Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday - Top 3 Peeves

I think I'm fairly easy going with most things, but there are a few things that annoy me to the point I'd like to shake someone and tell them they are not the only person on earth. A little consideration of others would go a long way.

Human Pigs: Yes, they do exist in the form of slobs who can't be bothered to put their trash in containers. Hello! You can't have the soda bottle/can you just swilled in your car long enough to get home and put in your trash can? Or wait, you don't have a trash can at home and this is your wait of keeping trash out of our house. 

Stuffing the Human Pig into a toilet might be fun!

More Human Pigs: Those who use a public toilet and are too damned lazy to flush! What makes you think the rest of us love to come in after you to flush before we go. Definitely a pig!

Weaving Drivers: When you're behind them you're not sure if the are drunk or high. But no! You are beside them at a stop light and discover they are on their cell phone. People, you need to KEEP BOTH HANDS on the wheel. You may consider yourself to be the world's best driver, but those of us watching you weave back and forth in your lane don't. Nor does the person you collide with because of your distraction.

Okay, there you have 3 of my top vents. Would love to hear yours!


Unknown said...

Number 4....
Parents who think that it's ok to let their little kids run all over the store while shopping because they don't have the ability to look after them and shop at the same time. URGH!!!!

Lizzie said...

LOL...understand that one, BJ.