Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recipe Wednesay - Easy Easter Treat

Part of this week's Toddler fun was making chocolate bird nests.  This is an easy treat to do with little one and one I'd forgotten until coming across a recipe recently.  Basically there are 3 ingridents...chocolate, crispy chow mein noodles and small candy of choice.  WARNING:  It can get messy so have lots of wipes handy!

Chocolate Bird Nests

Melt chocolate chips (we used 2 cups)
Add chow mein noodles to desired consistency (you can also use coconut)
Small Candy (jelly beans, mini pastel malted milk eggs)

Drop spoonfuls of the chocolate/noodle mixture on waxed paper.  Make an indent in the center with the back of spoon.  Place candies in nest. (2 or 3 work, but for Toddler more was better on the ones she claimed as hers).  Cool.  I put them in the refrigerator for quick cooling and they were a little hard when we sampled.  Eating worked much better when the nests went back to room temperature.


Connie Kline said...

I do mine a little different. I use small, round pretzels, put chocolate in the center, top with colorful candy. Yours sounds more messy :-)

Lizzie said...

They are messy, Connie. But oh the fun Toddler had...LOL