Monday, March 22, 2010

Off to see the wizard

A trip to Oz would be good! Maybe I too, like the Cowardly Lion, would develop the courage needed to achieve some of the things I need to do. There are days when a lot of us may face this issue, but my stretch seems never ending lately. Or maybe I'm the Scarecrow who needs a brain. A brain would help with decisions, right? Instead, I sit on the fence, afraid to fall when what I really need to do is jump in with both feet and accomplish.

How about you? Do you ever have these periods in your life? If so, how do you move forward?



Helen Hardt said...

Totally! I've been in one since January. I need to get off my butt and get moving. My writing has been in a terrible slump, and I'm behind on everything else too. Maybe we can get through it together :).

Lizzie said...

Sounds good, Helen. We can become a support system for each other. A few "atta girls" and lots of mutal butt kicking might get us on the right track!