Monday, March 28, 2011

'Help! I Need a Title for My WIP' Contest

I'm working on the 2nd book in the Magical Love Series and need your help. The title I planned to use for the book has been used several times and my editor wants a new one. I've had several bounce through my head, but none of them really grabbed me, so knowing how creative readers are, a brilliant idea woke me up last night...a contest! Here's a little about the book: Cori (Emma's former roommate and sister) is the heroine and the hero is Raribert (Rob) Gregor Vesha is part vampire. His father is a vampire from Romania and his mother a Scottish witch. He takes her to a family reunion in Romania (think Munsters/Addams Family for the relatives) and Rob's cousin Vlad (yep, Vlad's descended from 'that' family too) shows up and the adversarial relationship they've always had rears its ugly head. Of course, the Cailleach, DooNell will create a spell to cross the paths of Cori and Rob, though this time it is done with reluctance. Email me your suggestions: by Monday, April 4th. The winner will receive a PDF of the book as soon as it is available from my editor in August. Fingers crossed for lots of suggestions!


Donnell Ann Bell said...

Lizzie, what are the names of the other books? Is it a series. That might help.

Lizzie said...

It is a series, Donnell...the Magical Love Series. The first released in January...Beyond Magic.