Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ella Vines Writes It Hot!

Ella Vines is a split personality like so many of us who write! Today she share tips on her "hot" side and later this month she will treat us to her 'Goth' alter-ego. So today, get your coffee and learn about writing HOT!
And tomorrow, Ella will pick a random winner for a copy of Her Dark Fairy from the comments and questions she receives.

The Erotic and a Sense of Place

I am fairly new to this erotic romance writing gig. I started out with mainstream gothic romance, and that is what I was content to do for a while. Then, sex started creeping into my sweet romances-- a hard member here and a wayward nipple there. I decided I had to get a pen name and fast and try my hand at erotic romance.

I'm loving it and the freedom to write in two different genres. The most startling thing I've learned so far in writing erotic romance is that a sense place is important.

I find that my characters tend to end up in places I've been-- the Mississippi woods, Alabama graveyards, and on country roads. In a sense, I am rewriting my life or re-imagining it in a different context. I began asking what if those out of the way places where the pine trees dominate and the heat is intense were peopled with male fairies or sexy satyrs? Those questions led me to write about such beings in my home territory of the South. These places are very much interior and isolated ones as well. They are metaphors for the secrets we all have-- for the sex we fantasize about and that we have had in the past.

It's been so much fun so far. Places I already know as magical have taken on even more dimensions for me. This leads me to ask writers and readers out there: what places hold magic for you? How do you include them creatively in your writing or in your fantasy life and reading?

Ella Vines is an erotic romance author who does a little bit of everything in the genre-- paranormal, historical, and contemporary. She is the alter ego of an introverted writing instructor whose muse brings her out on full moon evenings to write. Find her at or on Facebook: Ella Vines.

Two short stories by Ella are on the Summerhouse Publishing site: “Her Dark Fairy” and “Seduced by a Satyr.” She is currently on submission with several novellas. Ella is proud to be one of the first authors at Summerhouse Publishing.


Lizzie said...

Thank you for sharing with us today, Ella!

Julie Adams said...

From what I've seen so far, I'm looking forward to Ella's future offerings.

Unknown said...

How exciting! Hope to read them all!
-Lisa Myers