Monday, October 29, 2012

A Scary Sort of Signing

Had a book signing Saturday at a local Barnes & Noble with some of my Paranormal author friends. The ASM who set up the signing gave a thumbs up to our dressing up for the event. Here is the results of our efforts. We had lots of people commenting and stopping to talk. Guess we drew attention!

From left to right:  Lizzie T. Leaf, ML Guida/JL Bowen, Hillary Seidl and Elizabeth Haysmont.

Had a fun time and thank you to B&N for their support and to all the great people who stopped by to say hi.  Some even purchased books.  Look foward to the next one!


Holley Trent said...

Now *that's* the way to do a book signing. Hillary's costume cracks me up.

Lizzie said...

It was fun, Holley. Hillary kept getting...'what are you?' Guess there weren't a lot of True Blood fans in the store...LOL

Holley Trent said...

AOE coordinator meeting, I think. I'm not sure. My days start to blur.