Monday, March 8, 2010


I’m currently smiling my way through a book by Marilyn Suzanne Miller on How to Be a Middle-Aged Babe. I thought over the next few weeks I’d share some of highlights of this book here and hopefully bring a smile to your day. Or who knows, maybe well all learn how to become Babes!

Marilyn starts off in the Introduction by asking What is a Babe and then sharing her insight on the who and what. Bottom line, “a Babe is everything. She is happier, prettier, nicer, smarter and better than all other people.”

She goes on to show pictures of various women and asks which are Babes? Her answer may surprise you, but then we get into middle age and what it is. Middle-aged is what your parents were, or older, unpleasant people that you come across. “The only time you use middle-aged is to make a tragic point about themselves.” I loved the, “I have zits and wrinkles, I guess I’m etc.” and other points she used to demonstrate how we get into the rut of thinking about ourselves.

Also, her thoughts, “on Middle Age, God has a little “makeover,” like in the fashion magazines, for women who allow things to just “go along” and make no effort to become “Middle-Aged Babes.”’ The pictures she shows to demonstrate this had me laughing and my husband wanting to know “what’s so funny.”

So, you’ll have to excuse me since it’s time for me to go wage my war against becoming one of her pictures and God's little makeover. I’ll share more with you next week and after we get through this book, we’ll all view middle age as something to aspire toward.



Sloane Taylor said...

Lizzie, this sounds like a book I need to read. And fast. lol

Lizzie said...

It is a fun read, Sloane. I'll share more over the coming weeks and I think I'll try to contact the author and invite her in to share how she came up with the idea.

Lizzie said...

It is Helen. Enjoy sharing stuff that makes me smile!