Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Travel: Top 3 Favorite U.S. Cities

We all have favorite cities outside the one where we live (though some may not be too fond of where they live...LOL), and I do enjoy living in Denver. But when I travel here are 3 of the cities I enjoy visiting. There are others I wouldn't mind visiting again or even for the first time. So let's start with the ones I want to get back to soon.

San Francisco - Love the up and down hills, the curvy Lombard Street as long as I'm not behind the wheel, the food of various cultures, the cable cars and China Town, just a few of the amazing things to see and do. Fingers crossed I make it back next year. Been too long!
Definitely a crooked street!

How about a walk along the Cape Fear?

Wilmington, NC - Maybe I'm partial to this once because I grew up in North Carolina, but probably the main reason is the proximity to the ocean. In town you have the arts and culture combined with history. And when you feel like the beach, a short trip over to Carolina Beach or one of the others in the area gives you the fix.

French Quarter


What is one of your favorite cities?

New Orleans, LA - I've only been once and would love to go again. The French Quarter is fun, a trip out into the Bayou is an adventure, touring the Southern Plantations is interesting and seeing the areas Katrina devastated that haven't been brought back would be heart wrenching. But the city keeps on moving and the people are amazing.

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