, the guilty ones attitude of offense is pretty entertaining.
Can't find my pictures, but found these on the internet.
Still, having the opportunity to view this amazing work of art, even if not able to do so undisturbed, is wonderful, and yes, I’m glad to have accomplished the viewing.  If you end up in Rome, make the Sistine Chapel a must see on your list of places to visit.  But, the need to book in advance may become necessary.  There are rumors the Vatican is considering limiting the number of visitors and one critic is especially keen for this to be done.  Pietro Citati, an Italian literary critic contends all the humanity squeezed into the room at one time leads to damage to the frescos.
Limited access or not, the visit is worth the effort and cost to see the masterpieces.  But if your goal is peaceful meditation, forget about it…at least for now.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be a Cardinal locked in the room with 114 of your peers, or are important enough to have the pull for a private viewing. Now that would be my dream!

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