Monday, July 18, 2011

Booting the Eeyore Syndrone

A lot of people call me positive and fun. I like to think I view the world with a 'cup half full' but there are times when my childhood creeps in and brings forth the negative. Raised in an environment where the philosophy was “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any,” I’ve fought to overcome that viewpoint. Still there are times when I wander down the path of “oh bother” sort of like Eeyore in the Winnie the Pooh series.

Since I spend most Tuesdays with Toddler and she loves Winnie, I’ve watched a lot of the cartoons as well as read the books and on my sweaty walk this morning it occurred to me that I’ve fallen into Eeyore’s view that the ‘cup is always half empty’ and I don’t like the self-degradation it omits.

An example of his life viewpoint at first makes me smile, but when you look deeper, it’s filled with negative and no feelings of self-worth.

"Eeyore," said Owl, "Christopher Robin is giving a party."
"Very interesting," said Eeyore. "I suppose they will be sending me down the odd bits which got trodden on. Kind and Thoughtful. Not at all, don't mention it."

I am the only one who can change the way I think. As it’s said in The Secret, I am the master of my thoughts. Staying in touch with how I feel is essential. When I don’t feel good, angry or negative, it’s up to me to reverse the situation through my thoughts. Fix the ‘poor me’ moods by doing something fun and positive if thoughts alone don’t achieve. For me, dancing to happy music and meditating seem to do the trick most times. Other times require a more concentrated effort and analysis of where the negativity is coming from. The realization it comes from someone in your life may involve distancing from that person and their constant feed of my childhood input.

So, Eeyore, as much as I love you babe, your “oh bother” attitude needs booting to the curb, as well as those in my life who feed on that outlook.

What do you do to help overcome the negatives in your life?


Tonia Brown said...

" well as those in my life who feed on that outlook."

You hit quite a nail on the head here. I find the reason most folks keep up the Eeyore Syndrome is because they are rewarded for this unattractive behavior by friends and family. Every time they start the 'act' they are surrounded by a circle of love and petted and hugged and that feeling of outpouring love can be addictive.
Personally I like to watch crappy movies when I feel worthless. (usually stemming from a creative block or rejection) I mean really old B movies with no plot or substance. It reminds me how creative I can be when I apply myself. That and I just love crappy films.
Thanks for the swell post.

Lizzie said...

So agree, Tonia. How many people do you know, that years after a bad breakup can't move forward and still want you to listen, yet again, to how badly they were treated.

Love your idea on the B time I' blocked in the creative area will have to give that a try. Some them are so bad they'll make me laugh anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love to wallow! When it's bad, it's fun to be bad. And when I'm sad, watch out, if you aren't with me, you're against me. But I'm with you on the optimism thing. No one else will pull you through, it's much better to be Christopher Robin telling everyone to "chin up" then to be the one who never moves on. Once I've devoured the chocolate, dealt with the chocolate hangover, then watch out world, there is only up!

Lizzie said...

Yes, Jessica!!! You've found the miracle cure...chocolate!! Won't even discuss how much I devour. Maybe that's why I developed a series filled with heriones who are addicted to the 'nectar of the gods' as much as I am!

May not cure all, but it sure gives a boots...(g)