Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday a day Late

Yesterday had Toddler & Tween here from an overnight stay and lots of things planned for the day.  PopPop took the day off to share the fun and all of us were exhausted after a non-stop day of fun and adventures.

So here's the RomCon scoop a day late.  Had a great time. There really are a lot of delightful people that attend this event and I discovered yes, I can stay up until 2:00 a.m. instead of waking up then.  Needless to say when I came home Saturday afternnoon to rest up for family stuff kicking off Sunday, the rest period was really needed.

Of course, in all the maddness to get out the door I forgot my camera...dang it.  Waiting on a couple of photos from people who took a snaps with theirs and promised to send them.  Will post if they aren't too horrid...we all know I don't take the world's best picture.

Anyway, here's one that I pulled from my friend Elizabeth Haysmont FB photos album of my friend Helen Hardt and myself.  Of course, I have my mouth open...what else is new?

Have a great day all!


Rene Broux said...

Great picture. So happy to have met you at RomCon. Next year we will try for 3am. *evil grin* It won't hurt...much Lol!

Lizzie said...

You are soooooo, evil!!! Could be why you're my new best friend...LOL