Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Monday Again!!

Yep, it's the Monday I've been looking forward to!! Why, you ask? Simple really...the madness of last week is behind me. Turned in the first round of edits (oh yeah, there will be a 2nd round) and spent the rest of the week focusing on the Heart of Denver Romance Writers last minute conference details. And I'm delighted to report, the mini-conference went very well. Today, I'm sharing a few pictures with you from the happenings.

Thank you, Lesli Lent for meeting Mary Buckham's flight so I didn't need to make two trips or have Mary hang out while we waited for Jim McCarthy's flight to arrive. And thank you, Kathy Matzen for offering to help shuttle guests back to the airport Sunday.

Thank you, Grace Lauderdale for handling the pitches! Jan Gurnery, couldn't have survived check in without you and your able assistances. Those ladies need to join our group!

And a BIG thank you to everyone else who helped make the conference a success. Team work can pull off what seems impossible!!!!

Friday night's dinner, though noisy, was fun. We proved we could talk above the competition.

Mary Buckham gave a fantastic presentation! Not only is she entertaining, she educated us on Super Power Hooks and Queries. Lots of the attendees came up and told me how much they learned from the information she shared.

Rachelle Gardener and Jim McCarthy gave a great panel presentation, then moved into another room to take pitches. I'm delighted to report both agents requested to see a lot of the manuscripts pitched to them. We had a lot of really excited authors!

Lunch, in addition to good food, was made even better by the announcement of contest winners for the Molly (unpublished authors) and the Aspen Gold (published) and I'm delighted to report a number of our group heard their names called.

All in all, a very fun day. Now I'm back to playing catch up on the stuff that had to be set aside last week to focus on the last minute conference details. Have a great week all!


Unknown said...

Had a great time Lizzie! I didn't realize how nervous I was pitching till I got there, but I hope it went well. Look forward to another conference with HODRW!

Lizzie said...

Great, Lisa. Thank you for the support!