Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Musings!

 I returned from son's home in Sioux Falls late yesterday with fingers crossed I don't come down with the evil stomach virus attacking the granddarlings. There's too much to do accomplish to devote any leisure time to devote hours in the bathroom or huddled under the covers.

The trip was fun, even with sick kids and I discovered my son is an excellent cook.  I knew he cooked…he developed the ability as a teen when he and his siblings were assigned a night each to be in charge of making dinner.  In the past, the meals he prepared had been calorie bombs of fat and carbs, but he’s now focused on healthy and oh my!  The turkey breast he made Thursday night was melt in your mouth tender and the pork tenderloin Saturday night…I could have stayed at the table stuffing my face longer if my stomach would have cooperated.  Delicious!!!  Even the veggies he made to go with it had me going back for seconds.
Now back to the real world.  Laundry to get out of the way and a couple of other things that have stacked up (yes, DH knows what a dishwasher is, but he seems to forget how to stack it) and catching up on emails.  From there, back to work on the Christmas story.  Sure, I took it with me on the trip, but didn’t get much work done.  By the time I turned in at night, I was more than ready for sleep.  It’s amazing how visiting can wear a body out.
So, hope your week is a great one and I’d love to hear what’s happening in your life.  I fell so out of touch!!!!!

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Jennifer Mathis said...

visits are always fun , glad you had fun :)