Monday, March 15, 2010

What is Youth Now?

Marilyn Suzanne Miller describes youth in her book How to be a Middle-Aged Babe like this:

“Youth is now a teeny, tiny, hard-to-locate segment of time between “Baby” and “Other”.
She even has a diagram to explain the trend.

Later she goes on to say,

“Youth, then, once ballyhooed as the epicenter of fun, hot dogs, hot sex and marvelous dope-smoking good times, is now defined as follows: that period before death, characterized by smooth skin and ill-formed ideas. And indeed, as anyone can see by talking to a typical, deeply annoyed thirteen-year old, from twenty-one on, we’re all middle-aged.”

Marilyn may have something on the thirteen-year old thought, but maybe she’s only been exposed to those teens who have not been brainwashed properly. Take for example, my situation. My almost twelve-year old granddaughter comments anytime the middle or older age subject comes up, “Nana, how often do I have to tell you, you’re never going to be old?”

Well duh…every day works for me. I spent a lot of years programming that idea into her head and now intend to reap the full benefits. Of course, she’s not thirteen yet, so check back with me in another year. We’ll see if the brainwashing was complete.

Until next week….



Sam Cheever said...

Hey Lizzie,

Keep in mind, youth isn't only in the perfectly brainwashed minds of the young (nicely done, BTW). It's also in the carefully crafted delusions of those of us who roared past young a few years back and are in complete denial!

For example, in my carefully crafted delusion I'm twenty-seven. That's young enough to still be nubile and unlined, yet old enough not to be totally stupid. #:0) The key to holding on to this delusion is to keep your house very dark wherever there are mirrors (nasty inventions) and avoid at all costs looking directly into the mirror (pretend they represent a vampire's eyes). I find a quick peripheral view as you skip by works just fine!

As long as my delusions hold all is well in my world! Snort!

Lizzie said...

Or do a Michael Jackson with the mirrors, Sam. Cover them! That way, there'll be no accidental encouters...LOL

And don't forget...brainwash those granddarlings and they'll help add to the delusion!

Sloane Taylor said...

Lizzie, can I borrow your granddaughter? LOL.

Lizzie said...

What!!! Who would I have to feed my fragile ego? Of course, I'm working on her baby sister now...grin.

Linda Wisdom said...

It is said that youth is wasted on the young.

I had been thinking 34, but know the day will come I'll have to up it. :}

Lizzie said...

Linda, never, ever confess to uppin it! Cover those darn mirrors and teach Barney to lie!

Cher Gorman said...

Hi Lizzie (waving)

Sorry I'm late chiming in. Just saw the announcement this morning. Love the blog AND your grandaughter's outlook :-)


Lizzie said...

Thank you, Cher. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks.