Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Top Ten Favorites - No. 7 - Norway #travel

Having gone to Norway on a couple of cruises, there is still lots to see and do if we make it back again. The people are terrific and the beauty of the land is all around one. In fact, this is true of all the Scandinavian countries. 
Sailing through the fjord to get to our port of call, Geiranger.  The waterfalls are breathtaking!

 Husband had to pull me away from the view to get his picture...I mean really!

This is one SCAREY road! Yes, that curvy piece splashed across the middle is a road. At times looking down wasn't a option since the bus veered so close to the edge of the road....and yes, they have 2-way traffic on this little winding access.

Greeted by Sea Gulls as we sailed into the port of Bergen. This is a city I won't to explore more. I love markets and unfortunately the excursion we took only pasted by some terrific looking ones. Next time we'll venture out on our own.

What country do you think will be featured next time?


Sloane Taylor said...

Love the pictures, but not that road!! Thanks for sharing, Lizzie.

Vonnie said...

Lovely pictures, Lizzie. For some reason Scandinavia hasn't featured on our landscape. I guess because it's so FAR from here.

Anonymous said...

This is a cruise I would love to do. Enjoy your wordly pics Lizzie.

Lizzie said...

Thanks, Sloane, Vonnie and Susan! Traveling is a passion and cruising is the easy way to get from place to place without living out of a suitcase!