Monday, November 19, 2012

Emerging Magic - Here at Last

Emerging Magic, the second book in the Magical Love series is out!  Yep, I'm happy dancing and on top of that I'm very relieved.  Due to the tight release schedule Barnes & Noble asked me to order copies for the book signing they've setup for the day after Thanksgiving.  Much to my relief the books arrived Friday afternoon!  Now if B&N's order doesn't make it through their system we can fill in with the copies I have on hand.

It has been a long haul in between book and I confess a lot of the blame is mine.  If I hadn't let certain issues put me a non-writing zone, the book would have been done and in my editor's inbox well before she got hit with some stuff that put her way behind.  But that's all water under the bridge.  Emerging Magic is out now and the third book in the series is coming along nicely!

So here's a little peek at Emerging Magic!  And if you live in the Denver area, hope you can stop by Barnes & Noble at 9370 Sheridan Boulevard Westminster, CO on November 23rd.  I'll be there with my author friends, Melissa Mayhue, Jenn LeBlanc and M.L. Guida. We'll be there from 10-3:00 so stop by and say 'hi'.

Emerging Magic
by Lizzie T. Leaf
Published by: Passion In Print Press

Against her will, the Cailleach puts into play the magic to unite another pair of soul mates.

Loneliness drives Cori Sparks to chocolate. The fledging witch's desolation also compels her to attempt using her emerging magic in the quest for love. Unsuccessful, she turns to a dating website and discovers what may be her perfect match.
Rob Vesha is tired of the money hungry women he meets. Given his gene pool he doesn't think the real 'him' would excite them as much, but he can't share enough to find out for sure. On impulse he turns to an internet dating site and discovers Cori.

Can their love survive his family reunion in Transylvania?
Cori attempted to quell the butterflies in her stomach. Agreeing to this meet up could prove to be the smartest thing she’d done recently, or get her certified for the state mental hospital in Pueblo. Either way, game on. Her lists of ‘if onlys’ hadn’t prompted her to cancel which was a major step for her, though admittedly she’d come close a couple of times.
ScottishRab, or Rabby as he signed his email appeared to have his shit together. Like her, he owned his own company, though Cori was still unclear on the type of business. Definitely good looking, even if the facial hair would need to be discussed. Still there had been some magnetism about him; maybe it was his eyes that drew her—sad and intense. His rich baritone had her at the first hello when he called last night. Brief as it had been, their conversations gave her more thrills than a box of chocolates. No matter what the connection proved to be, she hadn’t hesitated very long before saying yes when he suggested they meet for coffee.
When Cori’s feet carried her through the doors of the coffee shop directly across the street from her travel agency, she questioned her logic in setting this as their meeting place. She stopped and took an inventory of the customers sipping their caffeine of choice and chatting. A long hiss made her realize she’d been holding her breath. Chill! It looked like she accomplished her goal to arrive first. Ordering a non-fat latte, she located a table against the back wall that offered a little more privacy and less noise.
If only I’d lost another ten pounds before I agreed to meet him. Though I did get into this outfit. It’s been hanging in the back of the closet so long I’d forgotten about it. The pencil skit had skimmed over her hips with ease and the scooped neck top showed off the girls without screaming porn queen.
Still, doubts nagged at her. A quick glance around didn’t show any signs of her coffee date and thankfully, none of her staff. She had time to get out if she acted quickly.
Keep your ass in that chair! You’re playing the “if” game again and it ain’t gonna do any good, sister. You agreed…you’re here! Now suck it up. You threw the friggin’ whip of self-flagellation in the trash weeks ago.
Okay, she surrendered. Her inner voice always won these arguments anyway.
But what if he cruised by and decided he didn’t like what he saw? There you go again! Girl, do you need to be bitch slapped to get your head straight? Could be…
Pulled from the latest battle with the voice in her head Cori looked up; suddenly grateful her behind occupied a chair. The dark mustache from the picture no longer perched over his full, sensual mouth and the over-bleached hair was now black. Up close, the chiseled jawline appeared strong enough to be carved from granite. That jaw, combined with soulful dark brown eyes left no doubt her meet-up had arrived. Instead of the haunting expression she’d viewed in his picture, tonight his eyes held a twinkle, but sad or laughing, they still managed to probe into her soul.
He offered a sheepish grin as he set his coffee on the small bistro table and pulled out the chair across from her. “Actually, people call me Rob. Rabby is a childhood nickname.”
The pink tinges that crept up to color his high cheekbones delighted Cori. Goddess, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen a man blush. “Not a problem. My friends call me Cori. Cordellia is just for the official documents.”
Surprised at the ease they lapsed into conversation, Cori couldn’t believe it when Rob suggested dinner. Her watch verified the time and a grumble from her stomach confirmed the need for food.
The staff at the downtown pub appeared to know Rob. Greeted by a friendly server who led them to a table in a secluded corner, he questioned Rob on what he thought about the Rockies  chances for the upcoming season.
When they finished their baseball analysis, the man handed over the menus and Rob quizzed him. “How’s the Scottish Salmon, tonight?”
“Great like always, Rob. Shall I have the kitchen set aside a serving for you? And do you want to start out with a Scotch Egg like usual?”
Does he take all his dates here? Just my luck, a hunky, woman-hungry jock!
“We’ll look over the menu before ordering anything, but thanks. It’s not just me tonight.”
That answers the date question. Rob’s including her in their food selection gave Cori a warm sensation.
He directed his attention on her and grinned. “I grew up mostly in Scotland and miss the food, though I confess this is a little more gourmet than the home cooking I ate as a child.” He squeezed Cori’s hand. “Am I too presumptuous in assuming you’d enjoy coming here?”
“I enjoy foods of the world. That statement would earn her a liar, liar, pants on fire comment from Emma if she’d heard it.
As long as I’m not another notch in your ‘man belt’ I can fake drooling over fried bugs if I need to.
And for that thought, her sister would smack the shit out of her demanding to know why the hell she’d give up her own choices to please a man.
She pushed thoughts of her sibling away and turned to focus her attention on her date. Lost in the intensity of his gaze Cori had to remind herself she’d known this man a few days and all of their conversations had been through emails or phone. No way in hell could she feel something all ready? Love at first sight didn’t happen in her world. Okay, but maybe lust at first sight does. I can go with that.

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