Monday, March 29, 2010


The past couple of months I've been a little off...down...whatever one wants to call it, but just not alive. Sure, I woke up every morning and checked my breath on the mirror to make sure I was still breathing (and yes, there was fog), but inside things just were me. Then I woke up Friday and some of the excitement had returned. Saturday, I woke up ALIVE! My body zinged with anticipation of what lay ahead that day. Along with that excitement for life, my joy in writing has returned.

I remember why I plop in front of the computer and spend hours with my fingers on the keyboard. And I also remember the joy of just 'being' with family and friends. Not sure if this returned sense of life is because of my effort to be more positive, but I'm attributing that as part of it and will continue on that quest. I love not just being alive, but truly LIVE.

Have a great week all. I'm buried in babysitting and a deadline. Next week, more Babe-a-licous tips.


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