Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sam Cheever Dishes on Cupid!

It's always fun when my author friends have a new book release!  Here we have an anthology with a diverse group, several I know well.  Hope you enjoy their take on love!  Today, Sam Cheever is in the spotlight!!!!

And, Sam will draw a winner for chocolate & fun stuff in the morning from comments!  So besure to get your name in the drawing!!!
A Fat Dude in a Diaper? I Think Not!
I never thought it was right to have a God of Love represented by a fat, curly headed dude in a diaper. I mean. Come on! Those cute little cherubs were fun on Valentine’s Day cards when I was in grade school, but once I grew up, I started to see them for what they are…a wasted opportunity!
The idea of a god-like creature with a single goal, to create love between two people, has unending possibilities. The concept is sexy, romantic, and provides fertile ground for an Author’s favorite question…What if?
What if the gods declared that the Cupid race must spend all their time finding love for others but could not find love for themselves? And then, what if Cupid did find someone she wanted to love…would they be able to force the Fates to change the law? Nocked Over
What if Cupid’s lover had a terrible secret? And what if that secret threatened Cupid and their love? Nocked Asunder
What if, in the course of doing his job, Cupid one day found the perfect woman…the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, but she was a cursed Demon Princess and the gods told them they could never be together? Nocked Senseless
What if Cupid was assigned to write a Love Note that would inspire a beautiful, lonely woman to fall in love with a jerk? And, what if, in the course of trying to find a way out of that scenario, Cupid fell in love with the beautiful recipient of the Love Note? Cupid Only Rings Twice
What if I can never stop asking that question and I spend eternity writing what if scenarios for potential Cupid books?
LOL, I think you get my meaning. The God of Love concept is ripe for fictional picking. And I’m just the gal to pillage those pickings for fun and sexy romantic fare! To some, Valentine’s Day means chocolate and kisses. Of course I appreciate those things too, but the holiday also represents much more. To me it means the opportunity to explore another fun what if.
It’s not a bad way to spend a holiday.
But a little chocolate wouldn’t be a bad thing either! #:0)
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!
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Rori Foster has had a lifetime of being disappointed by men, so, she’s not surprised when she overhears the cocky womanizer in the office betting his knuckle dragging posse that he can get her to shed a tear over the love note he writes. Instead, forewarned, she sees an opportunity to make him look foolish.
Damios Persis is an honest to god Cupid. He runs a love enablement company called, Delivery by Cupid. When the cocky womanizer asks him to write and deliver a love note to Rori that will make her shed a tear and allow him to win his bet, Damios’ instinct is to show the jerk the door. But he realizes if he doesn’t take the job, his arch rival the Love Demon will. So he agrees to write the letter and deliver it on Valentine’s Day.
There’s only one problem. As he spends time with Rori in what he tells himself is research for writing the note, Damios starts to fall hard for her.
When the client fires Damios and hires the Love Demon to write and deliver the love note, Damios knows they have a problem. The demon intends to infuse the note with magick to get Rori to read it.
Damios realizes he’s gonna have to do something drastic to save her from the plotting around her.
Even if it means losing her in the process.

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