Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 11 of 15 Days of Christmas - J.L. Langley

Today our guest is the wonderful, delightful, funny…J.L. Langley!  I have to confess I’d never read much M/M romance until I became friends with J.L but her Regency-SciFy hooked me.  Her writing opened me to a new genre, one that contains as I’ve discovered excellent authors and stories.  Another misconception I labored under is M/M is all about the sex…not true.  In some of the books I’ve read in the genre the sex is limited and when it does occur, it’s part of a natural process.

So join me in welcoming my friend…J.L. Langley!  She is offering up a PDF (winner’s choice) of one of her ebooks to the name drawn.  And don’t forget, that winner goes into the “Brit” trinket drawing.

J.L. speaks
Since I’m being a good girl and working on my WIP, I’ll make this short and sweet. I mean what can I say about Christmas that hasn’t been said?  Other than it would be really cool to be in a log cabin with snow on Christmas. Or heck forget the log cabin, just snow on Christmas somewhere out of the city would be neat. So not happening here in Dallas. I can remember only two Christmases in my entire lifetime that have been snowy. Actually, they were both more ice than snow.
On Christmas like most people, I bake cookie to take to my family’s celebration on Christmas Eve, for my family, and Christmas Day, for my husbands, and I’d like to share with you one of my new favorite recipes for cookies.

Cayenne Chocolate Cookies 

                         1 cup butter
                         1 cup sugar
                         1 cup brown sugar
                         2 eggs
                         2 cups flour
                         1 cup coca powder
                         1 tsp baking soda
                         1 tsp cayenne pepper
                         ½ tsp salt
                         1 cup white chocolate chips
                         1 cup pecans or walnuts, *optional* 

1) Preheat oven to 350°F.

2) Cream butter and both sugars until fluffy.

3) Add eggs and blend well.

4) Add cayenne, cocoa, baking soda and salt and blend very well. It's important to blend this stage completely so that heat is evenly distributed.

5) Add flour and blend.

6) Fold in chips.

7) Refrigerate for one hour.

8) Drop teaspoonfuls onto lightly greased cookie sheet.

9) Bake 10-12 minutes.

Love was never part of his plan…until it pounced.

 With or Without, Book 4 
With Abandon

As heir to an old and proud heritage, Aubrey Reynolds works and lives for his family, his employees and his pack. Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewolf is no big deal—until he discovers the newcomer is his mate. His very male mate…which is a very big deal, indeed. Revealing his sexuality was never part of Aubrey’s well-ordered life plan.
Much as he loved caring for his eight younger brothers, Matt Mahihkan knows it’s time to grab the opportunity to attend college in Atlanta. Realizing Aubrey is his mate should have been a delightful experience…except Aubrey treats him more like a dirty little secret than a lover. Yet Matt is a patient man. Aubrey can’t stay in the closet forever. Can he?
In time, they settle into a comfortable, if complicated, routine. Until a rogue werewolf with an axe to grind forces Aubrey to add to the wedge of secrets driving him and Matt apart, leaving Matt exposed to danger…and Aubrey forced to choose between love and duty. 

Product Warnings
Contains color abuse with a really bad sense of fashion, a southern accent from hell, sex on antique furniture, a pouncing playful werewolf, obnoxious siblings, liberal use of a color identifier and impatient sex. No lightning bugs were harmed in the making of this book.


Connie Kline said...

The Book sounds great, LOVED the Product

JeanMP said...

Like the sound of this book and loved the product warning, look forward to reading this story.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Sammie said...

I FREAKING LOVE everything J.L. writes. I try and make all my friends read her stuff. So anyone who doesn't read m/m she is a good way to start. It won't completely scare you off lol.

jmills85 said...

I have to say It was an accident that I ever started reading m/m books amazon kindle had the first with or without series for free and I got it not really knowing what it was about but I have to I fell in love with the characters with the story and ever since I read that book I have read only m/m books and considering that was 8mon ago and I have bought over 700 ebooks I can honestly sa jl langley made a lasting impression and I adore all of her books but Chey and Keaton ( little bit) will always hold a special place for me thank jl for broadening my horizons with such wonderful stories
Joanie mills

books4me said...

The book sounds like a great read. The cookies sound unique, and something that my stepfather would love to eat!!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Jennifer Mathis said...

a very different recipe

Debby said...

Great post. Love the cookies recipe
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lizzie said...

Debby, you're the winner. Contact JL and I'll also send her your address.

And don't forget to email me for the Brit trinket entry.