Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Update: Fun & Scares

The fun is in the happenings, the scares in the pictures of me...trying to remember if I felt as tired as I looked in most of the pictures. I know I do this morning.

Last week was a busy one to say the least. Thursday, I read a few scenes from Beyond Magic as well as a scene from the upcoming release of Emerging Magic, at at chocolate party sponsored by the lovely Joleen Allis. Yummy chocolate creations, music, headshots (Kurt, hope your camera still works after mine) and loads of fun and laughs.

Thank you to the ladies who came up after the readings to comment. No, you didn't laugh to hard and yes, I was delighted to hear romance, paranormal and humor is exactly what you love to read. Thank you for those who did purchase copies. A percentage of proceeds of the sales across the board goes to the fight against breast cancer.

Here's a few shots of the happeningsd. Some are scary (as in mine!) and others are fun.

As you can see Dove Chocolate was a sponsor.

Moi reading. Nothing like being in the spotlight...(g)

Kathy, thank you for your support. Know you have the current release, but it was wonderful you brought your friends in addition to your smiling face!

Saturday was a book signing at a local Barnes & Nobel. Love the staff at the B&N store on Sheridan & 92nd! They are so supportive and great to work with. Thank you for the support!!!

And as always, had a wonderful time with my signing buddy, Melissa Mayhue. Business at the store may have been slow because of the really nice weather that everyone was out enjoying, but we still had a fun time.

And I picked up a copy of Romantic Times Magazine while at the store. Delighted with the 4 Star review for Beyond Magic!!!
Check it out online too at:

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