Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Travels - The Summer Escape Shared & Winner

The contest is over and the winner is Anne!  Anne, please contact me with your snail mail info so I can mail you prize when I return.

Here we go, the locations of this summer's vacation sites!

Flying into London and spending a few nights.  From London we board a cruise ship out of Harwich and head for the North Sea.

First stop, the Faroe Islands, then off to Iceland.  A couple of days in Reykjavik, then moving to the north side.  While in Akureyri we will fly over to Grimsey Island and cross the Artic Circle.

When we leave Akureyri, we head over to Norway. I've been to southern Norway, but not this far north.

Two ports of call in Norway and then back to Harwich.  From Harwich, back to London and another four nights.  This is the longest vacation we've taken.

 I'm sure the brother-in-law will be happy to see us return.  He gets the pleasure of spending three weeks with the Beast!  Wonder how that's going to work...LOL

If you could go any place in the world, what would be your destination of choice?  Why?


Sharon Ledwith said...

I'm sooo happy for you! What a journey - say hi to Thor for me, will ya? I'd love to do a Mediterranean cruise, but also the wine country of Austrailia. Cheers and have fun!

Sam Cheever said...

Sounds wonderful, Lizzie! I'm not much for traveling, but if I was going to pick a spot it would probably be either Ireland or Italy. I've always wanted to see Venice.

Lizzie said...

I'll give Thor a kiss for you,'s that?...LOL

Lizzie said...

Italy is great, Sam. Ireland is on my list. Made it to England & Scotland, but still need to get to Ireland and Wales to finish up Great Britain.

Sloane Taylor said...

What a GREAT trip, Lizzie! Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to your photo posts when you return.

As for where I'd travel...I'm greedy. I want to go everywhere. lol

Lizzie said...

If all goes well with internet connection you won't have to wait, Sloane. Hope to blog from London & the ship.