Monday, August 29, 2011

Musings From the Archives

Being a little on the tired brain side this morning decided to wander through past things I'd written. This is from several years ago and made me laugh. Since then the two girls discuss are now a tweener and a teen, and a Toddler is part of the gang. Think how much fun I have these days when I'm called into service!

Last week I moved into my daughter’s house to care for her six and eight year old girls while her and husband took a break. All of my great plans on how to organize my day went by the wayside. My hat is off to the mothers of the world. How quickly we empty-nesters forget the investment of time and energy in raising children.

Mornings consisted of balancing a cross between, cook, referee and nag. Make breakfast, make lunches, demand they stop fighting and get them upstairs to get dressed. Once the school bell rang and I escaped, then I had to work in my plans (or forget them) in-between the shopping, cleaning and laundry. Before I’d made a dent in my list, it was time to go pick the girls up at school, rush home for a snack and then off to their next activity.

The morning the eight year old discovered her fish floating belly up was traumatizing. After kissing away tears and promising a new fish, we finally made it to school. By the time I handed them over to their Aunt on Saturday afternoon, I was ready for a vacation myself.

They’re really good kids and listen pretty well, but I’m not use to the energy levels created when you’re around so much activity. My life is quieter, my days spent spinning tales in a make believe world that I can walk away from when the need arises. Once again, I say. My hat is off to the mothers who do this on a daily basis, twenty-four/seven. All I can promise is there is an end in site and recommend you enjoy your children as much you can now.

The day will come all too soon when your children will be leaving their off-spring with you so they can escape for a few days. Then you too will be wondering how you ever managed all those years.

Have a great week!

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