Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Guest Today, but I'm Dishing

Today's scheduled guest didn't make it, so I'll enlighten with what's happening in my world. Sit back and be prepared to yawn.

My goal for today is to wrap up DEAD Memory, the latest in the DEAD series at Aspen Mountain Press. Once I type those magic words...THE END, then the real fun begins...I hit print and will spend the weekend correcting and revising in order to have it my editors hot little hands by Monday. In this book, life gets confusing for a vampire who wakes up quoting
bible verses, hungering for blood and not knowing he's a vampire. The werewolf heroine realizes somethings not right, but hey, she discovered this guy in daylight, wearing a cross and when he does come too, he's talking about the Lord taketh and, his head wound isn't healing. Doesn't matter what her mother way can he be a vampire. Then there's the demon...not really such a bad guy, more like misguided...especially since he's under Beelzebub's control. Confined to the debts of Hell the Evil One has to use Minions who can operate on earth. Throw in a gay werewolf, the old gang from prior books and jeepers, no wonder I have a headache!

Beyond that, today is the Honey & my anniversary. That translates into getting my butt in gear and wrap up the book with another battle to save the world from evil. So everyone have a great weekend and think of me slashing away with red marker...oh and tonight, partying with a little bubbly...or maybe a lot!



Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm sure you'll tear those your work in no time. Enjoy your evening. Wishing you many, many more anniversaries.

Thoughts in Progress

Lizzie said...

Thank you, Mason. Taking a little break, but yes, the work is going well. Should type THE END in a couple of more hours, if not sooner.