Monday, May 16, 2011

Herding Cats and Other Fun

Done with herding cats (or maybe I should say cockroaches given how they scuttle around) for the morning and all 3 are at their separate schools. Being a temporary mother stand-in is exhausting and once again my hat is off to all who deal daily!

Now that the house is quiet and I can focus, need to remember where I left my hero/heroine...oh yeah, in the middle of hot and steamy. Need to finish off the love making and then it will be time to bring in Vlad, Rob's not so nice cousin. He's viewing this reunion as another opportunity to get even with Rob over imagined childhood wrongs. A bad guy will come up with any excuse to do evil, won't they.

Meanwhile, back home in the U.S., Cori's dad is having visions and not happy with what they may mean for his youngest daughter.

So, I'm off to create havoc before I have to go to the grocery store, then pick up Toddler from preschool. After that, the joy of dinner and cleanup, along with riding herd over homework.

Hope whatever your day entails, it is a happy fun one!!

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