Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Starting in Singapore!

Have managed to get into the blog after months of not. Go figure on today's technology and the non-expert such as myself.

Anyway, while I'm here want to share a few pictures from the April trip. Regret there are none for one of the most fun events. Got caught up in a Chinese New Year's celebration in Penang, Malaysia and wasn't able to get pictures with all the water flying. Husband had to cover his camera with his hat to keep it from getting wet.

But, there were a lot of fun things on the trips that covered Singapore, Penang, Sri Lanka, India, Oman & Dubai.

We'll start with a few pictures taken in Singapore.

Hot and humid is an understatement to describe the weather. If the humidity had been another notch higher there would have been wet stuff falling from the sky. Walking out the door of the hotel led to being soaked with sweat in minutes, so why not add rain to the mix.
The table hotel (nickname) in Singapore. Gardens at bottom are beautiful. The haze is the humidity.

Beautiful. And they light up at night!

The Eye in Singapore is larger than the one in London. 

Home of the Singapore Sling!

Original air conditioning at Raffles. Still works!
Made friends with the staff at the bar. When we left they signed a card with the original recipe on it.

A fun stay in Singapore and yes, I would go again!


Sloane Taylor said...

Very cool! Glad you back in blog swing.:)

Kathy M said...

That is such a funky hotel. It has to make you take a second look.