Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel Wednesday - Dancing with Penguins

Before I get into today's trip, I want to apologize for Monday getting away from me and no blog.  Some days are like that! 
But if you’re following the questions of the NOOK READER entry, go to the prior Wednesday and email me what my favorite part of that trip experience to enter.  Remember, drawing is Feb. 18th.

Now for today’s destination!  A penguin reserve in Argentina…penguins everywhere you look!  And with all the great food consumed the prior couple weeks on the cruise ship, I had their walk down too.
When you first enter the nature reserve you get the lecture on “do not touch the penguins,” along with firm instructions not to venture off the marked paths.  As with all tourists there are those who think the rules don’t apply to them.  Safe to say a few got yelled at.

The amazing thing is how brave the little inhabitants are.  They walk right up to you (someone forget to tell them to stay off the path and not touch the tourists) and stop in front of you.  This leads to a stare down. and once they decide you’re not interesting enough to spend more time with, they waddle off to talk about you among their buddies. 
Or if your shoes appeal, they may peck at the laces, but for the most part they are only checking out the weird creatures that have invaded their territory.
Here are a few pictures of my friends, or at least several seem to think we were friends.  My travel companion missed the best bonding pictures like the one almost on my feet.  But here are some that turned out cute.
Told you they missed the don't approach the tourist instrucions
Trust me, that chick was a real bore!

Nice to meet you too.

It's hot & I'm tired.  You got a problem with that?

A convention...nobody told me!
Won't they ever leave!!



Sharon Ledwith said...

LOL! Did you get Happy Feet, Lizzie? Sorry, couldn't resist! Cheers for sharing such a wonderful experience!

Lizzie said...

Actually, I almost named the post Dancing with Happy Feet...LOL

Unknown said...

LOVE the penguins, Lizzie. You have the most amazing travel experiences! I'm living vicariously!!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

I agree. Love the penguin pics. Nice "vacation" from reading about books all the time, eh?