Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Updates

After a hectic weekend, I'm ready to tackle work! And man, oh man, do I ever need to not just tackle, but attack!! It feels like the more I cross off the 'to do' list the longer it grows with additional adds.

At the very top is Emerging Magic. Experienced creative constipation there for a couple of weeks that didn't help the word count, but back on track. Think I'd better be or my editor will ....well, not be happy I guess is a kind way to put it.

So now, have a villain my critique partner 'loves to hate' and she totally hates his mother without any sort of love, so must be on track there.

Having fun with some of the supporting characters and the H/H are growing nicely.

Discovered I'm not a pantser and have gone be to ye ol' sort of plotting. That's when things started to flow. So, I'm off to get a few things off the list, then head back to Transylvania. After all, I have an invite to a family reunion that makes my family seem normal.

Have a great week!

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