Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 4 - 14 Days of Love - Welcome, Arley Cole!!!

Welcome to Arley Cole, another of my Musa Publishing author pals and a very cool lady!  Arley’s book, The Blacksmith’s Daughter is receiving excellent reviews and have it on my ‘to be read’ list to enjoy as soon as I finish the panels I’m currently reading for a contest.  So grab your coffee and enjoy Arley’s take on Love at First Sight and be sure to comment to get entered into the  drawing for a copy of her book!!!! 

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?
I do because it happened to me.
I met my husband in the shampoo aisle at Wal-Mart as a complete stranger, and we had our first kiss eleven days later. While it wasn’t technically my first kiss, it sure felt like it.
We were both in our thirties and had previous relationships behind us, but there was something so fresh and special about that kiss.
My sweetie is a very traditional man and for our first date, he took me to dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by the perfect date movie for a geek like me—Men in Black. He held my hand during the movie and again in the car as he drove me back to my parents’ house where they were babysitting my three year old daughter.
We sat on the couch at my mom and dad’s for them to have some meet-and-greet time with my date, and I vividly remember trying to sit as close to him as I could get without making my mother suspicious. I felt like such a teenager! When he got ready to leave, I walked him to the door.
Then he told me he had a wonderful time and gave me a kiss right at my parents’ front door, just like in all the old movies. No groping, no tongue—instead he gave me the sweetest, most tender kiss I had ever gotten.
I promise you, my heart skipped a beat. I had never been kissed like that before. I felt special—no, I felt treasured.
Just a couple of days later, I knew I was going to marry him.
Fourteen years later, he still makes my heart skip beats.
So every time I write about a couple like Acwellen and Enith in The Blacksmith’s Daughter who fall in love quickly, I try to keep it real because I know just how scary and overwhelming that kind of love can be.
But I never think fast relationships aren’t realistic. Love at first sight is real. I know because it happened to me.
For a chance to win a free copy of Arley Cole’s new novel, The Blacksmith’s Daughter, just post a comment below with your email address. Do you believe in love at first sight?
The Blacksmith’s Daughter
By Arley Cole
Musa Publishing
She believes she is only a blacksmith's daughter, but he must discover the truth or risk losing his land---and his life.

Acwellen Lex'Magen rules as liege lord of a small country bounded by forbidding mountains and powerful neighbors. When the neighboring baron, allied with a powerful wizard, attempts to take over his land, first by political, then by covert means, Acwellen finds an ally of his own in Enith Roweson, an unassuming blacksmith who possesses powers he's only known of in legends. As he attempts to unravel both the plots against him----including the nature of the monsters sent to assassinate him----and the mysterious powers Enith is only beginning to understand she has, he also finds himself falling in love with the blacksmith's daughter.


Amaleen Ison said...

You make love at first sight sound heavenly. Lovely blog post, Arley.

Connie Kline said...

Love at first-Do I believe? YES! I just let mine get away =(

Book sounds great!

Unknown said...

Arley, that is the SWEETEST story. Sending lots of lovely, romantic thoughts your way--not that you need mine since you already have your beautiful happily ever. ;) But still, I wanted you to know my heart is pitter-pattering just like I've closed the book on a particularly wonderful romance novel.

Shonna said...

Details, I love details. So how long did you stand in the shampoo aisle pretending to be interested in all the different types of shampoo before one of you spoke? Can we have a recap of those first special moments?? *G*

Rhea Rhodan said...

Great story, Arly. Thanks for sharing. Not that it makes me want to read your book any more ;>) (she lied). I keep asking those who aren't happy in their love relationships (or don't have one) and who snub romance books as being ridiculous how they can expect happy endings when they don't believe in them. I've never received a good answer.

Leigh Daley/Arley Cole/me said...

Well, Shonna, the details get even crazier! My 3 year old girl was playing on a stepstool there in the aisle and I heard a deep voice say, "You better be careful. You're gonna fall off of that." She replied, "No, I not." I look to see her talking to this handsome blue-eyed man. Then my 3 year old points to me and says, "This is my mama." So my baby introduced her parents. It was the sweetest thing. We started talking and haven't stopped yet!

Suzanne G. Rogers said...

What a wonderful story, Arley. I loved The Blacksmith's Daughter and I'm so looking forward to the sequel!

Joanna Fay said...

Gorgeous true love story, Arley. Good luck with the novel. :)

Leigh Daley/Arley Cole/me said...

Thanks for all the great comments, everybody!!! And thank you, Lizzie, for letting me come out to visit today!

Shonna, you are the lucky winner! Look for your email soon!

(I've got to slow down on the exclamation points!!!)