Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Snippets - DEAD Faint

DEAD Faint, the 2nd in the DEAD series re-releases at Musa Publishing August 3rd.  This book too received edits galore with sugguested changes or additions that make it a better book.  I thought I'd share a sippet with out today, as well as the cool cover!

Billy Joyce Nolan's dream of the big city has turned into a nightmare. The face she thought was that of an angel who came to save her, has changed her forever into one of the living dead.  Problem is, when a gal faints at the sight of her new food source...blood, how long can she survive in her new existence?


“Please, I don’t want to die.”

The words were now barely audible, even to vampire ears. The woman seemed to either be saying them to herself or praying to God, Dovey wasn’t sure which. The only sure thing she knew was the thready pulse and fading aura indicated this pour soul had only a few minutes, if that long, left on this plane.

Oh, what the hell?
DEAD Faint relesaes August 3rd at Musa Publishing.

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