Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Question

Here it is July and the year is half over! I'm behind on my goals for this year and need to really focus.

This led me to think, what about others? Am I the only one facing this dilemma? So that leads to this months question...

Have you accomplished the goals you set for this year? If not, how do you plan to catch up...or do you?

All who respond will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Beyond Magic.

Have a great July!



Amy said...

Hi Lizzie - I am perennially behind. I had a vague notion at the beginning of the year to figure out a way of generating some income, but not a clue as to how I would proceed. In late May, I saw a jewelry-making class being offered at a favorite shop, and since I had been collecting strings of semi-precious stones, decided it was about time I used some of them. Previously a friend had made things with the supplies I collected, but making them myself would be even better. I found I liked it, and (I think) am pretty good at it. So far have made 17 sets of necklace and earrings and have taken photographs of the. The photography took some time, as THAT I'm not good at, and don't have a tripod. Many re-takes. I am currently pricing them and writing descriptions so I can list them to sell on Etsy or ArtFire It remains to be seen if I'll actually generate income (or at least enough to cover costs), but I'm finally on the road to attaining that goal. I'll post a link on my FaceBook page when I have things actually for sale!


Lizzie said...

Wonderful, Amy! Good for you. And yes, post a link here when you have things set up. I want to see them!