Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 13 of 15 Days of Christmas - Lia Slater

Our guest today is Lia Slater, a delightful, warm and caring lady whom I adore.  Her smile, when I run into her at meetings for the group we both belong to, lights up my day.  Join me in welcoming Lia and leave a comment for a chance to win a PDF of one of her ebooks (her selection) and to get in on the Brit Trinket prize too.  Have decided all daily winners will get a Trinket and one name will be drawn for a bigger Brit prize.  All of which I will pick up during the upcoming trip!

Simple Treats for a Stress-free Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. Shopping, baking, decorating—finding the extra money to do all these things. It’s not easy, especially for the starving artist types like, say, writers. Like me.

Simplicity is the key for me. I find out what the kids want, make a list and order online. As far as decorating is concerned, less is more at my house. My sons are old enough to help set up the tree, so that goes up first. I put out little holiday-themed knick-knacks here and there, hang the stockings above the fireplace, and we’re good to go. 

When it comes to baking, every year I have a tradition of making chocolate treats and sugar cookies for the kids. With almond bark I can make SIMPLE no-bake recipes. Plus a few little tricks my mother passed on to me that are tried and true.  

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls: 

Almond bark, chocolate coating. You can find this in any grocery baking section. (I LOVE this stuff)
Creamy peanut butter
Powdered sugar 

Combine peanut butter and powdered sugar until you get a thick consistency. I’m not much on measuring, so add powdered sugar until you get rid of the “sticky” texture. Roll into balls. Set aside. Place three or four squares of almond bark in microwavable bowl and heat for about 1 ½ minutes or until completely melted. Stir to test consistency. Then, one by one, dip peanut butter balls into melted chocolate and set to dry on sheet of wax paper. 

And done! Kids can enjoy this treat in a matter of minutes. 

Other super-simple ideas: 

I also dip pretzels in the melted almond bark, which also has vanilla coating available. (Mixing the chocolate and vanilla gives a delicious taste!). Go a little crazy and coat some Chex or Rice Krispies cereal. Add melted marshmallows or raisins or both. For more of a decorative touch, crush some candy canes and top off the coating before it melts. Get inventive with ingredients. Maybe the kiddos can get in on the creation. I know mine do.  

Simple. Easy. I love it. The kids love it. And there’s no added stress.  

Wishing everyone a happy holiday, stress-free, season! 

Lia Slater 

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JBarr5 said...

Happy holidays and thanks so much for the recipe for the chocolate balls. I was going to make some this year, just haven't done it yet. Still plenty of time.
Books looks like a good read, thanks for sharing.


JeanMP said...

Thanks for the chocolate ball recipe, have never tried those, but they sound super quick and easy. Happy Holidays!

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Lia Slater said...

Hi Julie and Jean! Thanks for stopping by. The chocolate balls don't last long around this house. :-)

Lia Slater said...

Lizzie, thanks so much for having me as a guest! I adore you too!!!!

Amy Denim said...

Lia, these pb balls are super! If you like these, you've got to try Oreo balls too. Same idea, but mix crushed Oreos with cream cheese. Awesome, like your books! Happy Holidays!

Lia Slater said...

Oooh, Oreo balls. Love that idea, Amy!

Shonna said...

After a long day I indulge in an adult beverage as I sit down and get on the web. Curious as to what Lizzie has going, I have to check it out. Excited to read about you Lia, and am drooling after reading the blurb for WERE SLAVE. I visited your web page, ... WERE SEDUCTION and WERE BLOOD sound awesome too. I hope to find you on FB soon.

Jennifer Mathis said...

i had a comment that made a lot of sense im sure but then i locked eyes on that gorgeous cover and forgot lol

Lia Slater said...

Hi Shonna, Thanks for checking out my web site! Sadly, I don't have a FB page set up yet. Soon though...I think. :-)

Lia Slater said...

Too funny, Jennifer! I think I had that same reaction when I first saw it. Though, I would like to mention that the hero does not have facial hair...not that anyone's attention goes in that direction. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Lizzie said...

The name pulled from the hat is.....Shonna!

Congratulations, Shonna!

Shadow said...

Thank you for the recipe. Yummy! Im definitely trying these. ;) Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!