Monday, September 20, 2010

I Wasn't This Bad, Was I?

When my son was young I wished on him “Kids just like you when you have a family” and guess what…wishes do come true!

I spent several days visiting with my ‘baby boy’ and his family this past weekend, and it brought back so many memories. The climbing up and jumping off “break your neck” places, the ignoring what Mom & Dad said, the loudness, all the potty humor and all the non-stop energy in general.

So when we loaded up the car to take Nana to the airport yesterday and the squabbling, yelling, pushing and shoving to get in started, my darling boy turned to me and asked, “I wasn’t this bad, was I?”

What to say, what to say? The initial response was a “hell yes.” But I stopped and thought about all the times when he delighted my heart instead, of my being on the verge of pulling my hair out. Then I looked over at the man he has become…one that makes me very proud.

At that moment, instead of going with the gut response, I said…”You had your moments, but most of them were good.”

I hope when his son’s ask him “Was I this bad” as their children are bouncing off the wall, Grandpa will remember our conversation and respond in kind.

Enough musing for today! This is one hectic Monday and I have to get rolling. Wishing everyone a great week!


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