Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Musings - The Sad with the Glad

I’m excited to learn Musa Publishing is rereleasing Making Christmas on November 25th.  The novella set during the Civil War and Sherman’s march through Georgia received good reviews, including a recommended read from one reviewer.  So thank you, MUSA for offering me a contract.
I confess to being down a little over the past several months.  Few things are more disheartening to an author than having to deal with publishing issues and being forced to take down books from their website because of those issues.  But if the publisher ceases to furnish documentation on royalties earned or not earned to their authors and then payments become later and later to the point they cease altogether, then action by the author is needed. 
So yes, I joined a lot of author in removing my books from my website and contacting 3rd party sites requesting they remove my works listed from that publishing house.  Now I look at a website with 2 books listed and feel as if I’m starting over on my adventure into the world of publishing.  It makes me sad, but it’s better than sales that are on the level of pirate sites as in no payment to the authors, though with a sinking publisher there is a contract that says authors should be paid.
The past may be frustrating, but the future looks good.  By the end of 2011, hopefully, the covers of four additional books will be joining the current two on my website.  In addition to Making Christmas, Emerging Magic the 2nd book in the Magical Love series should be available (at last, but my fault), as well as a Christmas short with Passion in Print Press. In addition, a revised and expanded version of the award winning Struck by Lightning will be self-published in eBook under a new title.
But today, join me in celebrating the upcoming rerelease of Making Christmas on November 25th.  Let's all push away the sad and focus on the glad and on making this holiday season a good one in all areas of our lives! 


Unknown said...

Don't worry Lizzie, I am sure it won't take long for you to fill up that site with new publications of your books!

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh im so sorry about ur publishing difficults but looking forward to your christmas book :)