Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Travel Wednesday - Gone to the Birds - Hawks & Owls #falconry #Scotland

At the end of the July cruise the ship docked three nights in Edinburgh. We used one of the days to catch a bus to take us outside the city to Dalhousie Castle. The end of the line for the bus route dropped us at least hilly half a mile from the entrance and then we had another up hill trek to our destination. Can you believe all of this was to fly hawks and owls, an item on my husband's bucket list that I was game to try.

As it turned out, I admit this now ranks up around the top of my fun list. Here is one of my efforts with a hawk.

Next week I'll share a bit on Horny Owl!

What adventure have you tried that had you anxious and then turned out to be great fun?


Sloane Taylor said...

You're a braver woman than I!!

Susan Lodge said...

Well done Lizzie.Great fun to watch two lovely birds. I went gliding years ago and tha was pretty awesome flying.

Sharon Ledwith said...

Wow, I'm sooo jealous, Ms. Lizzie! Falconry is a definite must on my bucket list! Cheers and thanks for sharing your experience!

Lizzie said...

LOL...was easier than I expected, Sloane.

Lizzie said..., Susan...not that takes guts!

Lizzie said...

Definitely have to try Falconry, Sharon. I expected a thud on my arm when the first one (a big hawk) landed, but he touched down so gently and proceeded to have a bite of chicken.