Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 9 of 15 Days of Christmas - Lizzie T. Leaf

Today, you’re stuck with me!  Yep, I have a new book releasing today, Howling Under the Mistletoe and I’m the guest author.  The winner of a copy of a PDF of an older Christmas ebook from a now out of business publisher will also be entered into the “Brit” prize drawing.

This time of year has always been about tradition for me.  When my daughter was small we started the tradition of baking cookies.  It is still going on; only now we bake with the added assistance of three sets of little hands.
The house was decorated and the tree put up Thanksgiving weekend.  This year we put up one small table tree.  The cat is driving me crazy with even that much.
Christmas morning was the day for opening gifts and then the fabulous family dinner.  This year, the family will gather on Christmas Eve to stuff ourselves and exchange gifts. 
There will be no opening of gifts at my house Christmas morning.  Santa came early with the booking of a trip that requires leaving Christmas Day afternoon.  This is a big tradition broken since I’ve never traveled on Christmas Day before.  We’re headed for London with the two oldest granddarlings and that is gift enough to carry my husband and I through lots of years.
At my daughter’s house they’ll open Santa gifts Christmas morning, but that’s because the “girls” insisted.  The Tween, who is all about emotion and drama, said there had to be a law tradition be honored, and when my daughter turned to the Teen, the logical one, she sided with her sister.  Now mom gets to add, rushing around to make sure they haven’t forgotten something, to the list of opening gifts, getting them fed and shuffling us all out to the airport because we know parking will be impossible.
So this year I find myself with two emotions…sad for the break in tradition, but happy that we get to share something with two young girls who think their grandparents arte “cool” enough to still hang out with, let alone travel with.
And today I get to celebrate the release of a spicy Christmas short, Howling Under the Mistletoe, a spicy little story with a bit of a twist.  Hope you enjoy it.
But most of all, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas whatever your traditions or if you’ve decided to break with them. 
And to add a punch to your celebrations up here is a drink recipe that can be popular with adults with the added alcohol and with the younger group minus the booze.

Cranberry Punch: 

1-1/2 oz Vodka
2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz apple juice
1 oz pineapple juice
1 oz Sprite or 7 Up 

Shake Vodka and juices with ice and strain into glass.  Top with soft drink. 

Howling Under the Mistletoe
by Lizzie T. Leaf
When Miki Heart collides with Paul Bennet under the mistletoe, she had no idea he would be the answer to her dreams of passion as well as the solution to her health issues.


Helen Hardt said...

What a completely perfect cover -- I love it!

JeanMP said...

Have a wonderful trip with your grandchildren, sounds like it will be a fun time for all.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Shelley Munro said...

Congrats on the new release, Lizzie. Cranberry juice is a favorite with me. I'm going to need to try this cocktail.

books4me said...

Wouldn't mind meeting HIM under the mistletoe!!!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Lizzie said...

Thank you, Helen. As usual the cover artist at PIP did a great job!

Lizzie said...

It will, Jean. Nothing like breaking with tradition to shake things up a little in life!

Lizzie said...

Think you'll enjoy it Shelley. My daughter's friends have been sending DH emails asking for it.

Lizzie said...

books4me...congratulations! You're the winner of a copy of one my backlist Christmas me at
lizzietleaf at comcast dot net with you info because snail mail info is needed for the 'Brit" trinket part of the prize.

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