Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday - Your eyes are right. The Cat has No Tail and that sheep has 4 horns!

The July cruise included a trip to the beautiful Isle of Man, and I feel in love with not only the island, but with the Manx cat and the sheep with four horns. Yes, they do!

We started out by busing down to the Calf of Man and watching the seals lounge on the rocks and a few worked up the energy to go for a swim.

Yes, there really are seals across the way.

From there we traveled to the historic village, Cregneash. Turns out one of my Top 10 movies, Waking Ned Devine, was filmed on the island including the village, not in Ireland where the story takes place.

The village has a number of historical houses and some are used as rentals. Didn't get to see the inside of those, but sure hope the accommodations are better than the ones we were allowed to go into. WARNING: Be careful tall people. My head can attest to how easy it is to bang against some of the ceilings.

Some the thatched roofs and stone cottages

Outside in the barnyards animals roam around and so do the delightful Manx cats. One wanted to be buddies and followed us around for ear scratches. The Manx breed can't swish their tails in irritation when they get mad because they don't have one. They probably have others ways to let you know though. After all they are cats!

Tourists are exhausting!

Yes, you need to scratch me. Why do you think I came over here?

The Manx Loaghtan sheep were interesting. I'd never seen one with four horns...two sticking up and two curling down. Even their color was different, varying in shades of tan vs. the usual cream sheep.

Chilling in the shade. One of my pictures.

A better picture of the horns from
The rest of the island was beautiful too. I could see spending a few weeks there in summer for sure.

What is the last place you thought spending more than a few days would be terrific?

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