Monday, October 11, 2010

Brenda Williamson is our Featured Guest!

Today's featured guest is Brenda Williamson. Brenda is a very talented lady and in addition to being a fan, I've enjoyed getting to know her. Love her sense of humor and I only wish I had her work discipline. Talk about productive!!!!!

Also, anyone who comments to Brenda's post will be entered into the drawing for a copy of Naked Sin, the book she's sharing with us here today!

I'm Brenda Williamson and this is life's resume! It ain't much but it's about all there is since I use 60-80 hours a week to write. I'm married and have one son. I was born October 31, a long time ago and I like Halloween is on my birthday. It's my favorite holiday.

I'm a full-time writer, when I'm not picking up dishes, dirty laundry, muddy shoes, cooking, washing windows, mowing weeds, & cleaning up everything my husband and son don't. Okay scratch that, I leave the chores for house fairies to do and they're not very good at their job.
When I'm not working on something writing related, I enjoy reading, swimming and watching programs like Survivor, Big Brother, CSI, All the Law & Order shows, Cold Case, Amazing Race, and Monk.

I have a hobby farm full of animals and a house full of cats. Luckily, since my husband and I are in the contracting business, I reaped the benefits of having a huge house to fit all my hobbies including taking in stray felines & collecting books.

I've written for more years than I should say, but lets just say it started in the 1970's and we'll not get into just how old I am. I started out a poet and have had hundreds of poems published in magazines. I dabbled with short stories and non-fiction, yet novels were a lingering attraction.

After the turn of the twenty-first century I aimed my attention at writing longer works. E-publishing gave me leeway in what I wanted to publish and erotic romance became a big word in my house as I reworked old stories to fit the genre.

I love writing stories and with a supportive family, I spend endless hours doing what I love. I believe I have the perfect life... if we don't count I want to be a billionaire.

Some of my publishers include, Samhain Publishing, Red Sage, Loose-id, Liquid Silver Books, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, Aspen Mountain Publishing and Mojocastle.

I'm a Pan member of Romance Writers Association and their special interest chapters that include: P.A.S.I.C., Passion Ink, Beau Monde, K.O.D, Hearts Thru History, E.S.P.A.N., Celtic Hearts, RWA Online, F.F.&P., and From The Heart.

I'm also a member of The Authors Guild, Novels, Ink., Author's Den, The Romance Studio, and Historical Romance Club.

Naked Sin
by Brenda Williamson

ISBN: 9781603105194 1603105190

Available at Red Sage Publishing (

When Britt Colquinn’s husband is killed during an ordinary intergalactic cargo run while on the spacecraft, The Chelonian, she has more than one reason to take on the new job as a servitor on the vessel. Times what they are, money is lean, so besides a roof over her head, she needs to find out whether the ship’s commander is at fault for making her a widow. Only her first meeting with handsome, Ashton “Ly” Lygart raises a different set of questions—how skilful is he in bed, and are his lips as kissable as they look?

Ly hasn’t seen such beauty for a long time, and when he, along with his second in command, Major Crane embark on a torrid sexual threesome with Britt, it’s with the intent of pleasure. He never thought he’d experience jealousy, and finds himself at odds with his feelings over whether or not he can trust that Britt’s not working for his enemy against him. As a smuggler, he should practice caution. As a man, desire takes control.

Will Ly risk his ownership of The Chelonian for love, or will Britt destroy his life?


Three docking bays down, a beautiful woman toted a small canvas bag, and walked along, apparently reading the name on the side of each transport.

“That can’t be her, do you think?” Ly mopped his brow with the back of his hand.

He had not seen perfection in the image of a woman for a long time.

“Well there aren’t too many women strolling about acting more a tourist than a crewman.”
Before Ly could say, “go get her”, Gavin took the initiative.

Ly watched the major take long, quick strides within the bounds of his peripheral vision. The real aim of his stare remained on the stunning creature maneuvering around steel containers of cargo. Short skirt, long legs, made her graceful glide appear as if she floated like an angel with wings.

His habit of inventorying assets had him start at her feet and work his way up. This wasn’t cargo, so he examined her positive features for how they’d benefit him.

Her slender legs were just right for wrapping his waist. The narrow curve of her hips would make for an easier grip when he held her up against a wall while thrusting into her feminine recesses. Then, as he followed the small midsection, flaring out along her ribcage, he caught just a glimpse of her ample chest before Gavin became an obstacle.

Ly rubbed his hand over his mouth, wiping away the wet feel of drool from the corners. Ella didn’t make him anticipate her presence. The new servitor stirred his desires the moment he had heard about her. Seeing her fueled those male instincts to pounce. If only Gavin wasn’t faster, he could have been the one to slide his arm around her back and make the smile she had appear.

The Major walked her towards him. Ly discarded his envy and took another long appreciative look at the lovely lady. From his perspective, he had the chance to study her feminine features. Her golden blonde hair and the soft lines to her face were that of a goddess. His brain already raced with plans to feel the shape of her mouth on his cock while her hair dusted his body as she sucked on him.
Resisting the urge to adjust his cock inside the snug bodysuit, he perched his hand on his hips and watched her graceful pace. The slow moves captivated him, reeling him into a deeper fantasy. He liked a long slow orgasm. This woman presented him with the notion she might fill his need to make love to her, even if it were just pretend.

Ly swallowed hard, trying to put on his best businesslike expression when he noticed she was staring at him.

“Commander, this is Britt Colquinn.” Gavin announced.
The Major’s eager tone swirled excitement around him.
“Miss Colquinn.” Ly clenched his jaw and nodded his greeting.

“It’s nice to meet you, Commander Lygart.” Britt’s voice floated over him, caressing his body without a single touch, reaching inside him with a gentle stroke.

He waved crewman Bannery over to them.

“I hope you find your position here a rewarding one.”

“Thank you.” Britt’s lashes fluttered with a coy innocence.

He took a deep breath. There seemed to be no end to his ragging libido’s power of speculation. What lay beneath Britt’s clothes? Was her skin silky? From the fit of the fabric concealing parts of her, he imaged she had a taut belly and firm breasts. She turned sideways and looked up at his ship. The curve of her bottom made his palm itchy. He wanted to grab her ass and pull her into his aching groin.

“It’s very big,” she commented, ending his distracted silence.

Her awestruck gaze at his spacecraft flooded another part of him with heat. His heart thumped harder within the cage of his ribs. Unable to take his eyes off Britt’s glowing face, Ly relived an enthralling pride he had for the vessel through her expression.

“Are there a lot of men onboard?” She turned her head and her gaze met his.

“More than enough, I’m sure,” he answered abruptly, not liking the reason behind the query.

Britt’s brow wrinkled for a moment, her forehead creased with tiny lines. Was there something else she wanted to ask? Did something puzzle her? What did she want him to do, give her an exact count of how many men would seek her service? Thinking about anyone other than himself fucking her young, hot body, gave him heartburn, or something akin to it.

“Bannery, take Miss Colquinn to the servitor quarters,” he ordered. “Have Ella explain everything about the position, and pass on the word, she’s not on duty until I say so.”

“Aye, Commander.” Bannery took the bag from Gavin and led Britt away.

Ly’s attention remained concentrated on her as she walked along, examining his ship. While passing under the body, she reached out so her fingers slid over the sleek metal hull, caressing the surface. She fondled bolts and swept circles in the oiled finish.

He imagined her taking the same care with touching him. A shudder coursed through him as he pictured her fingers raking his abdomen, and scratching into the hair at the base of his cock. How good did she give head? Her lips were ripe for plundering—the pink just right for kissing the sheath of his erection.

However, beyond his lustful cravings, he had visions of giving her an equal amount of pleasure. He’d take his time and explore every contour to her well-shaped body. Caressing and kneading her flesh, his greatest desires were to make her beg him for more.

When Britt began her ascent up the ramp, she paused and turned her head. His gaze locked to hers, and for several seconds she stared at him as if she’d miss him once she went aboard. At least that’s what he pretended he saw because it would mirror how he felt at that moment.
She gave him a slight smile and then disappeared into the ship. Shuddering, Ly pressed his hand against his aroused cock bulging against the fabric of his jumpsuit. The heat that had coursed from his hard as rock scrotum into his rigid shaft backed down.

“You’re not thinking of letting this crew have her, are you?” Gavin whispered over his shoulder.
“Major Crane, Miss Colquinn is a professional. I’m sure she can handle them.”

“Whatever you say, Commander.” He chuckled.

Ly dropped his hand away from his swollen cock. The tingling sensation in his sac continued to keep his balls draw up tight in frustration. Britt’s faint smile almost did him in and he had to turn away so she’d not see him lose control.

Gavin’s downward look helped chill his racing blood.

“See you onboard, Commander.” The Major slapped a hand on his shoulder and left him standing there, fighting a raging hard-on.

“Yeah, uh-huh. Be there in a minute,” he grumbled.

Ly turned from the ship. He stroked his jaw in thought, worried how Britt’s presence on the ship would distract him. The Major had been right. There was no way in hell any man was going to touch what he coveted.
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Helen Hardt said...

Brenda, I'm a huge fan -- great getting to know you better!

Brenda said...

Thanks Helen!

susan said...

Brenda..your book sounds so good. You are a new author to me but so happy to meet you and read the excerpt from your book. I am looking forward to finding your books and catching up. susan L.

susan said...

Brenda..your book sounds so good. You are a new author to me but so happy to meet you and read the excerpt from your book. I am looking forward to finding your books and catching up. susan L.

*yadkny* said...

WOW! Naked Sin... 2 of my favorite words:) This book sounds adventurous and suspenseful, but from the cover alone, this looks like a pretty sexy book too! Thanks for the excerpt... looks like there is some major sexual frustration/tension in store for Ly.

Any big plans?