Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Friday - Meet New YA Author J.L. Bowen

Today's focus book is by debut author, J.L. Bowen that released April 12th.  If you enjoy enjoy paranormal with deep emotions and a dark twist, you'll enjoy this one.  Read the excerpt at the publisher page to get a taste...excellent and your heart will bleed for the young hero's agnony.

Thirteen-year-old Armond Costa heals in three days, no matter what abuse his uncle and aunt inflict upon him. On his fourteenth birthday, he sprouts wings and discovers his aunt and uncle had lied to him. He's the lost Golden Demon's Healer. His father, King of the Golden Demons, insists he return with him and save his people from being persecuted by their mortal enemies, the Dark Demons. Now, Armond must choose between the Ellis brothers and seventeen-year-old Rusty Owens -- the only family he's ever known -- or condemn the Golden Demons to extinction.

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