Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musings - A Glimpse into Banshee Magic

Banshee Magic is the third book in the Magical Love series and is underway.  Goal.  Turn in the manuscript by the end of April.  Keep your fingers crossed.

So what’s a gal to do when she overhears the office gossip that she’s been passed over for a promised promotion to junior partner in a law firm?  If you’re Sara, you march into your mentor’s office for a showdown.  Of course, if you have Banshee blood in your genetics, he hears you coming.

John fidgeted again.  Yeah, he knows my habits too.  I do get quiet before an explosion.  He’s seen it often enough and always says he never want to be on the receiving end.  Too damn bad. Sara crossed her ankles and continued to wait.
He opened his mouth several times and no sound came out.  Sara decided to encourage him.  Keeping her voice low she asked, “What do you propose now John?” 
                “Sara, you will definitely make partner next year.  Frank…”  He took a deep breath…”Frank had no choice on this.  You see, his daughter is pregnant.”
“Really!”  Sara’s black eyebrows shot up into the hairline of her white tangle of curls.  “Let me guess on this one.  James Terry promised to marry her if he made partner.  How convenient.”
A smirk twisted John’s thin lips.  “You could say that.  But, the important thing is next year, the partnership will be yours.”
                Sara held up a hand to halt him from saying more.  “No wait, give me a minute.  Let me have another guess.  Frank has a son and I’ll be engaged to him by the next partnership vote.  Oh, what was I thinking---?” Sara hit her forehead with the palm of her hand.  “Silly me.  Frank doesn’t have a son so that won’t work.”
                “Sara, I think---“
                “No John, I’m the one thinking here.  To me, my option is pretty clear.  Quit now instead of next year when I’m screwed again because some young stud just out of law school has the hots for Frank’s youngest daughter.”
                “Sara, you can’t quit!  You carry the largest case load in the office.”
                “Ironic isn’t it John.  I carry the largest case load, but I’m not good enough to even make junior partner because I don’t have a set of ---”
                “Sara, I know where you’re going with that but you have to understand—“
                Sara cut him off.  “So, I don’t have a set of balls which disqualifies me from knocking up and then marrying the boss’ daughter in order to be named a junior partner.”  She stood and smoothed her skirt.
“Yet I can’t quit because I have the largest case load in the firm.  All I have to say is---,” Sara stood and leaned across the desk, “---watch me. You don’t have to worry—the door won’t hit me in the ass because I’ll go through it too fast.”  She stomped across the room and glanced over her shoulder to appreciate the stunned expression on John’s face before she kept her promise.


Sharon Ledwith said...

Nice glimpse into your WIP! You got this, girl! Cheers and best wishes!

Rita Monette, Writer said...

Wow, love that Sara! Already on my TBR list.

Unknown said...

Looks like Sara has more balls than the rest of the firm put together. Great name too. ;)

Lizzie said...

Thanks, ladies. Over the next couple of months I'll give more glimpses into the characters in this book.

You're gonna love Nate...*g*

Unknown said...

Great excerpt. Rings true from one's who's been in Sara's position - not good enoough for partner but highest billables in the firm? Solo practice sounds about right. Love Sara and can't wait until you finish this. Great job!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Love it, Lizzie.

Vonnie said...

Always love, love novels that start out in offices where someone has been passed over for promotion - or some other premise. So close to the bone. Looking good!

Lizzie said...

Thank you!

Nancy, one of my lives was in a law assistant. Tell you that story sometime...LOL

Glad you enjoyed, Eleni!

True, Vonnie...does hit home for a lot of us...been there myself.

Unknown said...

OOOOOHHHHH LOVE it! Once have got me....hook, line, and sinker lol....cannot wait for more!

Lizzie said...

Glad I went fishing, Shelly!..LOL